A dear family friend surprised me with matching Christmas dresses for my girls and I!

May God be glorified in the coming year through our lives and families and friendships. Thanks be to God!

Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19



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  1. How lovely we look tonight, just like :angel. What a friend. We are stuffed with Lobster & Shrimp & salad. That was Richards christmas wish. So now you know what I got him. I got a new camera. I also got my painting of his hands playing the piano, framed in time to hang above the piano. Merry Christmas to you and a Happy new year.

  2. How adorable!! I love the dresses. That is so fun for girls to dress alike. I bet they had fun.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. That painting is so terrific. Isn’t a sign of a good artist when the hands look so real? You did a great job. Merry Christmas!!

  4. That sounded more like Karen than Tom!

    Louise made the dresses. It was fun matching on Christmas. I’ve always wished for matching outfits!!

  5. Beautiful dresses on beautiful girls. What a friend!!!! You are truly blessed. Love ya, Aunt Marilyn
    We are still at Deb’s, they are due home tonight from Ohio.

  6. Adorable! Hope you had a merry Christmas! :love

  7. This friend of ours had such a fun time making the out-fits for our wonderful family.

  8. Elaina is such an independent girl. I like her poise!? 😉

  9. That was Karen, believe me. Although they do look adorable, I probably wouldn’t comment on the specific dress just a general statement. 😉

  10. Yes, I realized I did not mention that these dresses were handmade by Louise especially for our family! She did a great job guessing the sizes. They all fit perfectly. She’s a wonderful seamstress! :love

  11. Oh and Mom D bought the turtle necks to wear under the jumpers. :love

  12. I love this photo. :-) What a blessing to have 4 girls, Jules!

  13. Yes, I can’t believe how blessed I am. God has been very good to me. I have the best of husbands, too.

  14. I had a very relaxing Christmas. Ian and I prayed a lot that morning about family and Max and Oz of course.
    I got a big present from my mom Marlis. The way she carried on here before giving it to me I thought it was some type of bread machine or some type of hard to understand kitchen equipment, but when I opened the box I was surprised, she got me a digital camera. I have been playing with it so much I will have to put new batteries in it tonight. Ian, Ozzy, and Max are so tired of getting a flash in their eyes they all run when they see me get the camera………
    I love it. I have always wanted one but never got one. I think the general concensus here at work is that everyone here uses the Kodak Kiosk’s or Walgreens and hardly ever uses their own camera photo printers since the ink cartridges cost so much, they all told me to just use the Kiosks and print them off or copy them on to a CD. Or use the camera to do a slide show on the TV which I have already done.
    Ian got his daddy a Dragon calendar and a close up 4×6 phonto of his left eyeball….. This kid in the mall took pictures of people’s eyeballs really up close and it was cool, we cropped the eyelashes and veins out and it is really beautiful and very up close.
    What does everyone else do with their digital photo’s do you use a photo printer,CD, or Wal-mart or some other type store.

  15. Kandi, isn’t a digital camera the funnest toy EVER!! I adore mine! It goes everywhere with me. I am so glad you received such a wonderful gift.

    James got me a photo printer for Christmas because I haven’t had a single photo developed from my digital camera. I hate the idea of going to Wal-Mart and jacking with the photo printer machine. Karen said at Walgreen you can drop off your cd or sd card and they will develop it for you just like film. My problem is I don’t like to leave O.G. and we don’t have a Walgreens, just a dumb Wal-Mart that i hate more each day. (Sorry aunt marlis) I am a homebody. I don’t really like to get out of O.G. to run errands.

    The photo printer does cost more per print so I hope I like it.

  16. Thanks Julie:
    I hope others out there will give me advice as well. Have fun with your photo printer Jules…… :moon :angel

  17. Julie, you girls look pretty as a picture, just like I hoped. It was fun making them

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a sweet surprise! :love

  19. This friend of mine is a “down home” girl. She admires Julie for being a staying home mom, a great cook,a loving mother and looks beautiful for her man(our son). If there is a Psalms 31 woman Julie is very close to that. :indeed

  20. I don’t feel like I am that kind of woman! I really don’t care for that perfect Proverbs 31 woman very much!! :rolleyes She’s seems more than anybody can live up to.

    The comparison is a really BIG compliment, though! Thanks for your encouraging words. :indeed

  21. What was this Psalms 31 husband doing anyway? He sat at the “city gate” which means he was respected among the elders or older men of the city. She made him look good by all she did for the family. :king

  22. i knew if i came over to visit your site, i’d see cute holiday pics! love it!

  23. Julie,, the border above your heads makes you look like you are in a theater. We, Gil & I are still at Deb’s and wondering how we will get home with my back still a problem. We had planned to leave on the 30th, tomorrow. I think we need lots and lots of prayers. We may end up staying a couple of more days. Kandi, am glad your are having a lot of fun with your camera. Love to all, Marilyn

  24. Well: :banghead
    :cry I guess the magnesium did not help, though the article I read said magnesium helps muscles and does take time. I am sorry Marilyn that your back still hurts.. :( :oops Maybe in time the magnesium can help, not sure. I just read up on back spasms and one of my books said magnesium helps muscles….maybe the book is wrong.

  25. Great pics! :king Happy Holidays to you all!

  26. Thanks Carl!

    Glad you visit Angela!

  27. I have been using the magnesium, but it must take a while to work. I also went to the ER, the 2 shots did not work, I went to the Dr. 3times, still am hurting. Kelli & Alex came over and prayed for me, w/oil & I’m on Muscle relaxents. I know God has the power, am just waiting on His timing. Marilyn :worship

  28. I’m sorry your trip has turned out this way. :cry

    I’ll keep praying. :worship

  29. Kandi, Karen showed me the neatest thing. You can go to and upload your pictures and they will print them for you. They will mail them out with a shipping fee or you can go pick them up. It sounds like a wonderful deal. You should check it out. I am going to give it a try.

  30. Jules you and the girls look so lovely in your christmas attire. I sure do miss not seeing you all much. I see where I have missed knowing you and your girls and James. Joe is on the mend now ,Thank God and my family and friends. God is so good to us, we are undeserving. I have been making earrings lately, thanks to my sister Marilyn she showed me how easy they are to do.I and Kiki my wonderfull new daugther have sold 136.00 worth to a neat little cafe and boutique in Franklin, its right outside Nashville were Jared works part time when he is not in classes. When we are all together soon you all can pick out a pair.Since Justin and Kiki got married we have gotten a bit spoiled, we eat at the families restaurant alot, Justin or Kiki call alot and say come down and eat with us, they are both so generous .Dimitri ,are gr-baby is at the restaurant all the time ,he is such a happy and friendly boy, what a sweet blessing he is. Kelli encouraged me to get on line with ya,l Im so glad she did,I have enjoyed reading all your comments .Ok I will sign off for now. I love you all. love aunt Kathy / Kathryn.

  31. I hope I get to see Dimitri when we come visit this spring.

    I have heard lovely things about Kiki. I am so glad you have such a lovely daughter (in-law).

    I wish we had a restaurant in the family. That sounds heavenly!

    So glad the U. Joe is doing better. You guys have had a tough time of it. :cry I pray God’s blessings for you two. He is so good to us. I agree better than I deserve. Praise Him! :worship

    I want to hear more about your family. :indeed

  32. Well, Im back, it,s been a few hours since I checked for some comments. Thanks for the note Jules. Jared is 20 and goes to college about 30 miles from here. He is such a good boy, sweet, kind. He lives with 3 of his friends ,all of his freinds are from the area because he was home schooled and played basketball on a team there. Joseph and Ashley are doing well. Ashley is teaching school now, she loves it, Joseph is working at a church doing programing the youths activities and coaching every thing, he wants to go to siminary to be a youth minster, he likes kids and he likes to play like a kid ,he is sweet and fun loving. I’ll talk later, by by.