mom’s corn and elaina’s tooth

Jules —  July 31, 2007

We’ve had a fantastic summer. I feel like I’m getting to experience childhood all over again with my children. I think it’s even better the second time around. At times being a Mom to several young kiddos is soooo stressful and tiring but the rewards of having a big family far outweigh the stresses. We are so blessed!!!! Over and over again I am told by older folks to enjoy every minute because these are the best years. We’ve been trying to do just that, so I’m going to start catching everyone up on our summer highlights!

Mom called letting us know her corn was ready for picking. We got over there as soon as we were able. The girls had their fill of corn-on-the-cob before we left the corn patch!

Elaina lost her first tooth! It was beginning to just dangle but she wouldn’t let anyone pull it for her. This picture was taken right before she lost her tooth. She was carefully gobbling up the fresh corn. She asked me to walk her to the house and as we walked she said she had a piece of corn stuck in her tooth. As she tried to get the corn out, her tooth popped out onto the ground. She was soooooooo excited and quickly retrieved it from the dirt.

She couldn’t wait to go back out and show everyone her surprise! The tooth fairy gave her eight quarters and we had a family ice cream party, featuring Bunny Tracks and fudgsicles, in celebration of her big milestone! She is such a fun kid!



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  1. They will never forget the memories of picking corn at Grandmas! How fun. Love the pictures.

    I’m glad that tooth finally fell out, she waited and waited for that one.

  2. Makes me homesick and wanting to be there. We picked a lot of cherries, peaches, tomatoes, etc on that farm when Gma & Gpa lived there.

    Congratulations Elaina on the 1st tooth loss. I lost a tooth or two there also.

    Elaina sure looks a lot like you Jules in that one pic, like you did when you were young.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Poor Elaina, her older sisters told her mommy was the tooth fairy.

    I did the quarter exchange so we could tell her mommy didn’t do it. She still doesn’t believe us. :(

  4. Aunt Marilyn, my friend Elizabeth knew me at Elaina’s age and she says that Elaina reminds her of me at that age. Only people that knew me when I was little say she looks like me. I like hearing that though. It’s fun.

    Yes, it’s sad when they don’t believe in the tooth fairy. It’s so sweet. I guess that’s what happens when you have older siblings.

  5. I think Elaina’s cowlick in these pics make her look more like me.

  6. Are the girls eating the corn fresh from the garden, uncooked. Don’t think I like mine that way, but guess it’s ok. Marlis likes to eat the green beans that way. Elaina does have a cowlick just like yours, don’t she. Guess I didn’t notice that at first. The girls sure are cute lil country bumkins.

  7. How fun, pickin corn at grandma’s. We enjoyed eating it too. I remember mostly though that grandpa drove the tractor while daddy and I walked down the rows picking it and throwing it in the wagon. We had only field corn when we were growing up and loved it. Of course when we were picking it and putting it in the wagons, it was for the livestock. Then the corn was shocked and later made into silage for winter feeding.

    Kandi picked some field corn the other day and brought home. It was ready for livestock, so I have food for the squirrels.

    The girls are all so cute. Congratulations to Elaina on her first tooth. For a long time I made up cards for Kandi to give Ian when he lost a tooth. It had a picture of a tooth smiling and said from the tooth fairy. She would put the money in it and put under his pillow and he got so excited when he found it.

  8. Mom:
    Get ready cuz Ian has a loose tooth.
    He thinks the tooth fairy is a tall hairy creature with no teeth and that he is so little and hunchbacked and sneaks in kids rooms and takes the tooth and sticks it in his mouth to have a tooth and then leaves the money.
    He drew a picture of his tooth fairy and it scared me.

    I am glad my tooth fairy wore pink and had shiny pink shoes and long blonde hair with sparkles all over her…she was beautiful……She had pink/silver wings and left me good money.
    I had such an imagination when I was little, now I know where Ian gets his imagination.

    OH MY GOSH JULES….her cowlick looks just like yours…you are right, and she looks a lot like you….
    We have such cute kids in our family arent we all blessed????

  9. We are blessed with cuties! I like your tooth fairy better, too. Boys are so silly!

    Yes, Punkie, they were picking it and eating it immediately. Their little mouths were covered with corn kernels.

  10. How creative! A card from the tooth fairy. . . That’s a great idea!