max and ruby

Jules —  July 30, 2005

James has some new office help! Itty, bitty kittens, Max and Ruby, were dumped at the shop, a few weeks ago. The girls LOVE cats, especially Lydia. Unfortunately, I am very allergic to house cats. Max and Ruby live in James’ office and come over to visit and play with the girls each day. This weekend he put a cat door in so they can have full reign of the office and workshop area.

Little Max climbs a tree in our backyard!

They are so cute, I thought I’d share them with you. They are a blessing to the girls. I hope they stay safe. Our sweet Mama cat, that used to live at the shop, disappeared. This happened, of course, after we spent money to get her fixed.

How do you like Lydia’s dixie cup bracelets? She wore them all day! This is Ruby.

“There is one order of beauty which seems made to turn heads. It is a beauty like that of kittens, or very small downy ducks making gentle rippling noises with their soft bills, or babies just beginning to toddle.”
T.S. Eliot



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  1. Ohhhh, what a pretty kitty! There are many pics of Melissa at Lydia’s age, tending to the local kittens. Brings back memories…

  2. Get back to work!!!!!!! Enough day dreaming about Missy and kitties!

  3. Yes, he is at work this late on a Friday night. You’re too good, Rob!

  4. Cute pics. I think I’ve had cats all my life. I love the kittens, but hate ending up with litters. Your lucky, only two. They are easy to keep up with. I think your family is the only one’s allergic to them that I know of. I always vaccumn good before your mom and Larry come over. Well, guess I’d better head out for my walk. Love Ya’s Aunt Tootsie

  5. Cute kittens and I LOVE the cup bracelets–my little James used to do that with styrofoam cups.

    I like cats and Connor keeps wanting one, but I promised Steve a long time ago: No more inside cats. We had 2 at one time and they DID NOT like to share the litter box so one started going wherever it wanted. We couldn’t get it to break the habit, and they ended up outside.

  6. Really cute pics, Julie!! They are sooo cute. I’m glad they are there for the girls and I’m glad there are across the street for you.

    I always had kittens growing up, too. I don’t know why I am so allergic to them now. Almost every picture of me as a little girl had a cat or kitten in them.

    Something happened to my love of cats when the kids came along. . .I used to dress up my kittens in doll clothes and play house with them. I guess I don’t have to play house anymore with three kids. Maybe that’s what happened to my love of cats, they were just substitute kids until the real ones showed up.

  7. Yeah, Karen. My love for animals dropped dramatically when the kids came along. I still enjoy animals, just when they belong to other people.

  8. Deb, my patience for peeing animals is non-existent these days!

    Tootsie, that pic you painted of Max was absolutely perfectly adorable. How do you sit down and do something like that in one sitting?

  9. Practice, practice, practice. I don’t know why, but this one went real easy. Maybe the good Lord did’nt want me to look bad in front of my grandson so he gave a talent boost. Every time Ian came over to check and see how I was doing, He’d say “Looking pretty good Grandma”, He is so proud of the painting of his pet dog. I used the frame your mom gave me with the easel.

  10. Ian really loves his picture that “Grandma Tootsie” painted for him all the neighbor kids had to come see it since Ian told all the neighborhood. Ian wanted it on the wall facing people as they came in the house. He really thinks Grandma Tootsie is a RAD Grandma. Last night he said Grandma is really Radically Awesome.
    MAX slept all day sunday, I guess COY wore him out, the farm life is not for MAX. He only went potty 2x the whole day, he was so tired from the car trip and COY…………
    Whoever meets coy will understand this……..

  11. Coy is one crazy dog. He makes me laugh uncontrollably as he attacks my face with his long nose and tongue. Maybe he needs some Retilin.

    Radically Awesome Grandma (RAG)!

  12. My Aunt Nita gave me a ceramic tea pot that heats water up. It is so cool. She called me up yesterday to tell me she found me a cool percolator with starbursts on it “how retro”.
    Julie you have a great mother and I have a great Aunt. She is so unselfish. She is a great Aunt.
    I am so proud of Aunt Nita she helps out her neighbors when they need food or money, she helps out family and friends and takes care of patients, she is truly in need of a good pampering.
    Aunt Nita thanks for everything,

  13. They make puppy ritalin, maybe we should take some to aunt nita to give to Coy, he is a sweet dog.

  14. I am a completely self-absorbed person compared to my mom. I’ve never met anyone as unselfish as she is.

    She has the gift of helps. She does acts of service all day, everyday. She has been this way my whole life.

  15. Mom never complains either. She has always worked very hard and I don’t remember her ever complaining.

  16. Mom:
    Thanks for watching Ian all week, it truly was a blessing. Have you rested up yet! That picture you did is “Fantastic” How do you do that so quick?
    Ian and I are so proud of you!
    You have a true gift. I think you do great abstract art too.
    Mom I can never thank you enough for giving me a break and helping me out with life.

  17. As I always said, a diamond”A PRECIOUS DIAMOND” .tHAT’S YOUR MOM AND MY SIS. NITA IS SWEET.

  18. This is off the subject of your post, but I wanted to let you know that I stopped a garage sale on Friday & found a couple great deals; or what I thought were great deals! I bought an old 1930’s fan for $4 and an old camera for $10. I don’t know the year of the camera, but I would guess 50’s or 60’s by the way the people in the instruction manual are dressed. I was so excited!!

  19. Awesome, Abby! How fun!

    I must have a disability. I read your post several times and kept wondering, “why is she excited that the people in the instruction manual are dressed?” I was confused. I think I may be having a mental meltdown!!

    Do these treasures work?

  20. Oh, and I like it when we get off subject!

  21. I am completely out of there, I zone out. I too concerned for everyone but myself. But I do not give to the community like I should or neighbors but my neighbors look like they are pretty good off.
    I am not selfish but I overlook things I sholdnt. I have a hard time showing my feelings, I think mom and dad learned that. I am getting better. I am usually falling apart but when someone asks me how I am doing I lie and put on a good show and tell them oh just great.
    I guess you could call that self absorbed or unaware.
    Julie you are not self absorbed- you give so much.

  22. I don’t have much to say except, that I agree with everything said about Nita & Marlis. A diamond & Amethyst, 2 jewels.

    I do have something I want all of you parents w/children to look for, and that is a DVD called “Stranger safety, by John Walsh & Julie Clark (Maker of Baby Einstine series.) It is a fun teaching disk to teach children about how to deal with strangers who may want to harm them. I have’n found one yet, they may not be on the shelves in stores at this time but should be able to find them soon as I have heard John Walsh ( Americas Most Wanted) talking about them being produced. With so many kids being abducted it may be a good tool for your kids to see. Julie, was inspired to make it as she watched the little girl who didn’t know how to reach out to people and was found in Denney’s and saved from her abductor. I know that I am buying 2 of them as soon as I see them for my kids, kids to watch.

    Those are cute kittens, and of course Lydia. I used to play w/gma Pearls kittens on the farm, when we could catch them. Some were really wild.

  23. I only feel completely self-absorbed when I compare myself to my mom. She has done so much for others my whole life. I could never catch up!

  24. That video sounds good. I have tried to tell the girls not to EVER go to the fence and talk to people and to NEVER go up to someones car. I’ve caught them yelling hi to people from the middle of the yard. We have lots of people walk by our yard as there is a sidewalk there. It is a very busy street as well.

    When they play outside I like to leave the door open so I can hear what’s going on. It’s not good for the electric bill but I feel safer that way. I can’t always be outside with them.

  25. Aunt Marilyn:
    You are an Opal, you dance around and create all kinds of colors doing so, you always have a kind word to say and are a beautiful person. You are a wonderful Aunt. I like talking with you and enjoy shopping with you.

  26. Thank you Kandi, you are so kind.

    Julie, you moms are just busy now, there is a time for all things. Ecclesiastes 3:1-9. Besides you are you,unique, & your mom has her own uniqueness, each have different gifts. She may envy some of your talents. Besides I’ll bet you are more giving than you think. We all think you are special.

  27. Kandi, you are in a rebuilding mode at this time, it’s hard to reach out and rebuild at the same time. You are probably the person who your neighbors should be reaching out to at the moment, with kindness if nothing else. With your experiences, you’ll be able to help others at some time in your life, because you will know how they are feeling. We think you are special too. I especially love to see you & Julie together, it’s a good time for all.

  28. Aunt Marilyn’s right (of course). Let Him build you up so you can turn around and help others when you are built up yourself.

  29. again, AMEN. Listen to Punky kandi. Some people can put things better than me. Love Mom

  30. I think when your mom needed pampering in the past, she came to my house at the spur of the moment, to see Tommy, he could always spoil her. He had a way of making people comfortable. Ask Gil, Butch, & Joe. They could all fall asleep watching the football games. Don’t touch that dial though, they’ll wake up. He, He, !!!!!!!!