is there a cat in there?

Jules —  December 19, 2007

My Lydia is growing up to be such a sweet and responsible little girl. She has gone from being the most hard headed kid around to being a fun, responsible and caring girl. She’s always been a joy, but she’s just so easy now! It’s been a privilege to watch her grow up.

One thing we started noticing about Lydia, as early as two years old, is her intuition. I hung her Christmas stocking up one day while she was napping. I was excited and went ahead and filled it early. When she awoke from her nap, she walked into the room, pointed at her stocking and said, “Cookies!”. I couldn’t believe it. In the toe of her stocking were animal crackers!! How did she know that?

A couple of years later she kept telling us that she was getting something green for Christmas. She mentioned it several times. My mom and Larry gave the girls a green John Deere gator! How did she know that?

Well, this year James and I are beyond excited! We have a kitten for Lydia for Christmas! We’ve told her many times that she can’t have a kitten. The kitten is being babysat by my niece, Emily. I’m going to get him on Christmas Eve. He’s going to stay in our room until Christmas morning. I wrapped a big box yesterday. It’s as tall as Lydia and in it I have a smaller wrapped box full of packing and a picture of the kitten. After she opens it and sees the pic, we’ll bring out the kitten!

She came home from school yesterday to the big box that I had excitedly set out for her. She walked over to it, shook it and said, “Is there a cat in there?”. I was speechless! I wonder if God has given a her a special gifting. She certainly is a remarkable girl!

Here he is!



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  1. oooooh, I can’t wait to get my hands on that little kitten! He is just way too cute!!!

    Lydia is pretty amazing! Wish I were a fly on the wall when she sees her kitten.

  2. I can’t wait for Christmas day this year. It is going to be sooooo much fun!!!

  3. How cute!
    So who gets to change the litter box?

  4. That’s yet to be determined!

    Boy, I am going to have to be careful when I get on my blog with the girls around. This secret is getting harder to keep!

    Jessica is getting surprised with two fat guinea pigs. They are at Carl and Mary’s house. Tori has been pig sitting for me.

  5. I think we should all go to Jules for Christmas to see all the excitement. There’s no way to effectively Blog it. Such a cute kitten and Guinea pigs!!!!! They make nice pets too. Now I’m wondering what the rest of the family is getting.

  6. It will be interesting to see if the Lord uses Lydia’s gift in her life’s work.

  7. Maybe she is gifted.

    I don’t know what I’m getting, I hope nothing. The kids can save their money for themselves. Ah heck, I want a package to open too!!!!!

    Good question, who is changing the litter box.

  8. Maybe she has some kind of gift of knowledge, maybe she doesn’t, but it sure makes for a good story!!!

    Auntie, you deserve a package to open!!!

  9. This little kitten came to the clinic as a newborn without a mother. The women at the animal clinic took turns taking him home each night to bottle feed him. Beth says he’s acting and looking very healthy now.

  10. My sister found a book for Lydia for Christmas. It’s called, “Tabby Under the Tree”. It’s about a little girl who gets a yellow tabby kitten for Christmas! How perfect is that?

  11. That will be so cool to receive that book and then go get the kitten. Fantastic.
    I would love to see their faces too, when they get their wishes.

  12. Oh!!! so cool, What an exciting Christmas.

  13. I knew when my grandma was going to pass away.
    I also had a visit from her. I know I did. I heard her and the bed was indented where she was sitting. I have also had bad feeling about things. A friend came by to visit me many moons ago and she was driving a blue car and I thought to myself this is the color I saw a few days ago and was told to stay away from blue. That next day she had an accident and died.
    I never forget these things and dont feel it was a coincedence.

  14. The piggies are so cute (not that I would want to keep the little rascals). They always act like they are starving even though the boring, hard food is always in their bowl. They start squealing for food when they see Tori or me (food like carrots or lettuce). Jessica will love them!

  15. Thanks so much, Mary, for taking care of the pigs for us. I know Jessica will love them.

    Kandi, the Holy Spirit does speak to us. We have to listen and he will speak with a still small voice. He’s like a gentle breeze. I think sometimes that I am not still and quiet enough to listen as I should.

  16. I agree, Julie, and I know the Holy Spirit has spoken to me at times. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t recognize it as coming from Him until afterwards.

    One time I’m especially glad I listened. I was driving home in a hurry on our curvy road, just outside of town. Just as I headed into the biggest curve, I heard a quiet voice in my head say, “Slow down–there’s deer”. I tapped on my brakes and just as I went around that curve, sure enough there were 3 deer right in the middle of the road. And they were slow to move off the road unlike some deer that instantly leap away. If I had been going as fast as I had been, I don’t think I could have avoided hitting them. I thanked God all the way home.

    Another time, the boys and I were driving home. Well God wanted me to take my time for some reason, but this time he didn’t speak–he used his animals. It was almost eerie–even the kids noticed it. First we saw a squirrel that just sat in the road and didn’t move until I came to a complete stop. Then a few blocks later a cat was crossing the road, and stopped in my lane and looked at me. He didn’t move til I came to a stop . I had to honk for him to move on. By that time, God had my attention. I told the boys I was going to be extra careful on the way home–God had something in mind. When we got about a mile down the road, there were a couple of deer crossing the road. They also looked straight at us and slowly crossed. My spine was starting to tingle by then. I had planned to go home and get something and head back out, but I decided to stay home and do the errand another day. I don’t know what was up, but maybe someday God will reveal what he was helping us avoid that day. It was so odd.

    Apparently I’m a bad driver because God often helps me out in that area. When entering the interstate, he will often clear an opening for me, even in busy traffic.

    Sometimes I have a sense of knowing things that I know comes from Him. Anyhow I agree with Julie, I also need to be still more. Who knows what else God is just waiting to tell me, if I’d just be quiet and listen. I probably frustrate him with my one-sided conversations. “Be still and know that I am LORD.” Maybe God is preparing Lydia early to tune her ears into His voice. Let her have ears that hear and eyes to see!

    By the way, VERY cute little kitty!

  17. Awesome testimonies, Debbie! It always builds up my faith to hear the testimonies of God’s “voice” in lives.

    One morning I felt inclined to call someone out of the blue and tell her I loved her. She later sent me a card saying that that very morning she felt like no one loved her and she knew it was the Lord when I called. My “I love You” pulled her out of her depression.

    Debbie, one thing I am certain of — you NEVER frustrate the Lord. He is LOVE and love is patient and kind. He doesn’t get frustrated at us like we get frustrated at people. Isn’t that incredible?!

  18. Cute kittie! She will love having a pet to take care of. Merry Christmas!

  19. Kandi has a new blog, please visit so she will shutup. Thank you!!!!!!!

  20. OK, Jules, I just want you to know that it’s just plain wrong to put this kind of post up and then leave us hanging. Where’s the pic of Lydia opening the huge box and getting her kitten?! Did the surprise work like y’all planned? And what about Jessica and her guinea pigs? Enquiring minds want to know this stuff, ya’know?! I’m sure James and the girls would completely understand if you took hours out of your Christmas vacation to keep your nosy relatives happy! hee hee
    (now you know why I don’t have a blog! The pressure….I just couldn’t cope!)

  21. Awwww, that’s the most adorable little kitten ever!