I’m posting this from my bunny pen!

Jules —  March 11, 2008

I am a new bunny mommy! I recently adopted Rosie, a mini lop, through the House Rabbit Society. It was a blast going to the bunny foster home and picking out a bun of my own! Rosie is the cutest, sweetest thing EVER. She isn’t shy or fearful of anything, not even James’ new 75 pound doggy, Buddy.

Buddy at the office.

James has been wanting a doggy of his very own for quite some time. We met Buddy at a pet store where volunteers were trying to find him a home so he wouldn’t be put down at the shelter. Buddy is super sweet and very gentle. He has good manners and has been well trained and cared for. His only problem area is his need to door dart and head for the hills! We are taking training suggestions.

Buddy is a mixed breed with perhaps some lab, german shephard and alien blood lines. He goes to work with James each day and receives lots of attention from the guys.  It’s hilarious when the two of them come home for lunch! Buddy is a good construction dog and companion for James, sometimes he even gets to go measure jobs.!

Bunny kiss

I had fun making a pen for Rosie!

Bunny hug

Rosie is litter box trained!

Doesn’t that just give you warm, pink fuzzies!



27 responses to I’m posting this from my bunny pen!

  1. I love your new pets! Rosie is so cute and looks very soft. I’m pleased that you guys got a dog that might not have been adopted otherwise… I’m sure that Buddy is grateful to you as well! He looks adorable. Now, why can’t I take my dog to work with me? :-)

  2. Hi, Sarah! I’ve NEVER purchased a pet. I have a personal conviction about adopting my pets. Even our guinea pigs were adopted! Buddy is almost seven years old. No one wanted him and he was about to be put down. James definitely saved his life. Our dog and Carl and Mary’s dog, Raz, was an awesome dog and James saved his life, as well. (a co-worker was going to shoot him) We love saving animals and adopting animals (and humans, too!)

    James is fortunate that he can take his pet to the shop with him!! Sometimes being your own boss does pay off!

  3. Our animals are providing quite the entertainment for us all.

    It’s a great break from TV, video games and computer games.

  4. I love bunnies. I had some when I was real small. They are so soft and sweet.

    I love your dog. He has the same problem as Max. Door open, he’s gone. It’s better now that he has his own fenced yard. Him and Pandy are out there now, just laying in the sun and soaking up the rays.

  5. Yeah, we need a fenced in yard, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. I told Buddy he should be happy anyway cuz it’s better than being dead!James takes him for lots of walks which I think is good for James anyway.

  6. Marilyn alias(Punkie) March 12, 2008 at 12:12 pm

    Deb has a hidden, buried fence, and it is VERY effective. It’s neat to watch their dogs come to a sudden stop and not cross a certain area in the yard and nothing is there, that you can see. You’ll have to ask her about the cost. But it seems to be an answer at least when you are home.

  7. Marilyn alias(Punkie) March 12, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    Oh, forgot to mention that Rosie is adorable, and looks so cuddly. Makes me wish I had a pet. Well you are becoming a managerie there aren’t you. Should make for hours of fun for everyone. So glad Buddy was saved into such a loving home.

  8. Ohe they are both so cute. Buddy looks like a sweet cuddly dog.
    I love Rosie but unfortunately I am allergic to rabbitts.
    I love raccons. Maybe gmatootsie will let us have a racoon someday…..hee heee heeee

  9. I looked into those underground systems and they are a lot cheaper than a fence and would also protect him from running out of the front yard. I am glad to hear it works for Debbie.

    We are a menagerie!!! I think we are done. I would like to eventually get Rosie a companion, but not right away.

    I’m sure Tootise would love to take care of a racoon during the day!

    Our whole family went to the bunny foster home and after petting bunnies for quiet some time, we were positive we had no allergies in the family! It was the ultimate allergy test. I was glad no one started sneezing, wheezing, rashing or itching.

  10. Ah!!!! Laser eyes.

    Loved meeting your new additions the other night. They are both quite sweet and cuddly.

    Beware of rabbit pellets on your laptop!!!

  11. I would love to have another RACCOON, I had three total thru the years. They are just like a cat, but once they grow up, you have to let them go.

    I had a pen, but would let them go loose most of the time. That way when they got big, they could leave and know how to fend for themselves. We always lived on the farm when I had them. Don’t think the people in town would like them here going thru the trash on thursdays every week. Hee he he.

  12. Were they in a pen outside or were the racoons indoors? My grandparents (Dad’s side) used to have one and it would sit in the recliner upright like a human.

    Carl, I’ve never had a picture turn out with glowing green eyes. Too weird!

    Oh, and I have to add — Rosie is a lady. She would never leave behind anything on my laptop!

  13. Marilyn alias(Punkie) March 12, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    Jules, did you get a new camera? Not long ago you said your other one wasn’t working. Nice pic. Love the post.

  14. They were in the house, but at night I would put them in a pen outside. When they got older I let them run free in or out and they learned to take care of themselves and find their own food for when they finally left out on their own. Once they get full grown and older, they can get mean.

  15. Oh yeh, they would sit in the chair or couch with ya just like a human. They are so cute when they are young and so lovable. Had to keep a big water bowl for them in and out for them to wash their food. Actually they do that because they don’t have saliva to help wet their food.

  16. Oh how cute!! If you ever find that Rosie is missing you might try our house. That thing is the CUTEST thing ever. Jaden loves to talk about the bunny with the really FAT BUTT!

    I love the alien dog. That is the funniest picture. You can really see the part alien in him. He looks fun!

    See ya tomorrow!

  17. Rosie is LOVING having the whole storage room to explore and run around. I let her out for the first time today. She is sprawled out on the floor as happy as a lark.

    The pictures don’t do her big bum justice! She’s so round!

  18. Julie & James…I love the pictures of your new pets. They both look so loveable!! Julie I love your blog…thanks for sharing.

  19. HI ROBIN!!!! Yay!!! I’m glad to hear from you. James wants to grill for you guys as soon as the weather warms. You’ll get to meet our new babies!

  20. Grandma says get a bunny hug for her too! Your bunny is adorable. I love James’s dog. Ricky and Lucy got shaved again and look cute. Lucy is doing alright. Take care love ya’s.

  21. How old is Lucy, now? I’m glad she’s doing well. I am glad Grandma likes my bunny!

  22. Marilyn alias(Punkie) March 19, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    I think Lucy is 14 or near that age. She sleeps a lot now and is almost blind and deaf. Don’t know what MOM will do with-out her. I’m glad she has Ricky and Mira for company. Mira, is that right?

  23. Great new additions to the family Julie. I’m sure your lovely young ladies are thrilled.

  24. Thanks, Jeff! James and I LOVE our new pets. They’re quite different from one another, which makes it rather humorous. James said if we are going to have all these fluffy, cutsie critters that he was going to get himself a ‘man pet’. Hehe! I’ve had major difficulties adjusting to a dog, but we have gotten some really great advice this week and I’m happy as a lark. Imagine it, it’s ok to treat Buddy . . . like a dog! Wow! He has to stay by James at all times for six weeks. So, he’s leashed to the sofa a lot! Buddy doesn’t seem to mind. He gets a lot of attention. The girls keep trying to dress him up and put socks on him.

  25. Jules, that bunny is just precious, is she friendly like a cat or dog ? I would love to have one. We use to have some when Linda ,Kel and I were all still at home, Moma always let us have lots of pets. I’m glad to see all of us love animals. love ya’ll……

  26. Oh I forgot to say Buddy looks alot like Ashley and Joseph dog Layla. Oh and I love all the colors in your hair, later lovie……

  27. Rosie is as friendly as a dog or cat. She LOVES to have her face massaged and her ears stroked. She uses her litter box faithfully. I want to adopt a hus-bun for her for my birthday. I enjoy her so much. I want to get her a neutered mate.

    Thanks for the hair compliment!!!! I like my red streaks. It helps liven things up a little!