Mary Kay

Jules —  August 15, 2005

I think I need to start buying cheap lipstick.

“Where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not color, but to accept God’s final word on where your lips end.” Jerry Seinfeld



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  1. The last time I bought Mary Kay, I did start buying cheaper lipstick. whew :rolleyes But I must say she looks darling with it on. :rotfl
    I hope it was just on her and not anything else.

  2. No the carpet took a hit, too. But I’m not messing with it tonight. I am going to escape into a good, romantic, tear jerker movie instead. :love :cry

  3. OH!! MY!!!
    Amonia might take the stain out of the carpet.

  4. If nothing else works, arrange a piece of furniture over the stain. Connor’s one time(ONLY one time, thank you, God) of messing with my makeup, ended up with mascara and lipstick on the wall and carpet. Being a boy, I guess he didn’t think to put it on himself. Anyway, that is all hidden by the dresser in their bedroom! (Don’t panic, Julie, most of it did come up so I’m sure yours will,too)

  5. By the way, thank you for explaining that was lipstick. Otherwise I would have thought her sisters had tried to perform surgery on the poor child!

    Did she do this to herself or was big sisters helping? That’s a perfect cross on her forehead!!

  6. Sbe did it all by herself. :eek

    I can’t put furniture there because it’s right in the middle of the walkway. :rolleyes

  7. I think you need to invest in some lock boxes to hide this kind of stuff so your budding tattoo artist won’t have the means to do this! She’ll be the one of your kids who ends up with tattoos…just you wait! :rotfl

  8. I called your mother and Marilyn and emailed the other girls but I don’t think I sent one to you. Mama went in the hospital this morning3:00 and is stabilized now, but had bad chest pains and a high blood pressure. She’s doing OK as last I spoke to Kelli. Did’nt mean to leave you out :oops Love ya,

  9. That’s sadly hilarious! That picture will go down in history with Jessica’s poop painting. Too bad lipstick doesn’t come out as easily as poop!

    Is that Sagewood?

  10. Yep, it’s Sagewood. How funny! Of course she had to pick one of the good colors.

    I’ll have Bistro Bronze forever. I could leave it out at her level and she’d probably never touch it. But I could lock up one of my favorite colors and somehow she’d get to it! There must be some kind of scientific law defining this phenomenon. :rolleyes

  11. How does she do it? The only make up she wears is lipstick, but still manages to look so darn attractive?

  12. Oh to have skin like that! Of course we know that the prettiest thing you can wear is a smile. She was not smiling because while doing her beauty treatment she FILLED her diaper. I couldn’t put her in the tub until I cleaned her up.

    Carl, I’m shocked that you would insinuate that any of my daughters would tatoo themselves! :disgust

  13. Don’t tell my mom, but I find tasteful tattoos attractive! :oops

  14. Yeah, I am teasing. There are much worse things. I don’t really think it’s that big a deal.

    I checked into getting a little one to surprise James but the teeniest tiniest ones are like $50. Plus they are so permanent and I change my mind a lot. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Sarah and I only use gloss. Works well for both of us!

  16. No insinuation there…its more of a premonition. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Just wanted to let you all know that Grandma Vera was doing fine as of this afternoon. Drs. are planning to keep her a night or 2 and monitor her while they change her meds. She was pretty sleepy and didn’t react when they gave her the news about having to stay in the hospital. I expect when her pain pill wore off, she was NOT happy about being kept there (glad I wasn’t there then!) Will try to keep you all posted of any changes.

  18. It’s nice to have someone to share gloss with. :baby

  19. Yeah, for my birthday, each of the girls bought me a tube of lip gloss. I have quite the purseful of Bonne Bell now! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I was glad to hear that Grandma was doing well. Keep me posted.

  20. Looks like she didn’t get any on her clothes, that’s always a plus in my book!!

  21. I guess I could share gloss with Ian. Ian loves chap stick and bonne bell flavored lip gloss.
    Hummm funny he hates girl stuff but will slap on bonne bell lip gloss or some girly stuff on his lips in a hear beat. Ian used to eat my chap stick, maybe that is what is wrong with him, too much chap stick, I loved school paste so now you all know what is wrong with me.

  22. Hey Julie,
    Are you over the caffeine buzz from the Icy Mocha????????

  23. Yeah, I think I bottomed out a couple of days ago!!! :eek