Lydia’s summer highlights

Jules —  August 2, 2007

Lydia took a painting class this summer at a fun, little art studio! She loved going and beamed proudly when I picked her up. Sometimes we’d get halfway home before she’d let me see her artwork. She loved keeping me in suspense. The studio, with it’s easels and coffee cans full of brushes and little girls with paint caddies, looked like a fantastic place to spend three hours. I went to Hobby Lobby today to have mats cut so I can frame and display my two favorite pieces.

I’m proud of her beautiful paintings!


Lydia has had a difficult time adjusting to sleeping alone in our new home. We prayed with her each night and asked God to help her with her fears. I was vacuuming one afternoon when the idea to call a family friend popped into my head. In the past she’s sold really nice furniture pieces as she changes her mind often. She didn’t have any living room furniture for sale but she told me about a really beautiful trundle day bed that she wanted to sell. Once we saw it we knew we wanted it for Lydia. It’s a beautiful, high quality bed. Now that Lydia has a trundle her sisters and friends sleep in her room with her often. The trundle pulls out from under her bed easily. I know the Holy Spirit prompted me to call Vicki. We had been praying with Lydia and God answered. She’s been doing soooooo much better at night with her new bed. I would’ve never guessed that a new bed would help her so much.



26 responses to Lydia’s summer highlights

  1. I can’t believe how good Lydia’s paintings are. I’ve never painted anything that well!

  2. Have you ever painted anything at all?

  3. Our old bedroom!

  4. Ha! You’ll be proud of that one for the next 15 years.

  5. So I’m covered?

  6. Is this the only way you two talk to each other?

  7. We were sitting in bed with our laptops!

  8. Julie,Lydia does a real good job painting-was this free hand?

    I’m so glad to read your blog again-I’m always disappointed when I check and you haven’t written anything!!

    Your house is looking good!!!

  9. Lydia – your paintings are beautiful! Your mom showed them to me awhile back and I was truly amazed at your talent. Keep up the awesome work!

  10. Lydia is definitely talented!! Her love for art is so obvious. I love seeing her work and can’t wait to see it as she develops it in the coming years. She takes after your aunt, too!

  11. Actually, most of my Aunts paint and they’re all very creative.

  12. Vicki, I’m glad that you drop in. You should comment more so I know your visiting!!!! I can’t be very hospitable otherwise!

    I think Lydia said the instructors helped her pencil in the mountains but the trees and things she painted free hand.



  14. Oh my I am impressed Lydia. Just beautiful. I’m so proud of your art work. Keep it up girl. It looks like you have someone there to paint you a picture for over the mantel Jules. How wonderful.

  15. Lydia, those paintings are wonderful, I’m so proud of you. You definitly have talent. Keep it up. I’m anxious to see a light house picture some day.

  16. Aunt Marilis, I FINALLY took your lighthouse painting you did for James in to get framed. I kept missing the half price sales. I can’t wait to get it back. I got several compliments on it as I waited. People were saying how difficult it is to do night paintings and how you did a fantastic job on such a difficult piece. I am having it put behind UV protection glass so it wont ever fade.

  17. Oh I’m happy you all love it and I enjoyed hearing of others liking it too. That’s nice. It makes me feel like getting in there and painting even more.

  18. Yes, paint, paint, paint!

  19. Those pictures are beautiful, Lydia. It’s great that she has such a great talent at such a young age. When I was her age, my parents bought me a daybed like that and I loved it. The trundle came in very handy for when I did have sleepovers. It’s so pretty. I’m glad that she is beginning to overcome her fears! Go Lydia!

  20. Laura Linn-Smith August 7, 2007 at 10:49 am

    WOW!! How awesome that you have such an artist in your midst! I am so happy to hear about your new house! We miss you guys and need to get together soon to celebrate…I got custody of the kids on July 23, 2007 (Shelby’s 12th birthday)!! Thank you SO much for your prayers through this time! I can’t wait to tell you about my “Galyen defense”…

  21. I was at Linda’s and commented about how well I loved Lydia’s paintings. The one that said I’m anxious to see a light house painting some day. I forgot I needed to change the name of the Commenter. Any way, she definatelly has talent. Love the bed, it’s so pretty and handy with the extra bed, she’ll never be lonely again.

  22. I wondered what happened. I could not remember typing that comment. I thought I was losing it, but didn’t want to say anything.

  23. Thanks, Amber! That’s neat that you had one too. I would have loved one!

  24. Laura!!!! Yayyyy!!!! Wow, that’s great news. How are things going? Everyone must be in a big adjustment period! What a blessing! God’s timing is perfect, isn’t it? Sometimes we have to wait longer than we’d like but I’m glad things are in his hands – even His sometimes, seemingly slow, timing.

  25. Hehe! I knew that it must’ve been the two of you who commented, but I couldn’t tell who was who!

    Don’t worry, Tootsie, you’re not crazy!!!