me and my ham

Jules —  December 21, 2006

This is the season for Christmas miracles, blessings and surprises! I have to confess that God is so good to me! Jessica and I signed up our family, at our local grocer, for a drawing for a free ham and pretty table centerpiece. Jessica told me she prayed that we would win it and I remember thinking it would be so fun if God would answer her little girl prayer. Well, yesterday I received a call from the store. When I saw the number on caller ID I thought, “Oh, great what have I done now? Who did I make the check out to this time?” To my surprise she was calling to inform me that James’ name had been drawn!! We won the ham!!!

This sucker is big and raw! It’s not a pre-cooked ham that you warm in the oven and throw some glaze on. I need some baking advice! Isn’t it a beauty?

I love my pretty centerpiece. I’ve never had a table centerpiece before. I almost wish it wasn’t fresh so I could enjoy it next year, too.

I am not the only one to receive a Christmas blessing. Check out THIS post on Carl’s blog for a funny Christmas cookie story.



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  1. Wow!! That’s quite a ham you got there, little miss. Looks simply irresistible!

    It’s so neat to see our little kids get their prayers answered. I remember my first answered prayer. I was going to an easter egg hunt and they had said there were a couple big chocolate bunnies that they had hid. I prayed I would find one and guess what? It was the first thing I found hiding in that tall grass beside a tractor tire. I remember thinking “Hey, that prayer stuff works!”

    Enjoy the ham! I see some of your ham and beans on the horizon too. . .mmmmmmmm.

  2. Hurray!!!

    That ham is huge! I hope you have a roaster big enough to cook it. I wonder if you can bake a ham in a Reynolds oven cooking bag?

  3. Now that’s a ham! Looks like you won’t starve this winter.

  4. Yeah Jessica, WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!
    :band :band :worship :worship :worship :worship

  5. WOW, GOOD GOING GIRLS. Now take that dude and cover with pineapple slices and hold them on with whole cloves, stick that sucker in a cooking bag and bake that dude. I’ll see you the 6th. Period…… :band

  6. I bet they’ll still have ham left over on the 6th for everyone to enjoy!!!!

    God is so good to answer the little prayers of our children’s hearts!

  7. I just jumped over to Carl’s post. Everybody, you need to go read it….it’s great! God LOVES to bless His children! I read it to the boys–they liked the story too.

  8. Jules I posted but it disappeared.

  9. Well, guess my post will not show up. Congratulation Julie on the ham. There should be instructions on it about how long to cook and the temp. I like the table decoration too. I was going to get a poinsetta to put on the dining table but know I won’t have anyplace to put it when we eat. It is a tradition I like each year.

  10. That’s not a ham, that’s a side of beef!!!! 😉 I was really excited for you when you told us about your winnings the other night. Good for you!

  11. Wow, that’s a huge ham! So glad her prayer was answered!
    I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!
    Looks like you’ll be eating lots of leftover ham…

  12. OOPs, Jan. means leftovers. OK, but can you save me a slice of pineapple with mine. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  13. Jules,
    What type (kind) of tree do you all always pick each year. I have never had a REAL tree, so what type is good to get. I’ve heard people talk about the different variety of trees to get. Some get the variety of tree that does not shed much needles….
    Does my question make sense????

  14. Julie? Julie? Where are you? I can’t find you! There is a picture of a large ham but no Julie.


  15. You got the only kind Kandi that does not drop needles. That is just part of Christmas when you have a real tree. You have had a real tree’s, you just may not remember them.

  16. That centerpiece is beautiful. Hope it still is in Jan.

  17. The red berries in your centerpiece look like the ones Kathy sent by way of Deb. I made a center piece from some of them but it is not as pretty as yours.

  18. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year
    God is so good… I seem to be breaking into song at this time of year! Moma said,” score the ham”…hhmmm guess that means to slice it narrowly like a checker board. You may already have it cooked by now. I’m with Punky… I can hear the girls giggling Christmas morning! What a blessing! Keep that mistletoe around! Grandma loved the pictures on the blog…makes us smile. Hey where’s the little smiley faces and stuff?

  19. Merry Christmas Jules, James, and Girls….Jules give the girls kisses and hugs from me and Ian.

  20. Thanks to you all for your fun comments. I hope each of you had a very merry Christmas!!!

    Kandi, I think our tree may be a scotch pine. I have not had to vacuum up any needles. Two or three times I have picked a few up off the tree skirt and that is it. They shake them very well on a machine after we cut them down and before we bring them home. I think that helps.