more summer fun

Jules —  August 8, 2007

Karen and I took our kiddos to see Ratatouille. It was a fun movie that made us really hungry for some good food! Tori came with us and Lydia brought a friend. There were eleven of us, altogther. Jaden is camera shy and wouldn’t get in the pic. Ratatouille was a fun summer memory and a movie worth seeing.

Karen and I also put our kids in swim lessons together like we do each year. For more details, check out Karen’s post HERE.

Friday is James’ birthday. I’ll be posting about my favorite guy soon!



8 responses to more summer fun

  1. So wonderful to be able to spend the summer with good friends.

  2. It has been soooo fun doing stuff with the kids together! It is getting easier too. No more car seats to lug, nursing stops or strollers!

  3. The summer vacation, what fun. All to soon it will stop. I hate to see the cooler weather coming in. I so love the pool days, although it’s a little hotter than I like it right now.

    I think Ian is ready to start school when it’s time. He sure enjoys that pool though.

  4. Boy their summer tans sure show now. Cute group.

  5. I think Heather took the kids to see that movie too. They got to go to a waterpark, the town pool, camping with Tara and Henry, and the firemen’s festival this summer, so they all four had a fun summer. Glad your kids did too. They are just so cute. Lydia’s painting talent is wonderful, I hope she keeps it up. It’s going to be fun watching to see all the different talents and interests your girls come up with.

  6. I’m so glad the kids have gotten to swim a lot this summer.

    It’s been pretty hot the last few days. The only way to get them out of the house right now is to get into a pool.

  7. Aww, that must have been fun to have a big “movie day”. I took my kids to see that movie too (but I had to drag my dad with me-hehe!). Looks like you & Karen have had a fantastic summer with your kiddos!

    *It was nice to get to see you this week…maybe next time we can actually talk to each other-LOL!

  8. It was nice to see you, too! The girls have been pretty good this summer, but they started to drive me crazy at the pool. It’s hard being the oldest kids of a group and not getting to do bigger kid stuff. They had plenty to do, though and didn’t have much room for complaint.