Lydia’s ninth birthday!

Jules —  April 18, 2007

I had a moment of panic this weekend when it really hit me that my oldest daughter had turned nine years old! Oh my goodness! That’s one year from double digits! I have recovered from my panic attack and am doing well now!

Lydia, as you can tell, was delighted to be having a slumber party with her girlfriends. I absolutely LOVED the last two weekends of hysterical giggle fits and running and club housing in the storage room. I think I nearly had as much fun as the girls! Being a mom keeps getting more and more fun as the girls get older. I relived my days of overnights with girlfriends and it was as fun as I remembered! Lydia said it was the best day of her life!

All the girls were so sweet and so good both weekends, while having a wildly fun time. I think I’ve rested up and have nearly fully recovered! I think they have, too!



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  1. Sleepovers were the BEST for a being a girl, weren’t they? I can still remember the big ones with lots of girls and big birthday parties. I will never forget the ones that me and my best friend had almost every weekend of my senior year. We pretty much lived with each other and it was so much fun!

    A good friend is something so precious for girls and us Mom’s!!!

  2. I wish we had known each other. Wouldn’t that have been fun!

    Women/girls do need relaionships with other women/girls, nearly as much as we need water!

  3. Looks like the girls were having a really good time. The girls used to have bunking parties here and think they had a big time. That is so true what you said Jules about needing girlfriends a much as we need water. Happy Birthday Lydia.

  4. Happy Birthday, Lydia!

    I remember having fun with our bunking parties too. In grade school there were 3 of us who had birthdays within 3 days of each other so we always had to schedule our birthdays around each other–sometimes we had slumber parties 3 weekends in a row. I still think of those other 2 girls around my birthday. Now I have Jessica and a girl at my church that share my birthday.

    My boys haven’t had any sleepovers, but they usually celebrate their birthdays by having their friends over to play at our river. They usually spend their time swimming and catching crawdads. A bit different than a girls’ sleepover, but just as many laughs, I’m sure! Our lives are worlds apart, Julie!

  5. And don’t talk to me about panic—I have a son who is fixing to turn 13 in a month! But that won’t compare to the day he leaves here in a car by himself. That day seems to be coming faster than I’m ready for. Kelli, you want to teach him to drive?

  6. Debbie, Did I wish you a Happy Birthday? I hope so. Happy Birthday! You are an awesome woman. Aunt Marilyn said I sound like you when I talk. I was pleased with the compliment! The other day I heard my voice on a message on my answering machine and I thought, “Wow, I do sound like Debbie!”

  7. So like how many more birthdays are the D’s sponsoring? Can I have mine there, maybe a couple’s slumber party? There’s plenty of room!

  8. Now that’s funny! But wait…we like birthday parties here at my house too! I would love to
    show Connor how to drive, I know just the place to go when your ready.

  9. That picture when they’re on the floor brings back memories. Lots of cheers and jumping. You know even though Audrie was homeschooled she had the biggest slumber parties and parties because she was vice-president of the youth group. On New Year’s Eve we had a group come and never go to sleep…of course I stayed up with them along with another brave mom and dad. Happy Birthday Lydia, I’m glad you all have such a nice big place. Keep it filled with laughter! Well peace and calm as well.

  10. Alert! Alert! Last name on blog. I’m playing Deb today.

  11. Well, Deb, you have 3 more years to get used to the idea of Connor driving. It does kinda blow my mind, what happened to that lil guy with the mischievous smile. So fast he grew up. Better stop or we’ll both be boo hooin!!!!!!!

  12. Happy birthday, kiddo!

  13. Is your clock off? I am trying to figure out why people are blogging at 6:00 am?????!!!!

  14. Yup, it’s off. . . my post time is an hour early.

  15. I think this should fix it. I can’t believe I figured it out. We’ll see. . .

  16. Jules, I bet you had as much fun as the girls, I can remember some fun slumber parties, Moma had as much fun as us girls, enjoy them honey and jump in with them , they’ll remember that too. later lovey’s….

  17. I just wish I could stay up late and enjoy it. I am always ready for bed early in the evening!

  18. Well if you fall asleep early, then the last place you should be is sleeping in the midst of a bunch of girls at a slumber party. You never know what they’ll do while you’re asleep….put toothpaste in your hand, then tickle your nose or put your bra in the freezer or…..hee hee! We all thought we were so clever when we short-sheeted the bed of our camp counselor while she was taking a shower.

  19. Blessings Dear Lydia on a wonderful 9th birthday. We are so sorry we miss you and Jessica’s Birthdays. We are proud of the both of you. So glad that God had brought you two in our lives as well as Elaina and Anjela. Yes Tom we need to celebrate your birthday also. When is it????

  20. I’m waiting for the GARAGE SALE review.
    Kandi got some pretty cool things. I love my sign, I got it up on the wall by the door to my rose garden. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  21. Glad you liked it! We had a great time and we found some great deals. I sent the pics to Kandis and I’m waiting for a post from her! James grilled us a yummy lunch, too.

  22. your home is just delicious! Even in these cute kid pics, I’m admiring the house. Ooohh, look at the deck! so nice!

  23. Ahhhh. . .Thanks, Mel. You’ll have to come for a visit when you’re in town!

  24. i loved that sleepover.

    by lydia