Celebrate good times!

Jules —  April 5, 2006

Today is a very special day for our daughter Jessica and my cousin Debbie! Happy Birthday, Girls!!! My Jessica is seven years old today!!! God chose for them to share birthdays and He also chose for Debbie to take part in Jessica’s name. At the time of Jessica’s adoption, we were able to change her name. Debbie e-mailed me with the idea of changing her middle name to Faith. IT WAS THE PERFECT NAME! My cousin Kandis has a beautiful post today in honor of my cousin Debbie. Please check it out HERE. I want everyone to see all the pics.


Yesterday was Tom’s birthday. We have been good friends with Tom and Karen for like fourteen years. Tom’s a great guy who loves to laugh big and loud at his own jokes! MOST of the time everyone else laughs too!!!! Tom has a very serious side when it comes to men’s ministry and his work with kids at the children’s hospital. Tom has a bible study group that he leads and he is one of the men in charge of men’s ministry at their church. Maybe if I get time I’ll post a crazy picture soon! Happy Birthday Tom! Check out Karen’s birthday post HERE.


We couldn’t wait for the kids to go to sleep last night. They were so wound up about Jessica’s birthday. Finally, they all slipped into deep sleep and we snuck into Jessica’s room. James and I decorated it with balloons and placed a really cool brand new bike at the foot of her bed!!! I couldn’t wait for her to wake up this morning. She came running out and asked if we knew there was a bike in her room!!! James put four dollars in the purse on the handle bars.

The girls were excited to help her celebrate!

Jessica wanted microwave sausage and biscuits for her birthday breakfast. Kids are so funny! I told her I’d make her anything and that’s what she picked! She has a special birthday plate and cup she uses each year.

Her Daddy gave her a special journal.

I gave her a new outfit to wear to school!

She asked James to please come home early! She wants to open her gifts from her sisters and head to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza and tokens!!

Please check out last year’s birthday post in honor of Jessica’s sixth birthday HERE.

“Like a lily among thorns is my Jessica among the maidens.” Song of Songs 2:2



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  1. Jules, James, how could she not be sooo happy, I’m sitting here :cry This is such a special way to surprise Jessica. :birthday Jessica, you have mighty special parents who love you “All the way to Jesus” 😉 What a wonderful way to start the day. I bet your feet are still not touching the ground :angel

  2. Jules, thanks for post Deb’s b.day too. I called her this morn and sang happy b. day, I don’t think she was impressed with the singin but hey its the thought that counts right? :birthday .

  3. Happy Birthday, Jessica & Deb. I am so thankful we are able to celebrated Jessica’s. I remember those times when We thought those people were going to take her away. Thank God, He was in control. And I am thankful for my Sweet Daughter, and hope she has a happy day too. Love from MOM & DAD Aunti & Uncle

  4. Jessica was beyond excited. I told her I’d take her to school but she couldn’t wait to get on the bus. I think she wanted to tell all the kids about her gifts. We also gave her a new helmet.

    I told her I’d make treats for school but she chose the Little Debbie brand Easter brownies instead.

    James went to the school and had lunch with her. That surprised her too. He took her a pizza lunchable. She LOVES those lunchables.

    Can you tell we’re crazy about her?!!!

    Aunt Kathy, I am sure you’re a better singer than I am!!

  5. Oh and the bike was a big blessing. When they rang it up at Wal-mart, I was shocked when it rang up at half price!!! They had put it on clearance!

  6. happy birthday, cousin Debbie!

    Happy, Happy 7th Birthday, Jessica! I have so many happy memories of you your first year (and every year after). You were such a smiley baby with a great laugh! :birthday

    Can’t wait to see you Saturday. It sounds like you are having a super fun birthday!

  7. What a fun day you are having!! Thanks for the Birthday greeting and nice things you said about Tom.

    The girls look like they are having a blast. Jessica’s outfit looks so cute on her, she is turning into a grown up girl!!

    Can’t wait to come over on Sat. for the cookout! Hope your having hotdogs. They just sound really good on the grill! My mouth is now watering. {slobber}

  8. Oh. . . and happy birthday, Debbie!! Hope your day is filled with God’s presence and his showers of blessings!

  9. I dont know what I did, maybe I posted in the wrong place. Jessica :birthday :flowers
    You are so beautiful in those pictures. I did not realize it was Jessica’s birthday!
    I am so sorry!!!
    Jessica your bike is so pretty and I love your new outfit.
    Cousin Kandis

  10. You posted in last years post from her sixth birthday. I think I have confused people. I changed my wording to that link!

    Jessica is very pretty. She already has a boy that gives her gifts all the time. She even told him that she’s not supposed to be getting gifts from boys but he keeps giving her things. Yesterday, she came home with a bracelet!

    Don’t feel bad at all. I didn’t expect you to know!

    Karen and Mary, Yes to hot dogs. Yum!! And lots of other yummy things!

  11. That is too much, I thought I was in a time warp, that I had missed 2 days, I had to call Deb just to make sure I wasn’t loosing my mind. It was last years post I was reading about Jessica. Well it still seemed relevent. Thats really scary to think I take care of people and my children all the time and knowing I’m a ding dong. This last baby is sucking the tiny bit of brain concentration I have left! :eek
    Well happy birthday to both of you Deb and Jessica. I’m glad I didn’t miss it. :birthday

  12. Jessica, you look so pretty and happy. Did that boy give you a birthday gift? Your outfit is so nice and the bike, WoW!!!!!! :birthday :birthday

  13. Jessica I remember my first NEW bike. I was 13 years old and I was very proud of it that I kept it always washed and dryed. The bike was like my pretend horse. Someday I will show where I rode that bike. :birthday

    Happy Birthday Debbie!!!! :birthday

    Jessica, hope you had a wonderful day. :flowers

  14. That is the cutest picture- all the girls (and cat) on the bed! :birthday

  15. Wow, my brother has been commenting, and I haven’t. Eeek, I’m really behind! But anyway…

    Happy birthday, Jessica! I loved the photo of you eating your birthday breakfast. I hope your day was so much fun.

  16. As everyone can tell we make kind of a big deal about birthdays around here.

    We figure one day a year everyone should get spoiled rotten.

  17. Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes!!! I love reading everyone’s comments.

    Trish, the degree to which you become a ding dong is equivalent to the number of children you have. I swear sometimes I feel like I can barely think!

  18. Wonderful idea, James.

  19. Yes, James is right. We make quite a deal out of the girls’ birthdays. When you are one of four you deserve one day a year to receive all the attention.

  20. Happy Birthday Kika!!! Look forward to seeing all your new stuff and celebrating with you, Lydia…and that big kid Tom at the birthday party this weekend!!!

  21. Happy Birthday Jessica!! I can’t believe you are already 7 yrs old! 7 is my favorite number!! I wish you a very, very happy birthday, with lots of fun, and lots & lots of great presents!!!!

    p.s. I love your bike. Cool color too!

  22. Happy Birthday, Jessica! :birthday A new bike is exciting! And you look so grown-up in your new outfit!

    Happy Birthday to you, too, Tom :birthday You always make me laugh with your blog comments!

    Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a really nice relaxing birthday yesterday. Being surrounded by family and all of your well-wishes just made my day. We had church last night so we’re going out for Mexican tonight with Steve’s family and Gma and Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Joe. Kelli and family are in Destin, FL for spring break–you’d think they would have taken me along for my birthday! :disgust 😀

  23. April is such a blessed month. Me,Jessica,my brothers,my mo-n-law, and anybody else that’s cool. Thanks Jules for mentioning little ol’me. Can’t wait for the bbq.