looking back on 15 years

Jules —  October 12, 2005

As I mentioned yesterday, October 13 is our 15th wedding anniversary!! I know many of you have been married for 30 and 40 years. We must seem to you as if we’ve just started out, but I am very proud to have made it this far!!!

James and I met while we were still in high school. We married young and although that made starting out really hard – I have no regrets. I am very proud of the life we have made together.

Becoming parents to several young kiddos is the BEST thing to ever happen to our marriage. It has taken us to a much deeper level of teamwork and intimacy. I am most proud of how well we work together. We make a great team!!! It’s sink or swim around here!!

James, there is NO one else I’d rather be with . I really feel like God gave me the very best. I am soooo proud of you and thankful to be your companion. I can hardly wait for you to come home from work each day.

I started looking at my scrapbook pages and just had to post my favorite pics of James and I through the years. There are great memories behind each picture! My varied hairstyles and hair colors crack me up!

We met right before the start of our senior year. August ’89

James’ senior picture taken with his 1983 Mazda RX-7

Wedding rehearsal, practice kiss!

We were too young to have wine!!!

David and Christie’s wedding, November 6, 1993.

My 21st birthday!

We went with Janet and Richard to St Louis, 1996.

Our 7th anniversary get-a-way to Tan-Tar-A.

Celebrating our 10th anniversary in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! I got pregnant for the first time, just a few weeks later!

the little boat
of you and me
went sailing on the deep blue sea
the deep blue sea
of mystery
there were winds
and crashing waves
(the stormy times were not our faves)
but we were still
in love–so we keep sailing on
the deep blue sea
the deep blue sea of mystery
in the little boat
of you and me



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  1. Happy Anniversary! Those pictures are fantastic–a great journey through memories!

    I remember going to your wedding and dreaming about my own someday. Here’s a random memory from that day–I sat next to Mary Larkin and I remember her being so proud to be wearing white lacy gloves that she thought coordinated so well with the occasion! πŸ˜€

  2. That’s funny!

    I wore white gloves that day too!!!!

    It’s funny how much my tastes have changed. :eek

    I made that pink sweatshirt I’m wearing in the rehearsal picture!! I used to like to make clothes. I think I might have made it in home-ec. I can’t remember!

  3. Julie, you have a different hair color and style for every occasion. lol

    You summed up our marriage so well. We use the word “team” a lot when describing our relationship. I think the fact that we see it that way has really helped over the years.

    We have been through so much together. A team of wild horses couldn’t pull our marriage apart. It is truly put together by God.

  4. You guys are so cute! I enjoyed seeing your photos.

  5. Those are wonderful pictures, Julie. I’m so happy for you and James; Happy Anniversary! I forgot that you all got married only 2 years after we did–17 years in May this year for us! Steve and I tried to go out dancing on our honeymoon and we couldn’t go–They wouldn’t let me in the bars since I was only 20.

    Julie, what are you doing in the 7th anniversary picture?! You look like you’re “driving”, and James is holding on to you for dear life! :eek

  6. Jules:
    If you go to Mexico again, “DONT DRINK THE WATER”.
    Unless you two want to try for a boy….ha ha…
    I love those pictures.
    You two are so cute.

  7. Aahhh, how sweet hon. I agree!

    Thanks Sarah!!!

    Debbie, your observations are always soooo funny. We are riding in a bus. We called it from our cabin on the lake and they came and picked us up for dinner. GREAT MEMORIES!!!

    Kandi, I guess we better not go back to Mexico, huh!!! A little R@R does amazing things! (and a good chiropractor!!!) :rotfl James might have had something to do with it, too. I guess I better give him some credit since it is our anniversary!!

  8. Happy Anniversary, Guys! We love you.

    The pics are GREAT, Julie. Thanks for taking me back down memory lane, too. I remember a lot of those times in your lives and it’s fun to take note and remember!

  9. Happy Anniversary!!! Who is that skinny guy in the pictures with you Julie? :rotfl

    You guys are so wonderful and Mary and I have been and continue to be so very blessed to have you as friends. We love you and your little ones so very much. Again, Happy Anniversary!

  10. I enjoyed seeing the pictures,too, Julie. Since we live so far off, I missed seeing all your “do’s” and “colors” through the years. I’d never post some of my pics (especially from my early 90’s big hair days!) I noticed James kept the same hair through the years!

  11. My boys just came in and saw your icons for the first time. They LOVE the :puke dude! They were :rotfl. But thanks for contributing to their education, Julie! My “sheltered” homeschool children didn’t know what :moon was. I had to actually explain to them what mooning was! Not a conversation I’ve ever anticipated! Christian (8 years old) said, “That’s just wrong, Mom!” I just lost it! :rotfl

  12. Happy Anniversary! James, love the Mazda, or should I call it “The Lad”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Your pics here remind me of your wedding day at the reception. Tommy was alive and we sat and watched the slide show you had and really loved it. It was the first time we had seen it done at a wedding. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two or should I say 6. Love ya’s “Tootsie”

  14. Aahhhh thanks Carl!! Thanks for babysitting for us tonight! πŸ˜€

    Debbie, I didn’t post the really embarrassing pictures! I love my senior pic hair. Man I’d pull back the sides by my temple and plaster on the hairspray and then blow dry it until it was like plaster wings! Why did we do that?!!

    Glad I could help to teach your little ones the ways of the world… :eek

    Abby that car was something else. Good times. The Lad, too funny!! :rotfl

    Thanks for the memory Aunt Marlis. I don’t remember a whole lot. Kind of a blur.

  15. I think the companies that made hair spray in the 80’s and 90’s made quite a big profit. Especially from me and Jules.

  16. Julie, you’re so cute no matter what hair style you wear.
    I am so glad to be related to such a cute couple & their family. Loved looking at all your pics.
    Deb, your kids will really be in for a shock when they get out into the world more. I know I got quite a shock at youth last night. I’m glad you are home schooling the boys. The youth I was talking to was Connors age, but a girl.
    Julie, I thought your wedding was so beautiful but missed out on some of the singing because a certain person was sitting next to me talking. (JEG) I think he was just so excited to be with the family. The slide show at the reception was the 1st time I had seen that done and it was so well produced. I’m glad we still have a lot of young people in the family to keep going to weddings for a long time. HOPE! HOPE!

  17. Julie, who’s that really thin-faced guy with you in those pictures?


  18. I appreciate you guys keeping the comments about weight gain to James only. That’s very kind!! :angel

  19. I haven’t seen you guys much since your wedding, in my mind you all still look like that!!!

  20. Happy Anniversary! You both look wonderful then and now!

  21. In my mind we still look like that too. Sometimes I’m surprised when I look in the mirror!!

    Thanks Mary!!

  22. That is a trackback to Carl’s blog. He commented about last night in a post on his blog. Just click on Stainless Steel Droppings under his comment to go there.

    Anjelia is the same way with her bath water. If there is just one little tiny spec of something in her bath water she says “buggie, buggie!!” and points and won’t sit down and wants out of the water immediately…..I’ve started using bubble bath so she can’t see anything!

  23. Happy anniversary James and Julie from Keri and I

  24. kjnnnnnnnnvvvvvvvvvvvg


    We sent James and Julie off for this weekend for a celebration of 15 years. We took our RV to Lake Jacomo for them to celebrate love,blessings and time alone.
    Much needed time for a loving couple.
    We have Lydia Grace and Jessica Faith and they are a lot of fun to be with while their Mom and Dad enjoy their marriage.

  25. The letters you see before I typed what you can read is from our kitten laying on my keys on this laptop. :banghead

  26. It was very nice of you to keep the girls while James & Julie are gone. I’m assuming the 2 younger ones are not “Home Alone.” I wish my kids were close enough for me to babysit at times that they would like to get a way for a while.

  27. Today was Grandma Pearls Birthday and I forgot to send a card. Well I’ll get her a belated one. Still I’m sure she would have preferred I did’nt forget. She turned 106 or what today. One of you remind me. I don’t know if I would want to live that long? :birthday to Grandma Pearl.

  28. Mom went to take her a gift today. Mom said she’s 105. I thought she was 106 too. The girls and I are going to go see her with mom later on this week. It’s amazing that Grandma Pearl has lived that long. AMAZING!! :birthday

  29. I wish I could go see her more often, than I have. No use sitting here and making excuses, but I can’t get away. I’m going to have to run up there one of these times soon when Rich is here visiting. Well no use beating myself up. Does grandma still have her mind? Does she know anyone now? Last I talked too your mom about it, sometimes and sometimes not.

  30. I wouldn’t feel bad. She probably doesn’t know the difference. You can only do what you are able to do.

  31. I just can’t get over how “mature” looking James has become. Julie hasn’t changed a bit, but would like to see some big hair again. I’d grow some myself but I can only get that kind of heighth on my back now. πŸ˜€

  32. Thanks Tom. If big hair comes back I think I’ll pass. I HATE using a curling iron. I want to wash and blow dry and go. No more spending a good half hour or more teasing and curling.

    I think that between your shoulders, on your back would be a great place for a ponytail. Great shirtless look. πŸ˜‰

  33. Marlis I think Gma. Pearl lives in the past, and not much aware of the present. She would not be aware if you did send a card, she can’t see either. Linda & I stopped by in Sept. She was very upset about something that happened in the past. We could not figure it out and the nurses didn’t know either. She is just skin & bones, she is only alive by the grace of God. I don’t think she knew we were there. When I told her I loved her just before we left she said I love you too, but I don’t think she remembered who I was.

  34. happy (belated) anniversary!

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