More first days!

Jules —  August 19, 2010

The girls were excited to get back to school. It was a great summer, but toward the end we were ready for a new season. I am so thankful for the seasons of life!

Lydia misses 6th grade. It was a fantastic year but I am encouraging her to look forward to more good times. I know middle school is a difficult time.

Jessica was up at 5:30 this morning excited to try out middle school!

They outgrow picture taking!

Elaina is studious. She would love to go to school year round. At least that’s what she thinks!

Anjelia has the best imagination of any kid! Of course she loved first grade.

Anjelia is super proud of her Twinkle Toes Sketchers! They light up quite brightly when she walks.



10 responses to More first days!

  1. Aw, I love these girls. So glad they had a good first day.

  2. I just can’t believe how big they have all gotten on me!

    So grown up looking. I’m a very proud dad!

  3. So pretty! And they do look like they grew up a lot over the summer. Sunshine seems to do that to kids–mine have shot up too.

    I see that Silly Bandz are popular there, too.

  4. Yes, silly bandz are quiet the rage at my home. There’s sometimes fighting over who’s whose. How do you keep track when you have 100? I stay out of it!! LOL

  5. Oh, I’m so thankful I only have one here that’s somewhat into them. James just found the coolest ones at Hastings–they had knights, dragons, and castles. These were the first he bought with his own money. All we have to do is keep Jude from eating them–and I think I solved that by telling James if I found them lying where Jude can get them, they’re trash.

  6. Man, they are growing up!!! Great pictures.

  7. How totally precious!!! Love it when you have new pics so I can see them. I’m so glad they like school. You guys are awesome. Love the shoes and the way they dress.

  8. I got to see these cute shoes in person the other day on another sweet girl getting ready for school here in my town. Girls clothes are so cute these days.

  9. Ohhhh my gosh, those girls are growing up too fast! They are all beautiful girls…..

  10. BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, BEAUTIFUL PARENTS. What more can I say!!!!!!!!