kindergarten summer school

Jules —  May 29, 2007

Elaina counted down the days to her first day of pre-K summer school. We put her to bed earlier than usual at 7 o’ clock. She fell asleep quickly. At 8 o’ clock James and I were sitting in bed when Elaina excitedly came into our room dressed in her first-day-of-kindergarten outfit. It took me a minute to figure out that she thought it was morning as she woke up to daylight. Bless her heart. She was so confused when I told her it wasn’t morning yet.

Morning finally came and she slowly and carefully climbed into the big bus. Elaina has a personality that lives life to it’s fullest. She has so much joy and excitement over nearly everything. Something as big as the first day of kindergarten is such a momentous and joyful occasion to her that it’s easy to feel her joy as if it were my own. I guess that’s what moms do. She had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back tomorrow with snacks in hand.



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  1. How cute! I’m happy for her. It’s great when they are so excited to go to school. Your pics are so good of all the girls. Momentous minutes call for digital mementos.

  2. Thanks. I really loved how these pictures turned out. I’ve gotten lazy with my camera and have just been using automatic. This morning I did the settings myself. I need to start doing that more.

    Elaina is my Joy.

  3. What a sweety, I can feel the excitement. I’m so glad she is excited about going to school. She looks so cute in her dress and sandles.

  4. Happy first day of kindergarten, Elaina Joy!

  5. Bless her heart!! She has been waiting a long time for this day. She looks very nice for her first day of school.

  6. What a picture! I used to line mine up and take a picture of them the first day of school. It’s fun to go back and see when Scott got taller than Audrie. Well, I missed some pics but I just love that picture you captured a great moment!

  7. Oh how sad and joyous at the same time!
    I remember Ian’s first step on the bus. He left Tammy’s his babysitter and went to kindergarten that way…I took off work just to go kiss him and take his first step on the bus….I cried and laughed at the same time….My baby was growing up and I felt Joy and sadness all at the same time….interesting how us mothers feel at moments like this….

  8. Aww, how sweet! McKenna starts summer school this Thursday, but she is not excited about it at all! Maybe Elaina can come talk to her about how FUN summer school is-LOL!

  9. McKenna hasn’t watched older siblings head off to school. That makes a big difference. Elaina wasn’t nervous at all because she’s watched her sisters have fun at school and has looked forward to her turn. McKenna will love it when she gets over the fear of the unknown.

  10. What great pics! Love the one of her on the porch. That is so funny she woke up and was ready to go the night before. That’s a good one to remember.

    I’m glad she is having fun. I am having fun NOT having Julian in summer school. I’ve been sleeping in till past eight every morning. This has been a wonderful break for me! ahhhh. . .sweet sleep.

  11. I know what you mean Karen. I loved the week off in between. I slept in to like 8 am every day. James said I started looking and acting different. I wish I wasn’t one of those people that needs 8 to 9 plus hours of sleep a night, but I am. I can’t wait until July. It’s going to feel so good to get enough sleep. Right now I have to have my family ready to go by 7:15. (Including James. He’s taking Lydia and Jessica on the way to work).Everyone wanted to do summer school. I am glad it’s just the month of June and they are all home by lunch time. It’s weird it just being Anjelia and I in the mornings. I’ve enjoyed some time alone with her. The other girls are having a blast in the mornings. Lydia gets to go read to the kindergarteners on Fridays. She is hoping to get to read to Elaina.

  12. Ah, that is so fun. I bet she was thrilled with the day and will be just as excited when summer is over and she can go back!

  13. Julie, thanks for planning a wonderful week~end for us girls. It was lots of fun. It’s 9:12 and I’m starting to get a lil sleepy. Mayby I’ll sleep tonight since I stayed away from the coffee this eve. I’ve just about got my bedroom together. I still need more on the wall behind the bed but I really like it. I guess I should of had you run over and look at that pic after all. I moved what I had on the wall there.

  14. Yes Jules thanks for being a good host this year. I had a wonderful time. The house is such a treasure. Thank you and Kandi for letting us three gals take all the wildflower pics we wanted. Thank you for insisting on the ferry, after I got there I felt good about it. It was cool. But you could of had them get rid of the ticks and mosquitos before we got there. But it sure didn’t stop us, did they?

  15. Best Weekend Yet! NO…I think all our weekends are great together!
    Thank you Jules…You are a great host…..
    Nice Job…Oldest Cousin..

  16. I am glad you guys enjoyed it. I was a little nervous about picking a place. James and I had such a wonderful time there, I needed an excuse to go back!

  17. The food this weekend was amazing. My jeans are tight this morning. I can’t believe how much I ate! Oh well, I’ll do without a few meals this week. It was worth it!!

    Thanks for participating so well in my photo contest. I can’t believe how well everyone did. That was truly hilarious. Mom’s still cracks me up!!! I was surprised she got all of her elements so quickly. I heard the laughing before my bath was over. Punkie’s a scavenger hunt pro.

  18. Yes the scavenger picture hunt was a blast. Punkie really got carried away, and with the winner pics. Great fun.

    Got to get started on my garage sale now, bye bye.

  19. Y’all will have to exhibit these scavenger hunt pictures!

  20. Ops! I deleted all of mine after I showed them to your dad. I just looked for an animal and then sad and the rest of the items fell into place. My items to find were, “sad, blue, any animal, rectangle, & a sign.” I take my lil camera every where I go, it makes seeing double fun. I should name it like Marlis does her cars, it’s a real “friend” always at my side.

  21. Jules are you going to do a post on our weekend?

  22. You must be keeping pretty busy since the kiddos are out of school.

    How is Elan doing? We do care and pray he’s doing better. I hope Beth is feeling a little relieved. That is if he is still improving.

  23. Oh man, so many choices. I’d love to read the Violet books since I love Melissa Walker, but haven’t read her books yet.There are so many great lonikog books on the list, like Paper Towns and anything by Linda Gerber and Jody Gehrman. Thanks, Lenore, now I’m drooling!