“jungle party tonight”

Jules —  March 30, 2006

Lydia performed beautifully tonight in her 2nd grade musical, “Jungle Party Tonight“. The kids dressed in tropical and khaki attire. Their music teacher is a sweet Christian lady that undoubtedly worked VERY hard with these kids. Their performance was excellent! There’s just something about seeing my kid on stage that makes my heart swell up so big! We were very proud of our petite, dynamo girl. She has been soooooo excited all week in anticipation of tonight. She was so nervous and excited that I was surprised she was able to eat her dinner.

I have a hard time taking decent pictures of the girls when they are on stage but I did get a few other snapshots to share with you. First I’ve got to list the names of the songs they sang tonight. The titles will give you some idea of just how cute it was. The kids danced and did all kinds of choreographed movements along with their singing. Too cute!

Pledge of Allegiance and song “America”

Jungle Party Tonight

The Crocodile Smile

Bloo the Kangaroo

The Caterpillar Song

Boa Constrictor

Ants in My Pants

Lydia poses outside her classroom with her Flat Stanley pictures that Rob and Sarah took. Lydia chose Rob to participate in her school project. Great letter Rob. I loved the pic of Stanley standing on Pikes Peak. Too funny!!!

Jessica had to swing by her classroom before we left.

Mom and Larry seemed to really enjoy the show!!!

Elaina and Anjelia had all the songs memorized from Lydia’s practice cd.

“A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.”



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  1. I can see that Kandi is going to have to get the emotions on her blog working :banghead because our family šŸ˜€ has gotten to be point we can’t talk :eek without them. :evil Everyone needs to be nicer to Butch, he’s a caregiver. šŸ˜‰

  2. Butch, I’m waiting (patiently) for a new report on Linda this morning. Hope she is 100%. :indeed

  3. I talked to Linda this morn. shes much better and their on there way for a few days vac. Im very disappointed though cause their not gona be able to come here :cry Im sure glad shes better anyway. I was at the restaurant tonight to pick up some food, things are a tad better, I think their gona stay at their place tomarrow night. Please keep them in mind :( later all

  4. Well I’m glad Linda and Butch are gonna get to go on a mini version of their vacation, but sad we won’t see them! :cry

    Kathryn, call me when you’re off work….Maybe this move will grow on them with time. We’ll keep praying for them. :worship

  5. Hey Jules. Haven’t heard much from you. Hope you all are feeling much better. I started chilling last night and thought I had got your flu too. But I’m fine this morning. I think probably the pollen, I was sneezing yesterday and eyes watering. I was wondering, I have not framed your percolations. I thought I would take it with me to you know where. You or Nita I would see. If you want I can mail it between cardboard to you, I thought maybe Larry could frame it out of some old wood from grandpas buildings . Let me know.