Last minute preparations

Jules —  November 3, 2005

We are heading out very early in the morning to Denver, Colorado! We are very excited and the girls can’t wait to start our weekend adventure. We are going to visit our friend Rob, who recently moved to the Denver area! I’ve never been to Colorado and I just can’t wait to see the mountains. Our family is ready for a much needed weekend get-away together. I have been sharing with James for quite some time about my need to do some traveling and have little mini adventures as a family. When work stress and a busy home are 10 seconds apart there needs to be some time away!

Tonight, the girls and James decorated the van with white shoe polish. Each of the girls wrote their first name on their window! Lydia had the honor of writing, “Denver or bust” on the back of the van!

Look out Rob! Here we come!!

“Vacation is what you take when you can’t take what you’ve been taking any longer.”



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  1. Have a great time, guys!! You deserve a break! :indeed

  2. LOL! I love it. Jimmy, bring it on! Crap, I gotta get back to cleaning the place up (so that the girls can mess it up again).

  3. That is so cute… “Rob or Bust!”

  4. As you probably guessed, that kind of blatant disregard for the van’s appearance would not be tolerated at the Shoemaker’s. When there is a trip to be taken, it is one day to wash and clean the van, one day to change the oil and check fluids, tire pressure, etc. and when the trip commences there is accolades and praises for how good Karen maintenanced the vehicle. (Sure is nice to see a good woman under the hood).

  5. Hey look James’ eyes are open.

  6. I sure hope you took the lap top with you.Cryn out loud leave us here with no up dates :banghead Leaving us here all alone without you :cry what is this world coming too. :disgust Ha Ha :rotfljust kidding, you all have a great time.

  7. Poor Rob! Just kidding. Hope you all have (had) a safe trip with no :puke no :fish alot of :love and only a little bit of :moon

  8. This is one of the best ways I know to get to a lot of people to pray. Gma Vera just called and said Uncle Alex’s dad, Morris, is being taken to the hospital right now with a possible heart attack. Please pray for him and wife, JoAnne.

  9. Jules:
    My bags were packed to go with you guys but no one ever showed up :cry
    Oh well, Hey you guys take care and I hope you dont need oxygen up there…..
    Kandis :rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes

  10. Fun! I’m so jealous! You’ll get to his place before I can!

  11. We will be praying for you on your trip and hope you all have a really wonderful time. Be sure and look for the Aspins, I hear they are beautiful this time of year. I’m with Marlis, though, how can you go off with out the laptop. We are happy for you but you will truly be missed. :cry Have a great adventure with the :baby :baby :baby :baby’s & :king

  12. Hi, everybody, Alex’s dad is back at home; they don’t think it was his heart after all. But he is very sick, dizzy, and is very unsteady on his feet so keep praying.

    I also wanted to bring everyone’s attention to Kelli’s post way at the bottom of the entry “Babies Don’t Keep”. She was too subtle in the way she worded it…She said she’s got a new grandbaby on the way. So I’ll clarify….Audrie and Brian are expecting a baby in June!!! :love :baby

  13. Congratulations Kelli, you are going to have to slow down and hold the babies. It’s easier to be a grandma, you can hand them back to mama when they cry and say “Oh my, she/he wants it’s mommy” :rotfl Wanting to take care of them and having too, is two differant things :evil. I better stop kidding, my daughter may be reading this any time 😉 She knows I’m kidding. I quess Ian will be the only grandchild I have, I :love him very much and wish I could be around him more.

  14. I cannot imagine having enough room for two adults and 4 kids and not enough room for a laptop to keep things up to date :banghead on the home front. I feel like a redheaded step child, Left out of everything. :disgust. I’ll just start my own blog :evil

  15. Congratulations Kelli, Audri & Brian. Kelli, maybe you will get to see this baby more and rock, rock, rock. :indeed

  16. Has any one of you out there heard if those kids made it to Robs :banghead I’m going to call her mother, this worries me. Alot of us would like to know!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. OK, I called her mommy and she said the kids made it fine. She had to call herself to find out. They were on a mountain, hiking and the air was a little thin. :rolleyes

  18. This Grandmother has been concerened!!! Tryed to call them and could not get a hold of them.

    On our way to church I left a note in the front door to welcome them home.

    Hey Rob, let us know how it went. You know Iam your old volleyball coach so I need a report. Hehe. :fish

  19. Hey, Mom D! All is well, I’m sure. The whole fam left town around 9am this morning. We had such a WONDERFUL time. I sure love those kids of theirs. I’ll miss them… yes, even the door slamming!

    I imagine the D-clan is somewhere in the middle of Kansas right now.


  20. Thanks Rob. You survived!!! The girls are very loving and it’s great that you live in Denver for visit for our family. Maybe Richard and I can see you on our way to Christie and David’s in Utah. We will drive our Minnie Winnie so you won’t have to worry about our stay. Thanks again.

  21. Well, ant bets out there that the Jules and James learned their lesson this weekend. :rolleyes You don’t go on vacation till the 4 :baby :baby :baby :baby :angel are all grown up. :evil

  22. Sorry that is supposed to be ANY Bets.

  23. Momma D, that would be great to see you when you drive though! Come on over!

  24. Good morning Jules and James, hope you had a nice trip. It’s beautiful in the mountains and awesome. You don’t remember the superstition mountains in Phoenix when we flew in do you, or the mountains near daddy.

    I tried to keep the blog going while you were gone, but I don’t think anyone appreciated me :rotfl. We all sure missed ya.

  25. By the way, I had Halloweeners last night. The neighbors were over in costume as clowns. Dick was in the hospital for halloween, so last night was his night. It was so :rotfl. I gave them a bag of walnut meats, she likes to cook, and I gave him his favorite, Mini Hershey bars.

  26. Well, we made it back around 9:30 last night. I am feeling very wore out. It was definitely worth it, though. We had a great time!

    I had no idea that people would be so concerned about us! It’s nice to be so cared for! Next time I’ll do an update while we’re gone!

    I am going to try to do a post about our trip. I’m going to put Anjelia in the tub and take my laptop in the bathroom! I was trying to upload pics and she squirted dish soap all over the kitchen counter. A professional athlete would be unable to keep up with her!

  27. Congratulations, Aunt Kelli. I had no idea! That’s wonderful news! :baby

  28. Thank you everyone for all your comments. They are very enjoyable to read!

  29. YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s a Jules. We were so worried when we did’nt hear if you made it ok. :banghead. Hope you did’nt get upset with my silly comments. Glad you got away and had a good time, even more glad your back home safe. 😀

  30. Thanks Aunt Marlis! Your comments were great! Thanks for holding up the fort while I was gone!!!! :love