kill it or revive it? something or nothing?

Jules —  May 12, 2011

Ok, so I definitely fell off the blogging wagon quite a while ago (years). That wagon must have hit a pretty big bump and flung me quite a distance. Plus, I got lazy and discovered facebook. One sentence status and, Voila, I’m done! Easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy! My hubby has been harassing me to get started again and I’m really tempted. After all, that will keep me away from housework. Burnout doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel about that some days!

James and I designed this blog in 2005. I had all (ok, most) of the ideas and he did all the techie stuff. It was fun and I still like it but it is obviously outdated. It’s time, I suppose, for a fresh coat of paint if I am actually going to revive this thing. I know the simple and colorless sites are really popular, but I don’t think they are me. I know if I mention this to James his eyes will get as big as saucers and he will start panting like a puppy dog. (I’m exaggerating here a little bit) He loves to show off his techexpertise to me. Kinda like flexing his muscles! Ooo la la!

Well, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged that these two paragraphs have worn me out! I need to flex my creative muscles and begin sharing my thoughts and life again. Speaking of thoughts and life, James and I have started a podcast that has almost killed me. Not really, but it has pushed me outside my comfort zone. That seems to be a recurring theme over the past year. I feel like God keeps asking me to step out and express myself. I want it to be perfect, He just wants me to give Him something to work with. Is He asking you to do something? Are you holding back because you think you won’t be good enough? He can’t use nothing. Step out and make the effort. Give Him something to work with. He doesn’t need perfection. He can use anything except nothing.

Until next time. . . . if there is one. Just kidding, I am going to make the effort! ~ Julie



27 responses to kill it or revive it? something or nothing?

  1. Yay! I love reading your blog, Julie!!

  2. I am glad Percolations has a fan! I expect much fanfare.

  3. Oh baby, you know how I like it when you blog!

    I would LOVE to convert this over to that new theme I’m using.

    Oh please, please, please can we? Pretty please?

    And yes, God can’t use nothing! What a great use of a double negative in a sentence!

  4. Well, well, well, look who we have here. It’s a perculating Jules. Good to see yo back.

    Punkie is in my bedroom sleeping. I must be boring. LOL She must be thinking of Sat and getting caught up on sleep for the event.

  5. I was thinking today, “I need to be sure to get good sleep tonight to gear up for Saturday”!

  6. James Dear, calm down. I told the readers I was exaggerating! 😉

    Let’s talk!

  7. Yay, so glad you are back to blogging. Facebook is just not the same!!

  8. Yeah, facebook is just so easy. I really like social media because the interaction is so fun. Blogging takes more work but sometimes the interaction is better too. James is going to update my site. That will make loading pics and stuff easier. It is kinda clunky now, which dissuades me.

  9. YAY!! You and Karen can say so much, so eloquently…I love reading whatever you guys write! I am SO not good a descriptive writing, so I get to ride along on your ‘skirts’ so-to-speak…

    On a side note, I look at the previous blog and think, Olivia was in the womb with them too…she was born later, Oct 29th, but was a month early. I know the ‘reasons’ she is not so close to Anjelia & Jaden, obviously, but I would love to see all of them together 😉

    I look forward to whatever God impresses you to do! Keep me posted! Laura

  10. I’ve missed your blog Jules! A fresh coat is always fun. And you have the best IT/admin out there!

  11. Hey, Laura. Good to hear from you. If my blogging keeps us in touch than I say that is a good enough reason on it’s own to start back up!

  12. Rob, good to hear from you! Yes, I really need to utilize my man more! He’s a genius in my book, or better yet, the best self-teacher I know.

  13. Glad to see you back on the blogs. I, too, enjoy FB for a quick catch-up, but I LOVE reading the family blogs. More of your true self comes through in your writings.

    Love ya, cuz!

  14. 13 comments in 2 days–see how much you were missed! I like FB, but it’s just NOT the same! FB is like chit-chatting in a noisy crowd. Blogging seems like a deeper conversation among friends.

  15. YEAAAAAA! JULES IS BAAAAAACK. I do have something the Lord is wanting me to do, Not a big thing, but I have been bidding my time, asking him to tell me WHEN to act, HOW to do it, WHAT to say. I’ll let you know when I do it. Like you said, I want perfection, and He is getting nothing so far.

    Marlis, I fell asleep because my back was aching and I had taken a muscle relaxant. Does that make sense now. I wanted to be able to go to Nita’s for the week-end. Is this a confessional Blog? Anyway, I made it fine and had a good time.
    I’m loving my house gowns I found. Nita gave up her squishy pillow to me. We both love them.

  16. I figured that Punkie, but did not ask you. I was worried. You should have just told me and I would never have opened the door.

    I’m glad you are back too Jules and hope you keep up the blog.

  17. There is killer Rosie! I love your new layout Jules! Did I spell Rosie wrong????

  18. Wow, I’m VERY impressed, Julie. Man, that Jimmy can admin!!!

    • Hehe, thanks Rob!

      Hopefully you got an email notification of this comment, if you subscribed.

    • James is a freakin genius! He’s working on getting my comment numbers inside my coffee cup! I needed coffee cups somewhere and a touch of pink!

  19. Jules, a praise for the Lord here. I followed thur with what he had been nudging me to do, which to some is no big thing but for some reason it is for me.
    Anyway, I have this neighbor I don’t see very often, she leaves early in the morning and gets back home in the late afternoon. She has the cutest white fluffy dog named Bear. She stays to herself, sorta hermit like.
    The Lord had been after me to just go tell her (how much he loves her). So I went over the other day, it seemed like the right time, and told her. She gave me a big hug and said that makes her want to cry. She was very happy that I came over. I also told her I hadn’t seen her for a while and just wondered if her and Bear were ok. That was my opening line. (It was the truth, but not the main reason for my visit.) I am so relieved that I (finially) obeyed the leading of my Lord. I hate being an Eagle and living like a Prairie chicken. (You can find that story on Google.)
    She said she prays every day that He will keep her safe as she is the only person left to care for her mother.
    I left it there for now and hope she will inquire about the Lord sometime soon. Praise the Lord, he is good all the time.

    • That is awesome. We are supposed to love God and love people. That sums up how we should be living. Great example!!!! Let’s spur one another on to love and good deeds!

  20. I love your blog and hope you decide to keep on BLOGGING.