kindergarten preparations

Jules —  March 14, 2007

Elaina is ecstatic about the idea of starting kindergarten. Her eyes were as big as saucers at kindergarten information night. She toured a classroom and even got to go on a little bus ride! She’s going to go to pre-kindergarten summer school in June. All the girls have loved the pre-k summer program.

Elaina on her first bus ride!

She’s so excited that she couldn’t wait to get her shots. Anything that is preparation for kindergarten excites her.

She excitedly wiggled and squirmed on the table while waiting for the Dr. She’s in her favorite attire — her Superman pajamas. She wears them every night. Before our appointment, she had her Mother’s Day Out slumber party. She got to wear her favorite pjs and since her Dr. appointment was right after school, she wore her pajamas to her check up.

Grandpa D. saves a pair of jammies from each of his grandkids. On a recent overnight, he tried to keep the Superman pajamas, but after a call from Elaina he brought them back the next day. It was very funny. We all got a good laugh out of it. Elaina told him he could have them after she gets her spring pair of Superman jammies. It’s getting pretty warm here so I’ll bet we’ll be shopping soon!

People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.” Eleanor Roosevelt



13 responses to kindergarten preparations

  1. Wow, she does love Superman!
    Very cool!
    And excited about shots?! Brave girl! Must be those pj’s…

  2. Yes, she said she was scared but she seemed just as excited.

    I think I was more relieved than she was to have them over with. My nerves always feel a little shot after the stress of shots. I was dreading it.

  3. We just got Sarah’s shots done too. She was so excited to go, but came apart with the finger prick, then the shots were so much worse cause she was stressed. We did Sarah and Anna’s shots together. I hate seeing my babies innocent, pure skin get stuck. I have pictures of what the disease processes look like if they didn’t have the shots and got the diseases, so that is my motivation.
    Sarah and I have had alot of fun with kindergarden this year. I mostly have homeschooled her since Anna came.
    Elaina will love it!!!

  4. My doc suggested skipping the finger stick. I eagerly aggreed. I think that helped. When I gave blood the finger prick hurt worse than having a needle stuck in my vein.

    Sarah is so cute!!

    Shots and such are really hard on the moms, aren’t they? I am so glad I only have to do it one more time. I’ve done soooo many.

  5. I am definitely not looking forward having to hold Aiden down for his 2 year boosters. I hope they don’t bother him too much, but he is a tough kid. I know he will do fine.

  6. Does he turn two in May?

  7. I always hated taking them when they were babies. They’d be giggling and thinking the nurses were playing with them, then OUCH, came the needle! They always looked so betrayed, like they were tricked. But I know it’s for their own good. I need to check my older boys’ records and make sure we’re all up to date. It’s easier to forget when they get older and the boosters aren’t so often.

  8. I can’t believe Elaina is old enough for school. I’m glad she’s so excited–she’s seen how much fun her big sisters have had. And Anjelia will get Mommy all to herself during the day now. Is Kindergarten full day? When we went to Kindergarten I think it was 1/2 day, but they don’t they around here anymore.

  9. Do I see a little bit of Beth in that top picture? It’s just the expression that reminds me of a pic I have of her. I’m glad she is so excited to go, I don’t think my girls were that happy to start school.

  10. Elaina’s dimples remind me of Beth.

  11. And, no Mom, I wasn’t that excited about going to school. Of course I was more shy and didn’t have 2 big sisters that had paved the way first.

  12. Everyone comments about how much Elaina looks like Janet, James’ mom. The resemblence is uncanny. Janet’s middle name is Elaine. Elaina does take after her name sake.

    All the girls have loved school. It does help having watched older sisters go. The girls are begging to go to summer school. It’s just a half day for the month of June. They have a lot of fun.

  13. I’m glad they’ll be in the same school. I was late
    starting school, kindergarteners were not allowed to ride the bus. I loved school, but I hate shots!
    Scott was always so brave with shots, he thought he was so big and tough but Audrie freaked out! Erin and Alexis got theirs at the same time usually and they squirmed about.