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Jules —  March 27, 2006

I DID IT!!! I fulfilled my civic duty. I know. . I know. . it’s an honor. I’ve been called to jury duty three times now. The first time I actually served on a jury for a week. It was a civil case so it wasn’t exciting. I didn’t mind, though. Afterall, I got out of work and sat around the courthouse for a week. I was honored then. . .

My life is so different now. I have been completely stressed out about doing jury duty. It was a thrilling feeling to make it to downtown K by 7:30 this morning and find a parking space quickly and easily. Thank you Lord! It dawned on me while I was driving through icky traffic that one reason this whole thing was so upsetting to me is because I can’t think of a single weekday in eight years that I’ve gotten into the car first thing in the morning and drove off for the day, leaving children and household responsibility behind. It felt like “calling in” which I’ve always hated to do.

The day was much easier after arriving at the jury room. I sat from 8 AM until 2PM and read. Everytime they called names for panels every muscle in my body tensed up. My muscles are very sore now. Much to my relief, my name was never called and I was sent home with my 9 dollar check in hand. Thank you, Lord. I just knew I’d get picked and then WHAT would I do for childcare?

I was reminded today of how passionate I am about my job as stay-at-home mom. Many times in the past, I’ve daydreamed about getting into the car first thing in the morning and driving off. (I really hate the panicked– must run away feeling.) Today I was given the chance to do it and I just wanted to be home with my kids. I don’t care who pukes or how nasty my house feels or how many messes I have to clean up or how much fighting I have to referee, or how pulled I feel in four different directions by little girls wanting my undivided attention–I love being home with my kids!

Maybe today was a good reminder for me. Lest I get too carried away, evenings and weekends are different! James when are we going out again. . . ALONE?!!

I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.รขโ‚ฌย Thomas Jefferson



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  1. Ohhhh, Jules I am so glad you did not have to do Jury Duty. I was called last year and just freaked out on the thought of having to serve,luckily I did not have to either.
    I think it is time for you and James to get awayyyyy.

  2. Maybe today helped us both realize how much we crave our roles in this family.

    I sat at home chewing my fingernails wishing I was at the office. Now, the office is only just across the street and I have my laptop here at the house which has pretty much everything I need to do my job, but I still felt out of place.

    I realized no matter how hard and stressfull the business is I’m still completely sold out to making it work.

  3. You two are amazing. Sit that long and not even be needed (there) whew!!!!tiring :eek Do you have to go back again?

  4. I know what you mean, Julie. Being home some days with 3 boys just wears me out, but when I remember what it was like when Connor was a baby and I had to work….I’m soooooo thankful that’s changed. I was a mess. I know lots of moms have to work outside the home and like to, but not me. I don’t know how they manage it all. I like the slower speed of our mornings. It’s a better fit for me.

    But a night out every once in a while with my hubby would be nice. :love

  5. Kandi, I am glad you got out of it too! I was talking to those sitting around me today and they were all sick to their stomachs, just like me. They all said they were so worried about driving downtown, etc. There were 180 of us let go and you could feel the relief in the room.

    Aunt Marlis, I won’t have to go back! It’s a one day or one trial system.

    James, you know I believe the business is going to be successful. It’s totally understandable why doubt would so easily set in. There are too many stresses to count. You do a superb job and God’s favor is with you. I can see it. Be encouraged, my love.

    Debbie, I can’t stand to have a busy schedule. I get freaked out. I love being busy with kids and home stuff but not committed to activities outside the home. I can relate to what you said.

    I was really praying about my life one week. It doesn’t appear as productive as some. The Lord showed me that my ministry outside my family is AVAILABILITY. I was soooooo blessed. When my dad has a day off he comes and spends the day at my home. He loves my coffee. Last time he came by he slept on my couch for three hours. Two days before my dear friend Elizabeth had come to spend two days at my house to escape the pressures of the world. She told me she was praying in my shower asking God why she felt so sluggish here. God told her it was because my home was a safe house for her and was a place for her to come to rest.

    Those are a couple of the examples God gave me. If I didn’t spend my days at home I wouldn’t be able to talk to my sis on the phone each day. I am available for James if he needs an errand run, someone to talk to or FOOD! I am usually here and never too busy out running around. People can count on that!

  6. That is a special gift and ministry, Julie, that not a lot of people choose to focus on. What a blessing that God revealed that to you. :flowers

  7. Awwww, thanks for your encouraging words Debbie. Your words made my eyes fill with tears. Being the sidekick (as opposed to the superhero) isn’t flashy or highly esteemed (at least not by the world’s standards), but it is my calling and it is what I LOVE to do.

  8. Julie, I’d say you are very productive at home. You have 4 lives in your hands to nurture. Raising them in a Christian home, Wow, what a ministry. And I’m talking to others just like you too. No telling what the Lord has in mind for these children and you all have a part in it. :worship :worship

  9. Thanks, Auntie. :love

  10. I’m so glad to hear everything worked out. You are an awesome mom & I admire your mothering skills. Your 4 little ones are soooo cute and always so well-behaved. If you and James ever need a break, please call Mike and I. As long as we know a little in advance (only because we live in K), we could drive over and watch the girls. They are so hilarious, and we need all the preparation watching kids we can get before we start our own little pack. Yes, I know we have 3 pets but I’ve been told over and over that it is not the same as having little kids – but I tend to believe it has to be quite similar at times (ha ha)!!!!!

  11. Thanks Abby, I thought you guys would be proud of me since I was so stressed out about jury duty the other night!!

    Thanks so much for the compliment about my kids and mothering. You don’t know how much that means to me!! Wow, everyone’s comments today are really giving me a big morale boost!!!

    Be careful what you volunteer for Abby! lol!!! We might just take you up on it!!! That’s sweet of you guys!!!

    I think raising puppies is a lot like raising babies and toddlers. The big difference is you can’t put a kid in a cage and leave!! :rotfl That is a definite plus!!!

    Pets are good preparation!!

    Moses is beautiful and Motley is hilarious!

  12. I’ve been called to jury duty 3times also,Gil none. I was deliberating with a jury 1 time and the men all said “we’ll go along with what ever you all want to do, we don’t care was their attitude. One lady said I won’t leave here til we decide to let this poor kid go. He just got back from the service, and his wife was foolin around. Me and another had different views. From the testamony I was sure he went to this guys house to pound the life out of him. (He didn’t kill him). I only had the support of the other lady. So the kid got off. It wasn’t long before he was in trouble again. I hope I don’t ever get in that situation again. It’s awful when most of the jurers just didn’t care. :disgust

  13. Wow! I can’t imagine having such an apathetic attitude. How scary. I can’t imagine not taking such a thing very serious. I hope most juries are not like that. We were all very serious about our civil case when I served.

  14. I am glad you got the jury service out of the way, Jules. Sorry that Abby and I added to your worries the other day. :oops

    Marilyn, I am sorry to hear that your jury was so apathetic. When I served, the jurors were very serious.

    And I agree, Jules, you are a wonderful Mom. You and James have 4 great kids!

  15. I really enjoyed being a preschool teacher for all four of my kids at St. John’s Christian School. I homeschooled Audrie and Scott in Kindergarten then when I put them in school Erin and I went too then Alexis. Grannie Jo ( Al’s mom)was the lunch lady and the little girls went home after lunch with her. It was busy and very different from your situation Jules, but it worked for us. I personally love to be home and have availability or hospitality going on. That is such an important thing for people who need a rest and friendship. I love this blog to hear how special my whole family is. I can sit and see each of you and I thank God for all of you so much!

  16. ps.
    I remember when we had Lakeview Drive-In and people came by all day to visit with Alex. Scott was such a socializer, never met a stranger. We loved that about our restaurant. I know Alex misses that.

  17. Thanks, Mary. :love You guys are very special to our kiddos. Thanks for helping me not feel lonely Sunday. hehe!

    Kelli, I remember when you guys had the restaurant. Sounds like you have a lot of good memeories from there. Thanks for the kind words. I think it’s neat how God makes us all different and our lives reflect that.

  18. Glad they didn’t lock you up for your past misses! :rotfl Congrats…hopefully this will be the last time your name ‘randomly’ comes up for jury duty.

  19. I wanted to ask you Sunday about what had happened that Monday after Mary’s b-day party, but didn’t want to upset you again (I felt so bad). Acutally, though, I was partially right. In some states they do send a sheriff to your house if you are a no-show for jury duty. But, I’m just glad it all worked out. That was probably the most stressful $9 you ever earned, huh?

  20. Well, I couldn’t go that Monday but not because of my commitment to Elizabeth. James and Lydia and Jessica were up all Sunday night puking. James went to work sick cuz he really needed to be at work that day. I stayed home and took care of the kids. I called that morning and they rescheduled me for the next Monday.

    How horrifying to have the police come after you!!!

    Several people at jury duty told me they know people who just throw their summons away and nothing ever happened. One of James’ workers has done that twice and never heard a thing. Unless our state has gotten stricter (which is posssible) they don’t do anything. I wouldn’t want to try it to find out. A $500 dollar fine is a lot of money if they were to follow through with the threat.

  21. I served on grand jury about 7 years ago. I enjoyed doing it–I think I served for about 3 days, then had to go back about 2 months later and serve again for another 2 days. I remember being stressed out because we were all sitting there in the courtroom waiting, then they came in and called my name with about a dozen others, told us we were on the next grand jury and ushered us off to another room. After we waited for about 20 minutes, someone finally came in and explained what that meant and the length of service required. They didn’t ask me any questions–I was a stay-at-home mom with a 1 year old and 4 year old at that time and had kind of hoped that would exempt me. I think Steve ended up having to take off some time from work to watch the boys.

    I enjoyed serving, but it was sad to listen to case after case and decide whether it should be brought to court or not. There’s a lot of hurting people out there.

    Mom, when I served, most everyone seemed to be really thoughtful in their decision making and aware that what we decided would really impact someone’s life. Of course, some were more attentive than others, but overall I was very proud of how careful we were.

  22. wow, I bet that was interesting, despite the fact that you had to hear sad things. Sounds like you had a better attitude about it than I did this last time. ๐Ÿ˜

  23. Well like I said, this was about 7 years ago…so it’s easier to have a good attitude about it now. ๐Ÿ˜‰ At the time, I was worried and annoyed about having to serve for several days in a row and Steve having to miss work over it. But I did come out of it with a thankful attitude about being able to stay home with my kids. I hated rushing around getting ready in the mornings to go serve on the jury and having to leave them behind. It gave me a picture of what my life could be like, if I chose to go back to work. I know working women do it all the time and like working and having that time to do grown-up stuff outside of the home…it’s just not something I personally enjoy, especially not when my boys were small. I like my more relaxed pace. I very easily get overwhelmed with busyness.

  24. We must be related! I feel the EXACT same way!! :indeed

  25. We MUST be related…I got the teeth, the big laugh, and the exclamation points to prove it !!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. “The blood runs thick in our family!!!!!!!!!”, she says while laughing and smiling a big toothy grin.

  27. thanks for the giggle, cuz! :rotfl

    Enjoyed chatting, but now I gots to go. My relaxin’ time is over. I’ve been painting my bedroom and am nearly done. My in-laws are coming in tomorrow evening to stay for the week, and the rest of my house needs some attention. Everything that was in my bedroom is piled all over the living room. I know…not the best time to start a redecorating project, but I gotta do it when the mood hits! Talk to you later!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Hope you can get it all finished up quickly and fairly easily.

    It was nice chatting over a bowl of cereal. I decided to sit and relax a bit and watch the storm roll in. Anjelia’s up from her nap now and I have to start thinking about supper.

    I hope you have an enjoyable week with company.

  29. Deb, you and Julie sound like I feel. I always felt like I was to be a stay at home mom, and glad I could be til you all were in upper grades at school. Then I got a job at school so I could be home when you all were off. Then I got another diff. job so I could help Gil retire, and help you all with college. I hate getting overwhelmed too. I can only do things best when the mood strikes. We see to have a lot of similarities.

  30. Glad too, that your fellow juriers were more thoughtfull of the process, and cared about how they served. Proud of you all for serving. It’s really harder when you have lil ones.