that kinda girl

Jules —  September 19, 2005

Well, last night was one of the biggest NFL games of the season, around these parts. I really tried to be one of those cool football wives and sit with my husband and get into the game. Yeah, right… The game started at 7:30 and by 9:oo I was sound asleep. I’m just not that kinda girl….


One of the best things about fall are the wonderful Happy Apples that all the stores carry. They’re little green apples, covered in caramel and nuts. I love caramel apples. I went to the store today and purchased a four pack. I was going to be cute and take pictures of these scrumptuous gems and post about my delicious fall fave. Ooops…… I devoured them all before I could get a snap shot!!! So much for the kids having a neato after school snack…


Rob’s wonderful mom, Carolyn, mailed me a very yummy sounding menu from a local coffee shop. I’m looking forward to trying it out very soon. On the back of the menu, she pointed out some very clever coffee quotes – just perfect for my blog. What a nice surprise in my mailbox today!!

Coffee Philosophy…
…That really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

You never have to tell the
judge, “I only had two cups”.

Be suspicious of coffee served with a fork…

Avoid people that walk
and drink mineral water.

Shaking is a virtue,
and should be considered an exercise!

Drip-coffee is having coffee with a boring bunch.

No! He’s not dead! All serious coffee
drinkers sleep with their eyes open.

Without the Passion, It’s just coffee.



8 responses to that kinda girl

  1. You just had to mention the carmel, nutty scrumpsious apples that I freak out on and Dr. says I can’t have anymore. It’s good with carmel, but a heck of a lot more :( gooder with NUTS. Thank God, coffee I can still have. Love the quotes. Aunt Tootsie

  2. Great quotes! I’m glad you got your caramel apples after all. I like and loathe them at the same time as they’re delicious but a big mess to eat. I usually settle for those caramel apple suckers.

    And its great that you made the effort to watch the game…that alone makes you a cool football wife. My wife was also cool last night and watched the game with me…while reading, of course. 😉

  3. I can’t believe you ate them all!!!! Poor kids. I love them too. Now I’ll probably have to go out and get me some. I like apples anything, and coffee, always have to have my 2 a day, unless I’m going somewhere for a while, like garage sailing. Like the quotes. You can start all over with the apples, try again, would make a great pic. :cool

  4. This weekend Ian asked for his favorite carmel apple pie. I made him this carmel apple pie last year for having a good week in school and he just is crazy about this pie. I dont have a recipe I just make it out of my head but I use those off brand forzen pie crusts- the kind in the biscuit section that come in a can you have to pop open like biscuits then I just fill it with sliced granny smith apples, carmel candy squares, then cinnamon and splenda and a little lemon juice and a little tapioca and bake mmmmm mmmmm he loves it, he can eat a whole pie in half a day if I let him. This year he wants cranberries put in with the apples…….
    I think Jules started something. I guess I will make him an apple pie this weekend….

  5. I’m with Carl on this one. Love the taste of caramel apples–hate the mess. The caramel always slides off. Now if I ate 4 in one afternoon, maybe I’d get the hang of it. 😀 hee hee couldn’t resist, Julie!

    But I love to dunk apple slices in the caramel dip they sell ALL YEAR LONG in the grocery store! The first time I had that was at Linda’s house when we were there for Tara and Henry’s wedding. I remember several of us sitting around her kitchen table scarfing that stuff like it was goin’ out of style. Mmmmmmm

  6. I walk into the house and Julie tells me about the caramel apples she purchased for the kids.

    Of course, it’s still early afternoon and the kids aren’t home yet. Still, I notice a completely empty caramel apple package laying on the counter. It was pretty obvious that there were originally 4 apples in that package. I looked at that package and looked up at Julie and just shook my head. :rotfl

  7. Well, in my defense, I did give Elaina one of the apples, so I really only ate three!!!! :evil

  8. Uh oh…somebody’s in trouble… :rolleyes