Mother’s day out Christmas program

Jules —  December 19, 2006



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  1. WoW!!!! the girls are growing up so fast. Anjelia isn’t a baby any more. They are so sweet, to bad we don’t get to see them more often.
    Nita, glad you got to go to the program.

  2. Wow!! The girls are so adorable!

    Elaina has grown up so much-it seems just the other day her and annie were just born!

  3. I am so proud of these pictures. I am so blessed. I wanted to post them, but was too tired to think of anything to say.

    Mom and Janet and Richard and Jessica (we treated her to an early out) were all able to come.

    They are all growing up so fast — you’re both right about that! :love

    Elaina’s tights were bothering her. She was trying to pull up her tights during the program!

  4. How adorable :love. We see them really quite a bit, but it still seems like they are growing like little weeds. Very good pics and so glad Nita got to attend. I will be glad when I’m in town and can attend things with Kandi and Ian at school. I think that will be fun.

  5. They looked so cute!! I love that pic of them hugging each other, how sweet.

  6. Anjelia’s little outfit has a really cute Santa hat that goes with it. Her head is too big for it! It still fits Elaina though! I had to laugh. Anjelia has her daddy’s big head!!!

  7. James has a melon??

  8. I remember that awful feeling of wearing tights as a child. That feeling of them sliding down and you know you’re not supposed to pull them back up in front of people….but what do you do?! Every time you move they inch a bit further down your backside and you’re starting to walk funny trying to keep them up! Oh wait a minute that’s how I feel when I wear those detestable panty hose too!!!!

  9. The girls are incredibly cute. Anjelia, especially looks like she’s grown older since we saw her in May.
    And I had to giggle looking at their snazzy boots and wondering how many hours straight they’d had the boots on (including sleeping hours).

  10. LOVE the candy cane striped tights. I don’t think they’d look as cute on me though.

  11. Look at those cute little elves!

  12. Oh my goodness! They are SO cute!!

  13. Jules cute kiddo’s,. I’m really glad I got info. on how Deb feels in panty hose, HEE HEE, got ya Debbie Sue !! later lovey’s…. :p

  14. I know, I know…too much information! I just HATE panty hose! :evil

  15. Deb:
    Your tights fell down cuz you did not inherit the knutson butt.
    Hee hee hee :rotfl :rotfl

  16. Good one! You’re so funny, Ian!!! :rotfl