gotta have this!!!

Jules —  November 22, 2005

Those of you who have been to my home during the Christmas season have an understanding of my LOVE for Christmas decorations. I CAN NOT WAIT to start getting them out on Saturday. I have waited all year long for that day! My decorations aren’t elegant. They are FUN or as most have described them–TACKY!!! My house looks a bit like a toy store, once it’s all out. I feel like I’ve only just begun. I collect new pieces each year and one day I hope to have a house full! Has everyone seen Elf? If not, you MUST rent it this Christmas!

We’ve never put up lights on the outside of the house or collected pieces for the yard. We’ve decided this year to begin decorating the outside, as well. I think I want to start with something like this!!!! Keep watching. It gets better and better!! The finale is quite a spectacle!

“I wouldn’t say I invented tacky, but I definitely brought it to its present high popularity.” Bette Midler



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  1. Julie, Fun,Fun,Fun!!! Getting ready to make cookies for the teens night out with us and got on your Blob. I love it!!!!!

    It made glad to be home and face the seasons with the smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas. :angel

  2. I mean Blog :rolleyes

  3. Oh brother. You’re going to be one of “those” neighbors! :rolleyes

  4. Now Rob, don’t be a SCROOGE!!!! :moon

  5. That’s a good start, I’d say! Cool video!

  6. Janet, your NOT the first person to call it a blob!!! :love

  7. We are having a bonfire for our young people tonite instead of our reg. meeting on Wed. nights. Is that what you were asking about? So Iam making home made Chocolate Chip cookies. The music of Christmas makes me have joy in my heart.

    Thanks for the(house) music!!!

  8. I fixed your first comment. It wasn’t showing up here, but I found it “awaiting moderation” for some reason. I fixed it so it shows up now! Sorry about that. Glad you are enjoying the toons. There will probably more to come!!! Have fun with the teenie boppers!!!

  9. Thanks, Love you :love

  10. Jules:
    That slide show is you all the way!!!!!!
    Gotta keep the peace sign “yeah baby”…

    “OH JAMES” If you hear Julie say “JAMES HONEY I JUST BOUGHT SOME CHRISTMAS LIGHTS” You better Run……like the wind..
    That looks like Ian is in the house switching the light switch on and off……
    Oh I wish I had some lights to put up outside! Ian really loves Christmas and I hope to someday make it special for him.

  11. I’m going to get some lights to put on the house this weekend. The girls have been bugging me to do it for a couple of years now.

  12. That’s hilarious…I’m afraid it would make Jessica :cry and then she wouldn’t want to come home after school! Looking forward to seeing the beginnings of your outside decorating.

  13. She swears that we will be able to get the singing tree out this year. We’ll see…She talks big until James heads for the attic. That is another post for another day. :indeed

    Kandi, that comment made me giggle. Shocking I know! :rotfl

  14. Well, this would surely get you the best decorated house of the year, if it don’t burn it down. :evil What can I say, this would really be wild. If I was Jessica, I’d probably not come home either, if the music comes with it. :rotfl

  15. Carl sent me over to look at the video, pretty funny!!! Love the blue lights :-)

  16. With the wreaths on the end of the house in the video…and with all the quick blinking…it kind of sort of looks like a moster having a freak out or something!

    We used to go for rides when I was younger just to look at Christmas lights…given that there were 5 of us kids, it was always…interesting. :rotfl

  17. Where in the world did you ever find this video, Jules? I’ve been back 3 times today to watch it, and it makes me laugh every time!

  18. Thanks for visiting, Janet. Glad you enjoyed the show!!!

    We take the kids for car rides to see the Christmas lights, Ciera! They bring popcorn, drinks, their pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals!! It’s really cute. It’s a big event!!! We play Christmas tunes, as we drive around. It makes for an easy evening for James and I.

    Sarah, James got it off his gaming site, I think. Someone posted it in the forums. Glad it’s been as entertaining for you as it has been for me!!!

  19. Aw man! Why didn’t my parents think of popcorn and stuff? Oh well [I’ll know it for my own future imaginary ones!] Still, even without, riding to see the lights is one of my favorite things to remember about growing up!

  20. It was all the kids’ ideas. Our oldest (Lydia-7) is very creative and quite the leader. She usually takes over and organizes and plans, for events such as these!

  21. What a wonderful video, love the music, makes me want to get on my trampoline and exercise. If you get your home decorated like that please let me know so I can come see it. My decorating consists of putting plastic candles in all my windows, and I plan to put up my new skinny pre-lit tree this year too. I love those cheap plastic multi-candle decorations. I put orange bulbs in them. I found 4 sets the other day at the used outlet store for $.25 each. I love a bargain.

  22. Hilarious video! Love the peace sign on the house.

    Thanks for sharing! :cool

  23. I love those candles, Punky. I don’t have any. Maybe I’ll find a good deal, too!!

    I knew you would like it Karen!! Can’t wait to get out my antlers you bought me!!! I need to get some more head gear this year!

  24. Aaron and I thought the video was really cool!
    Sarah and I went to Macy’s yesterday, it was DECKED OUT, Sarah’s eyes were huge, looking around. She kept saying, Macy’s “M.A.C.Y.S” (spelling it) then saying “I love that store!” She came home and spelled it over and over to Chris, getting big eyerolls from daddy. Guess I have a new shopping buddy. She is such a girl!
    We had a huge Thanksgiving meal at work today, it was so cool to see what different people make. In Maryland area, they always serve saurkraught with the Thanksgiving meal, they said it’s a very old American tradition. I never knew!
    Everyone is so nice that I work with, several of the girls want us to come eat with their family’s. We are going to one of my friend’s house, but will be very homesick for Tennessee!

  25. Aren’t girls fun!!! You should check out the book, Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge. It will make you love and appreciate those girlie tendencies of Sarah’s even more.

    How nice to be invited over for Thanksgiving. Sorry you can’t be with family.Glad you’ve made some good friends there.

    Saurkraught? I never knew. Very interesting!!

  26. The video lights do remind me of when Punky and Your mom and I were young. Daddy would load us up on Christmas eve, and take us to town to see the lights and every single year we would miss Santa. He would come every year (gma & gpa Knutson) right after we left to go see the Christmas lights. We always missed him :cry But it was fun to see all the gifts wrapped up under the tree. 😀 But you know popcorn would have been nice to eat on during our trip to town. The video is wild, but cool. Aunt Tootsie

  27. Oooh, I saw this same house on TV recently… I think it was the Today show. I felt so ahead of the news!

  28. It’s Christmas Eve and I had to go back to this blog to again for the tenth time watch and listen to this sight. I believe it will alwas be one of my favorit. I will play this again while we (Richaed and I)cook to get ready for the D family to comeover for Christmas. :birthday to our Saviour whom we love. :love