Anjelia Hope

Jules —  January 11, 2006

I caught her in the act, pretending and playing with toys!

An amazing thing is happening in our home! It’s a transformation. Anjelia is beginning to play with toys!!! She is also reading books and posing for pictures and watching half hour cartoons! I have loved these years of babies and toddlers and I will surely miss it for the rest of my life, but this is also great! Anjelia’s past activities did not involve toys (as hard as I tried). She wanted to explore and get into things and make messes. Until now she liked to spend her time doing such things as the following:

*Climbing on chairs to reach anything in the house that was supposed to be out of her reach.

*Squirting dish soap all over the countertop and floor and smearing it on herself.

*Eating butter out of the tub with her hand and smearing it all over her hair!

*Scribbling all over her face with my makeup.

*Smearing her body down with diaper ointment and wiping it on the floor and on her toys.

*Rubbing hand sanitizer in her eyes. OUCH!

*Getting into her sisters panty drawers and throwing them all over the bedroom.

*Unrolling toilet paper rolls.

*General mess making.

I am beginning to feel like I have somehow “arrived”. Like I’ve made it to a crucial sanity keeping milestone! My baby is slowly becoming a little girl. As sad as that is, I am beginning to see some benefits of this metamorphosis!

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” Cesare Pavese



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  1. She will probably grow up to be a scientist, all that experimenting she has been doing. Glad for you she is beginning to play & pretend. I remember spending a lot of time pretending when I was growing up. :baby

  2. She really is a good girl. She just acts very much like a two year old! She will be three next September and then she will turn into a princess. That’s what happened to the other girls.

    She likes putting dollhouse people in her toy van and driving them all over the house. Sometimes they crash. :cool

  3. Today, toy dolls and cars, all to soon boys and real cars. I did’nt think it got easier, circumstances just kept changing. But yet, it is easier, they can do for themselves, instead of you doing it. Am I making sense? They grow up so fast and go thru so many phases. Enjoy, it won’t be long they are gone.

  4. She’s so cute, I really enjoyed the girls Saturday. Hope Elaina is better now. Missed her smiles.

  5. Hilarious list of prime activities for Anjelia! Hmmmm, I also have a well-guarded story from my past regarding diaper ointment… funny stuff!

  6. Part of me is really sad about her growing up. I don’t know if I want any of my kids to grow up, at least not as fast as they are. But there is another part of me that is ready to leave the baby/toddler stage. I have spent the past eight years focusing on the littler ones. I am ready to be involved with family activities, instead of spending our family time chasing after a little one. Anjelia will rock in my chair with me now and watch a movie. It’s really neat to be able to sit with my family through a whole movie. I want to do puzzles with my girls, etc. I guess I’m ready to spend more time with my older girls too. I haven’t been able to do that as much in the past with other babies/toddlers to take care of. I almost feel guilty about feeling this way, but I am ready (I think) to enter a new phase. I love babies so this is a big step for me. Anjelia is my last and when it’s over it’s OVER. But, I think there are really fun times ahead for my family. I am rambling!!!

  7. Elaina woke up Sunday and was perfectly fine! I am very thankful that we’ve had an almost perfectly healthy winter. This is the best ever by far! :worship

  8. Sarah, now you’ve got me curious! I need to hear this story!!

  9. You’ve arrived…at least until James starts thinking that Anjelia’s list sounds like fun.

    She’s a cutie, its fun that she is playing now. We always get a kick out of listening to Elaina play when she comes over to our house by herself, she just talks and talks…its very cute. Its fun that Anjelia is getting to that stage.

  10. What a cutie!! I can’t believe how much older she looks in the above picture on the left than when I saw her last.

  11. When they start playing with their toys by theirself, that is such a cute stage. She’s really growing. All are cute as can be. Let me know when you get your package, so I can stop worrying about it. :(I guess I worry more they won’t like them.

  12. Yes, I just got the package! They will love them. The girls love gifts. I am going to put the package back in the mailbox. When the girls get off the bus I’ll have them check the mail.
    They’ll like the surprise.

    Marlis mailed the girls four different aprons. The fronts are lined with individual crayon sized slots. Very cute, although I’ve only seen pictures. I look forward to seeing them.

  13. Thanks Carl and Abby. We need to go out to eat soon after church maybe.

  14. When you’re raising little ones, the days may be long, but the years are short. Enjoy!

  15. Deb, that is the shortest note you have ever left, must be a busy day. You are so right, I wonder where that time went to.

    By the way I finished that loaf of bread, do you Fed-ex. 😉

  16. Great quote Deb!

    Aunt Marilyn, I got your doily today, too! I’m not waiting for next Christmas to use them. I put them in my living room on my buffet. They look real pretty. My living room has gold accents so I think they coordinate very well! Thank you!

  17. I am ecstatic for you!! I know that for a long time I felt guilty that I would put on a video so that I could go take a shower and know the house wouldn’t be destroyed while I was in there. But I gave that up a long time ago!! I always say James’ motto to myself (Sanity at all costs!). I think it has slowly become our motto especially after #3 baby arrived. So I know how wonderful this new stage is for you!!

    I’ve got one more little one to get through this stage. Evely becoming an 18 month old is coming on way too soon!

    Love the quote by Deb! That is a great one. Makes you stop and nod your head and agree.

  18. Those pictures of her are sooooo cute. She is adorable and looks so much like a little girl now.

  19. I can’t take credit for the quote. It was shared in Bible study as advice to us young moms by Mrs. Guy, an 80+ year mom of 3. I LOVE being in Bible classes where there are older wiser ones to act as mentors.

    However I recently had a reality check by one of my older retirement age friends. She told me that now that my boys are getting older, I’m also now in the “older woman” stage spoken of in Titus 2, where the older women are to teach the younger. OUCH! I’m having a bit of trouble with the transition of not being a “young mom” with babies anymore. But I also relate to what you shared, Julie, about enjoying the family things that we can now do. I often find myself thinking, “We couldn’t have gone and done that with the boys as easily if I still had a baby on my hip.” But I still miss that baby phase.

  20. Yeah, Sar, let’s hear about your diaper ointment!

  21. Well, Deb you are still young in my eyes, & Your dads. But you are old enough to teach even younger moms with babies. You now have experience!!!!!

  22. Julie, glad you got your gift ok. Glad you like it. I hope I will start sooner next year and “Get er done.”

  23. I’m kinda curious about the diaper ointment too.

  24. :baby :baby :baby :baby It’s always good when they grow up and leave home but they will always be your “Babies”. I did not understand these feelings until my children left home. Our son James always hugs me when he sees me. It means soooo much to me.

    By the time our kids were ready to leave home I did not want them to go. They are so much fun now watching their lives as adults. :indeed

  25. She is too cute! SOunds like ‘fun’!!! :)

  26. Amen, Mom D. I love the hugs too.

  27. The girls loved their aprons. They wore them for quite a while. They colored and painted in them. Very cute. I told them they were from Aunt Marlis and they said, “Who is Aunt Marlis?”. I told them she gave them the coloring books and markers and playdoh last weekend. They said, “Oh you mean TOOTSIE! These are from Tootsie!”

    Too funny.

  28. I :love it. Thanks for letting me know. I’m so glad they liked them. That’s cute. I like my nickname my dad gave to me. They even called me that at WALMART, and when it was my birthday, the employees would get on the intercom all day and wish me :birthday TOOTSIE. The customers soon learned. They call me that at my doctors too. 😉

  29. Hello:
    I am tired today…
    Monday and Tuesday Ian had a really bad runny nose and his eyes had dark,dark shiners so I knew I better start his asthma action plan, sure enough that Wednesday at 3am and at 5am he had two severe asthma attacks and I could not get them under control, he just laid in bed gagging and coughing he could not get any breath in hardly, He could breath out but could not breath in. I finally shoved some liquid steroids down his throat and then grabbed a blanket and threw it around him and stood outside with him for about 20 minutes finally that cool air helped him.
    My neighbor came over cuz he could hear us outside at 3am and all I had on was my t-shirt I was embarrased but “oh well”.
    He must be a light sleeper or else we were very noisy and I just did not realize it at the time. I think Ian’s crying was noisy.
    But Ian is slowly getting better.
    Jules- I will not be able to make it to Nita’s to go with her to the funeral.
    Ian’s doctor told me that there will be symptoms that Ian will display to let you know an asthma attack may come on at any time or any day, and I finally figured out that whenever Ian’s nose starts running and he gets the shiners under his eys I better start the “asthma action plan”
    asthmatics have signs like some people who have migraines have signs, just before the migraine.
    Ian usually gets a runny nose that just drips….
    Now he is just coughing every few seconds through the night…. Poor kid…
    Well, I got that off my chest, I hope everyone has a great weekend,

  30. Kandi,
    My asthma patients do very well with their singular. Is it something a child can take?
    Love ya and feel your pain with a sick child is scarry. Aaron had to have a breathing treatment and the doctors office when he was almost 2 and I cried the entire time!