just my size

Jules —  September 8, 2006

Hey, Aunt Kathryn! Look what I found!

Mother’s Day Out resumed this week, so Karen and I headed off to our favorite hang out! The DAV thrift store is such a fun place to go. I love the thrill of finding a treasure. The best shopping trips are the ones where the camera comes out!

These are the real deal, leather cowboy boots. I just love ’em.



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  1. That was so fun on Tuesday! Thanks for spending the day with me. I’m glad you found your boots. I wore my new boots to the skating rink Tuesday night for Julian’s PTA night. I washed them off and put some leather stuff on them and they looked brand new. They are so high heeled that I had to get used to walking in them.

  2. Yeah, I need to treat my leather, too. What did you use? It seems like my dad always used something out of a small can to treat his leather.

    The shoes you got our sooooooooo cute!

    Tell Tom thanks for the Starbucks! I could go for another frapuccino

  3. Ok, We all need to get together for a boot pic. now. Cute boots Jules. Can’t wait to get my dancing ones on again.

  4. You’re so photogenic, and so cute yourself.

  5. Jules, Im so o o proud for you!!! LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM!!!! Those are even neater than mine, I need some more.Those will be really cool with dresses too, short or long, and everything in between, great find. :cool . Are ya’ll gona come down for Thanksgiving? I wish everyone could,it did my heart good to have everyone here. later lovey’s.

  6. We would LOVE to come down for Thanksgiving. I would love nothing more. James, too. I don’t know if it will happen this year. If not, it better next year.

    I am glad you like my boots. How are they cuter than yours? I thought yours were perfect.

    Aunt Marilyn, you are right. We need a boot pic with all of us. Thanks for the compliment. You are encouraging. I usually just post pics of myself that I think are silly, unless James or the kiddos are in the pic with me.

  7. That cart looks like it was getting filled. You do look cute, and I like those boots. Good buy.

  8. We fill the cart and then go and try everything on. We usually just end up with a handful of things. It takes patience to shop cuz after trying on 25 things I may only buy two or three!

  9. Well, you have the hat and boots, what’s next?

  10. Jules:
    I wear a size 71/2 in boots. I like a stirrup heel.
    I dont have boots anymore. I had an hour to pack when I left Mike many moons ago.. so a lot of dishes, and clothes got left there!!!!

    I like light colored boots so if you happen to find a pair of Capezios grab them for me….
    I would love to go dancin again but no one to dance with….

  11. I don’t really get out much so hopefully I’ll have a few opportunities to wear them.

    I’ll keep an eye out for ya Kandis.

    You never know what the future holds. Tomorrow your dancing partner could two step right into your life. :love

  12. Julie’s right, Kandi. You never know what God has for you right around the corner. For now, keep dancing in the living room with Ian and Max! Gotta keep in practice for when your dream guy dances into your life. :love

  13. Julie, Love the new boots. Not so much with capris, but definitely a cute picture of you!!! And I LOVE your sense of humor. πŸ˜€

  14. Oh thanks for the comment about my sense of humor. Sometimes I wonder what people think of my dorky blog posts!

    What’s wrong with the capris? HEHE!

  15. Is Connor’s birthday tomorrow?

  16. Hmmm…if you don’t know what’s wrong with the capris with the boots, go ask James. I’m sure he’ll tell you!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    And I DO love your dorky sense of humor!!! We love to act dorky here too. Although I get so caught up in busy-ness that sometimes I forget to laugh. You’re a good reminder for me to keep laughing!!! See, you even minister through dorky-ness. :rotfl :rotfl

    And it’s Christian’s bday tomorrow–he’ll be 9! Connor’s was back on May 29. So Happy Birthday Christian!!!! :birthday :birthday

  17. Sorry, I got the boys mixed up.

    It’s Christian and Anjelia who share a birthday.

    Happy Birthday, Christian! :birthday

  18. I happen to love the boots with the capris.

  19. It’s out of the box.

  20. Oh my gosh!! I have really goofed up. Christian’s gift and card is going to be late and I really feel bad. I thought I had another week. Please tell him I am really sorry. Christian have a really happy birthday. Love you Gma & Gpa. Patrick :birthday :birthday :birthday :band :band :band :love :love :love :cry :cry :cry

  21. Actually, Mom, I’m kind of relieved to hear that. I had it in my head that you gave me his gift when we were there in July. I’ve been looking for it today trying to remember where I hid it!!!! :fish

  22. Hmmm…Karen…OK, I don’t see it, but it’s OK with me if you like cowboy boots with capris.

    (whispered) psssst…Julie, no cowboy boots with capris…got it?! πŸ˜‰

    :rotfl :rotfl

  23. I’m so confused! :drool

  24. Glad to see your jeans were long enough to cover them boots because sometimes if your jeans aren’t long enough, then your boots might show and look dorky.

  25. Thanks Tom. I can always count on you for a compliment.