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Jules —  April 23, 2005

Let me preface this video by saying, Percolations does not condone violence of any kind.

Home Improvement Catalog

“If you treat your wife like a thoroughbred, you’ll never end up with a nag”



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  1. Well. it’s got me thinking I just don’t know what to say.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tootsie

  2. I don’t advocate trying it at home but it sure tickles me!!!

  3. Your saying, treat your wife like a thoroughbred, reminded me of Tommy. He always treated me like a Queen. If there were stairs to heaven, I’d go get him.

  4. He did treat you like a queen. How many years were you married? I’m in tears…

  5. Thirty One years. It’s so hard to look back when you can’t get over something. I’m so happy for you and James, your love shines thru. Enjoy your love and life.

  6. *sniff,sniff* Thank you…

  7. I’d seen this awhile back and its really a cute, fun video. Thanks for sharing it!

  8. Hmmm. I’ve tried that catalog before and it didn’t deliver the results I wanted-LOL! At the rate my home improvement is going I’ll have to live in this house for 10 more years before the rest of the rooms get their first coat of paint!!

  9. I think that’s normal for young families. At least, that’s how it is with us!! I have a very outdated kitchen and there are two cabinet/countertop companies in the family!! I guess that’s how it is…mechanics drive broken down cars.

  10. Well, I gave up on waiting for my husband and I to redecorate together so I took over when he left for Iraq. And one bathroom, hallway, living room, and kitchen later. My house has color! hehe And felt darn good to. Who needs men to do the fun stuff? It empowers you!

  11. You go!! What colors did you choose?

    I’m going to post a pic of Dave soon. Hopefully, tonight.

  12. Couldn’t get either video to come up. Darn. I like the line about a nag. I thank God that Gil treats me so good. When I hear some other women talk about their man, it makes me thankful God chose Gil for me. I don’t think very many people really know him. I think he is much sweeter than most preceive him to be.

  13. Oh man, Gil is awesome!

    I wish you guys lived closer, I would love to get with Gil on the weekends to watch College Basketball.

    I look forward to every Christmas so Gil and I can catch up from the last year.

  14. Hey, what a nice thing to say, Gil will be glad you feel that way. I wish all our family was closer so we could visit more. I know I enjoy being around you 2 and your 4 sweeties. They are so fun to watch.

  15. Marilyn, download and install this file and see if you can view the video.

    DivX Codec

  16. I’m jealous of all the dancing you guys do. Is Gil back up and two stepping after his knee replacement?

  17. I’m back home from Church now. Yes, we have been back to dancing quite a while now. We sure enjoy it, now that he doesn’t hit me in the nose or glasses, etc. When we do the turns we do, elbows often aren’t where they are supposed to be. There was a lot to learn when we 1st started. His knees have been giving him fits the last couple of weeks, so hope that clears up soon. Your time to dance will come soon enough. I say squeeze all the joy you can out of those girls while they are young, they grow up faster than you think. Especially take time to listen when they want to talk, even if you don’t feel like it. Sometimes I think back and wonder ” why did I think it was so important to have supper on time,” instead of stopping, looking them in the eyes, and really listen. You only have now.

  18. Jimmy, you’re such a helpful dude! (Nice link to the codec)

    Us nerds have to stick together.

  19. Mom,don’t beat yourself up too hard–you were and are a great mom. Hey, I still call and yack with you at least once a week for over an hour at a time plus e-mails and blogging here in between all those phone calls. You must have done SOMETHING right–I’m still talking to you and leanin’ on you. If you think you didn’t listen when we were little, you’re surely making up for lost time now (big grin). Love you!

    Debbie (Marilyn’s daughter)

  20. I just need my DH to stay out of my hair for a few days so I could get something done. If he came home to me in the middle of a project he would want to “help” (take over).

    Maybe I need to send him away on a mini vacation so I can get something done around here. Hmmmm……..things to ponder… :-)

  21. Hmmmmm…you could try changing the locks. You could give him a key when your done!!!!! We could come help you so the projects get done faster.

    Maybe we could make a weekend of it!!! The guys could kidnap him for us.

    Wow, I’m having creative ideas!!!!

  22. I like your creative ideas!! :-)

  23. I’ll see what else I can cook up!

  24. I just read thru your most recent postings, your girls are precious! The little one still has chubby hands! That I do miss, but I don’t think Sarah every had chubby hands, now that I think of it. I like the piece about the bottle, the wonderful future we have awaiting us, makes my trudging days easier.
    I was right there with you Julie and Marlis with the tears about what you said about the ladder to heaven, I couldn’t even read it out load to Chris. I told him, if there was a will and a way, I could picture you on that ladder. Chris is wonderful too, he trys very hard to make my life easy, and no, he isn’t standing right over me.
    Love from Baltimore,

  25. Glad to hear from you Trish!