In Jesus’ name, Amen

Jules —  February 9, 2006

After we finished praying, my four year old daughter, Elaina, tugged on my arm. She glanced up at me with a confused, curious kind of look and asked, “Mommy, is Jesus’ name. . . ‘Amen’?”. I’m going to really miss these funny questions someday!


I am so excited to be back in a women’s bible study again!!!! It’s been too long since I’ve sat among a small group of women. Women are AWESOME and it feels so good to gather together, young and old alike! We started a Beth Moore study today called, The Patriarchs. That woman is phenomenal! I’ll leave you with a quote she made at the very end of today’s lesson! It’s simple and very encouraging.

“Easy lives do not make good stories.” Beth Moore



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  1. I bet you do enjoy your meeting with the ladies. I’m happy for you. I love your your saying about easy lives.

    Thanks for helping Kandi, all of you. I know this problem will resolve itself in time. But it’s very upsetting for her and Ian right now. I liked the idea of praying for the other boy, this will keep Ian from developing aggressions over this. 😉

    It’s just like Art Linkletter always said, KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS, and they are so cute and precious.

  2. Since you ended with Art Linkletter, which I’m sure you young’uns don’t know, a friend of mine was visiting with him at a function, and he said do you know how to live forever, she said no, and he said DON’T DIE. Easy isn’t it.

    I so enjoy this blog, because it is just like a study group and I am always learning from it. I think the idea of praying for the other child is a wonderful tool to teach your kids. God told us to love our enemies, because its easy for us to love those who love us, he wants us to love those who persecute us.

    I enjoy being out with lady friends. Three of us went to Columbia today to visit some church members who are in the hospitals there, and inbetween hospitals we stopped at a coffee shop on 9th st. Lakoda’s, then we walked out and saw a thrift shop so we had to check that out, I found a nice pair of black, wool, lined dress pants for a $1. I was pleased. I want to start going on Wed. mornings to a bible study at our church, it is mostly women. Julie, I hope you are writing all the cute things down, you think you won’t forget, but you probably won’t be able to remember them all. I remember when we went to the library, Trish liked to ride the alligater. (elevator) & unbutton the doors. Deb as a child, loved to look at TV comercials, you couldn’t get her attention when they were on. I wish I had thought to write down more things that they did. Sometimes they come to me out of the blue but that is not reliable.

  3. Elaina is becomming a pretty young lady like her older sisters. Love her smiles. 😉 😉 😉

  4. Elaina looks adorable in her shawl. She is really growing up! What she said was priceless!

    I am so excited about the Bible study too. I’m glad you are coming, Jules. I am enjoying being in a study with you again.

  5. I left a plea for help with youth on the pork chop site, if anyone has experience with unchurched youth at church, I need some insight,and wisdom. Thank you.

  6. Aunt Marilyn, I don’t write things down like I should, but I’m hoping to save all these posts. I scrapbook but haven’t done any for a while. Blogging their lives is so much less messy and time consuming. I do really need to get back into scrapping and journaling again.

    Karen, you and Tom both have a gift/annoiting for men’s and women’s ministries. It’s neat He paired you two together and gave you similar passions. You guys do a great job and I am so happy to be a part of bible study with you again. You do a great job leading a group of women. You’re the real deal and it shows.

    Aunt Marlis, we love your daughter!

  7. Wow, Thanks, Jules!!! Those were keeper words. I appreciate your encouragement and support.

  8. True…still I think I’d prefer an easy life listening to other people’s stories! :baby

    Elaina cracks me up!

  9. Amen and Amen! Love that question! and the quote…so true.

  10. I got to be able to share this story to James’sister and she laughted thinking “Oh how sweet”. Wished she lived closer!!!! :indeed

  11. We woke up with a foot of snow outside. Aaron said we had better stay on the deck, it would be dangerous for him to go in the back yard because it would cover him all up. I suppose he doesn’t understand that he is more than a foot tall.

  12. We have had flurries this year and that is all, no I take that back, we had and inch once. I thought Aaron would have wanted to go sliding, or at least make a snow man.

  13. I wish Christie lived closer too. :cry

    We only got one snow storm. It was a good one. I wish for the kids’ sake we would get more. :cry
    Enjoy the beautiful snow! Has Aaron went out in it yet?