it’s a wonderful life

Jules —  September 10, 2005

Today my baby turned two years old!!! It’s hard to believe that two years ago I was in the hospital with Anjelia!! It’s fun to think about those early days but I must admit, as much as I miss her being a little baby, I am glad those days are behind me. (Having three small kiddos and a new baby was a test. I was so tired, half the time I couldn’t remember her name!) My baby is becoming a sweet little girl! She giggles a lot and says, “That’s funny!”. She is developing a sense of humor and she says new things everyday! She is my angel baby and I love her sooooo much! I am sooo thankful to have a fourth daughter.

We celebrated on Friday evening with cake and ice cream and gifts. She caught on to the whole birthday thing real fast and we all had a great time.

This weekend we had a fun family reunion. My grandma Dorothy’s 80th birthday is next week. Much of her family met last night for dinner and this afternoon for dinner and a surprise birthday party! We’ve enjoyed having Grandma closer and being able to see her more often.

This morning we did my favorite thing!!! I went garage hopping with my mom, cousin and aunts! Boy did we have a super fun, totally dorky time! I love doing things with my family because there is no ceiling put on how silly you can act. The sky’s the limit and that’s very healthy in this stressful world!

Me, Mom, Aunt Linda, Aunt Marilyn and Kandi. All I can say is, “Strong genes!”

This is our loot we picked up at one garage sale! We asked the homeowner if she would take our picture. She asked us if this was the first garage sale we’d ever been too! We had to make a couple of trips back to my house to unload the van! Later, I ended up with a new china cabinet too. I will post a pic after I get it set up.

I love my family and thanks for the fun!

I had James take my pic with each of my girls on their birthday. I am proud of my birthday girls!

September 5th

September 10th

“You’re thought about more often than you probably can guess, and thoughts of you just naturally bring smiles of happiness. Now, that it’s your birthday, may each and every warm thought, bring a wish for all the best in life, and all your favourite things.”



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  1. Don’t forget the fact that right after you had Anjelia I got pneumonia and couldn’t do ANYTHING for 3 weeks!

    You were all on your own and were amazing!

  2. Looking back, I think we should’ve admitted you to the hospital like the doctor suggested.

    His left lung was COMPLETELY FULL of fluid. I’ve never seen someone shake that bad. It was AWFUL!!!

  3. Chris and the kids and I went to a party last night. One of the doctors puts on a big bash for summer’s end. The kids got their faces painted and air brushed Mickey mouses on their tummy’s. They got to swim in his fancy water fall pool, then later the Medic One team landed their helicopter in his field. Then they got to go explore the helicopter! They had a blast!
    But, even after all that, I still would have given anything to be with you all instead!

  4. Sounds like a terrific time! The medical field is as stressful as it gets, you guys surely need those kinds of parties.

    I wish you could’ve been here too. :cry

  5. Happy Birthday to Aunt Linda, too!! Her birthday is next week! :flowers

  6. Gndma Tootsie, Nita, Aunt Marilyn, Jules,
    I love you guys all the way to Heaven. You all are great. I love garage “sailing” I am glad Mom put up with Ian and I all weekend.
    I couldnt ask for a better family.
    Grandma Dorothy sure had a good time.
    Mom thanks for helping me out with food and kim.
    Kim it was great getting to know you, you are a kindred spirit.

  7. Kim seemed like a very sweet gal. Very likeable. I didn’t really get a chance to visit with her much but I can tell I like her.

    The girls sure enjoyed seeing Ian again.

  8. Happy Birthday to Angelia! I forgot that she and Christian share a birthday (just like Jessica and I share our birthday!) My Christian turned 8 yesterday!

    Thanks for the pics–been thinking about my loving, silly family all weekend! Love you, miss you all! Sometimes I just want to pack up and move there to be close to all of you….but then I’d miss my loving, silly family here.

    Oh to be a fly on the wall at that lady’s house after you all left her garage sale! You all must have topped yourselves in goofiness! “Is this your 1st yard sale?!” That’s priceless! :rotfl

  9. We honked and waved when we drove back by her house!

    Happy Birthday to Christian, too!!!!

    Wow, so many September birthdays!! Christmas is the time for giving and receiving! The nurses told me that September is the busiest month in the birthing center.

    We spell her name with a j, Anjelia. Thought we’d be different. I hope she likes it when she gets older. She’s going to have to spell it a lot. I’m counting on Angelina Jolie to be a washed up actress by then. I guess that’s not very nice of me but I doubt she’ll be famous for too long. Of course, it’s derived from mom’s name, Angelyn.

  10. OOOOPS–Happy Birthday to ANJELIA! :oops 😉

  11. Don’t sweat it, Deb. I am not sure I spelled mom’s name correctly!!! She’s just always been called Nita and I don’t think about the spelling of her first name much! I am pretty sure it just has one n on the end….I think…

  12. Happy Birthday, Anjelia!!!!!!!!!!!

    What sweet pictures. Love the ones of you and the girls alone. It’s a treat to have you in some of the pictures isn’t it?

    Looks like the garage sales were a blast. Was this the O. G. one? I wanted to go but instead got to go to Beth Moore live! Loved every moment of it.

    Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! :cool

  13. Even though I enjoyed visiting with everyone at the reunion, the garage sailing was the highlight of the week-end. I love my nutty family, so fun.
    Nita also did some house cleaning while we were there at the farm. She loaded up all the cars.

  14. OK, It’s my turn. I got home at 2:30 and am thrilled to have been with my family again or at least 1/2 of them. I loved all of it this weekend but that Omelet Breakfast this morning was at real treat. Jules I wish you could have made it. You grab a zipper ziplock bag & write your name on it, then put 1/2 cup egg mixture in it, add ham or Sausage , cheese, green peppers, blk olives, onions, tomatoes, hot peppers or what ever to your bag, set in bowl of water and burp out all air, zip up and take it to the cook who puts it in a large pot(turkey fryer is what they used) of boiling water after he gets about 10 pkgs. Cook for 10 min.. The cook takes out basket and puts pkgs on tray with tongs and everone goes looking for their bag. Roll the omelet out on soft burrito or on plate and eat. So much FUN!!!!!!!!!!! 😉
    Sorry if I appeared grumpy, I just thought I was helping Kandi, I always get it wrong. I love my family, all of you , more than you all can know.

  15. Hey, Karen! I didn’t realize you were seeing Beth Moore this weekend. How totally awesome. I will be calling you, so be prepared to tell me all you’ve learned!! :cool

  16. Karen, Wow…you got to see Beth Moore live?! She’s my all-time favorite!

    OK, I’m spacing here–who’s Kim that you all referred to above? Is that John Ed’s wife or some other relative I haven’t met yet? :fish

  17. That September 5th pic is great, Julie!

  18. Thanks, Rob!

    Yes, Deb, she’s John Ed’s wife. 😀

    This is the second time Karen has gone to see Beth Moore. She’s not allowed to go again without me! 😉

  19. My uncle’s met her in person. He’s a camera operator and was involved with an interview with her. He even got her to record a message to his wife and daughters! I didn’t even know who Moore was until hearing the story, but you should have seen how excited those girls were to hear Beth speaking to them on tape. Funny!

    Kinda reminded me of Melissa’s run-in with the Women of Faith. I’ll let Mel share the story.

  20. you’re kids are so stinkin’ cute. i can’t even stand it! lol
    my sister & her husband better hurry up get to work on getting me some neices & nephews!

  21. Aawwwwwww….thanks Angela… :flowers

  22. Yup, it was completely awesome. She talked about overcoming the spirit of fear this weekend. I have to write this verse down for everyone. She made us memorize it the whole weekend and the whole conference was based on this verse.

    Habakkuk 3:19 amplified version:
    (read this out loud! It helps)
    The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds’ feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!

    Call me, Julie, I took really good notes and would love to share it with you! :indeed

  23. Aaron and Sarah love looking at pictures of their cousins. Your girls are beautiful!

  24. Deb & Trish, we missed you all, and know you would have had a great time at the Reunion. I really liked the bag omlets too. Mushrooms & taco sauce also in the recipe. Marlis I didn’t know you were grumpy.

  25. Guess I should’ve went and had omelets. I was wanting a chance to be with family again without the kids (easier and more relaxing).

    I bet Sarah and Elaina would really enjoy each other.

  26. Happy Birthday again to all the Dibben babies, they are all super cute and lots of fun to hang out with!

  27. Yes, they would have a blast together. Sarah has started to be very afraid of getting in the tub while the water is on, she is afraid it will get to high in the tub. This started 2 weeks ago, is it possible she could’ve put the Katrina flooding together with this? She said it was something she saw on TV, I can’t figure out her source of anxiety to help her through it. She doesn’t know that people drowned. It might just be a phase, huh? Mommy stuff is hard, I am not a good child psychologist.

  28. I wish I were good at psychology too. Mom stuff is very hard, so much harder than I ever could’ve imagined! Sometimes James’ logical brain helps me when I am wigged out over my “baby”. It’s hard as a mom to be logical and not just emotional. Lord, give us wisdom and understanding!!

  29. Deb went through a really bad time w/tub time when she was 2 or 3. It was a real battle to get her in. Then I was watching Sesame Street one day w/her and saw this cartoon man going down the tub drain. After we talked about it and I showed her even her toe would’nt go down the drain she seemed to get over it. She isn’t afraid anymore to shower. :indeed

  30. Happy belated birthday, babycakes!

    By-the-way, Elaina told me Wednesday that she still misses her pacie sometimes, but she is too big for it. “I still have my bye-bye blankie though.” :baby She was so precious.

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