libby girls

Jules —  April 11, 2007

My mom gave my four girls and my niece, Emily, gift cards from Libby Lu for Christmas. Saturday we headed for the mall. We had a fabulous time! The girls got to dress up in the dressing room. They each had their hair and make up done. Jessica chose a more conservative updo while the others went for pink streaks and curls. They all looked incredibly cute. Once the makeover was complete they got to dance in the middle of the store. It was very funny. A crowd formed to see the show.

The girls left with goodie bags full of girlie treasures. We didn’t want them to be all made up and no place to go, so we went out to eat before heading home. They received lots of attention from everyone!








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  1. I’ve done that with some of my friends and it sure was fun. No, really I guess I’ll be doing this for real in a couple of years. It might be a tough sell for Julian but for a little chocolate I think Jaden’s in could be convinced.

  2. Evely will LOVE it Tom. James skipped out and stayed at home. I can’t say that I blame him. It was a very girlie time.

    I was jealous that Mom didn’t buy me a gift certificate! It was a great idea for a Christmas gift for her grand daughters.

  3. I so love it all! What a grand idea Nita had. Thanks for the pictures Julie. I was just saying I wanted to get on the blog and find out how the birthday party went, such fun!

  4. Aww, how cute is that! McKenna has only been there one time & she didn’t want them to touch her! Tricia wanted to pay for her to get her hair and nails done, but she was too shy to do it. That was about a year and a half ago though, I think she would do it now. I can’t wait to take her back & try again :-)

  5. What fun!!!!!!Gee I’ve never heard of this place before. What a special day Nita for your granddaughters and for Julie to spend with them. Makes me want another little girl so I can take her there. Well I guess I’ll just take the one I have and we’ll go out for chinese.

  6. Is that Beth in the 4th pic? I missed in my reading the above and then realized Emily is Beths daughter. What fun for you and Beth to share also. Beautiful girls all 5 of them.

  7. The girls look so cute. I’m sure they had such a good time. We have a store like that up here called Justice. Jasmine, Katelyn, Courtney and I love it. I got two tops there with sparkleys on them in pink and turquoise in size xxlg. Hey, it’s cheaper than the womens store.

  8. Happy birthday to Jessica, and I love your home, everything is so beautiful.

  9. I meant Jaden could be convinced and/or he’s in. Not the combo. Sorry for the mass confusion.

  10. Beth, Mom and I took them. We had as much fun as the girls. That’s Beth in the background.

    I had some ADORABLE pics of the slumber party but my SD card freaked out and deleted all my pictures. I was very sad. It also deleted my Libby Lu pics but thankfully Mom took quite a few.

  11. We have a Justice store here. Lydia wanted a yellow outfit for her birthday (it’s tomorrow) so I went there cuz they have so many pastels. I found a couple of cute shirts and matching flip flops. Yellow is a hard color to find in clothing. She loves the color yellow.

  12. OH! Too cute! I can’t wait to do this someday. The girls look so cute. I think Elaina looks quite the part in the first pic!!

    How fun.

  13. Oh, that looks so fun, Sorry girls, that you missed out on that when you were growing up. I never heard of such things. Well, maybe you can catch up on it all with your kids. Well, maybe Trish can, doubt the boys will go for it. Glad you mentioned seeing Beth, I was just looking at the girls not the background. I was a little slow catching onto Emily too. Am glad they can all have fun together. They look so cute.

  14. Lookin forward to seeing you tomorrow!!

  15. Jules, is Jessica standing on something or is she that much taller than all the other girls? They are so pretty all dolled up.

  16. She’s not standing on anything. Lydia is kinda crouching down. Jessica isn’t exceptionally tall.

  17. Love the pictures, they are all wonderful! So fun and silly.