Little Girl Faith

Jules —  June 15, 2005

Posted on Friday 18 February 2005

dady i like thank you for the medicine i love you

pray for me I am home sik jessica

Jessica is our more emotional daughter. She is prone to emotional break downs. We’ve tried to work with her to help her learn some coping skills so she’ll know what to do when she feels a break down coming on. One thing that I’ve told her to do, especially if we’re not around, is to go to the bathroom or a quite place and relax until she starts to feel better. That seems to really help her.

Wednesday night she asked how you hear God if he doesn’t talk with a voice we can hear. I was trying to explain the different ways God speaks to us. I told her sometimes we just pray and try to listen.

Yesterday at school she started to feel really bad and she started getting real upset. She told me she went to the bathroom and prayed and asked God what she should do. She said she heard him speak inside her and He said to go tell a teacher, so that’s what she did. It seems kinda like the obvious thing to do, but her childlike faith is so sweet. God cares about the little traumas of a little kindergarten girl’s life and He’s there to give direction when asked. It made me think that I need to make more trips to the bathroom” myself.



3 responses to Little Girl Faith

  1. Awesome parents and child.

  2. God knew just where to place Jessica. PTL
    What neat guidance.

    I’m getting to the age now that if I have a problem, If I go on and do something, it’s not long til I “Forgot” all about it. Not sure if I want to be Young or Old and forgetful. MMMMMMMMM

  3. I think I’m already becoming forgetful!