movie night out

Jules —  November 19, 2005

As you know, if you read the last post, Mom, Mary and I went out tonight to see Walk The Line. Mom has not been to the theatre for 13 years! She seemed pretty shocked at the size of our AMC 20 and she loved the stadium seating. We had a great time munching popcorn. I accidentally dropped my coke updside down on her shoe, during the show! The movie was really enjoyable. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon did a great job singing and acting the part of Johnny and June. They were very believable. It ended right after they married and I would have loved to have seen much more. I wasn’t ready for it to be over. Johnny’s life and their relationship, before they were married, was very tumultuous. I wanted to see their life after the really rocky times, too. It was a great night at the movies!

Mom said that one of the last times she went to see a movie, she was with my dad (they are divorced now). My dad was with a friend and they both brought whiskey bottles with them and were pouring it into their cokes!! Dad dropped his and it slid under the seats in front of him. I thought that was kind of a funny story. My dad is not what I would consider a heavy drinker or anything, but he is a rebel, although over the years he’s become much softer and tamer.

“Life is the movie you see through your own eyes. It makes little difference what’s happening out there. It’s how you take it that counts.” Denis Waitley



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  1. Wow, something about Nita in that first picture, she resembles her mama! I guess Grandma has that same look at times!
    Don’t you love standing next to our momma’s, make’s us girls that are only 5’3-5’4 look like we are really tall!!! hehehe

  2. It’s probably been 25 years since I was in a movie theater. Well, it was Smokey and the Bandit and Tommy and I went to see it. :rotfl I remember we laughed so hard. I guess you could say it lasted me a life time.

  3. Cool! I went out to my mom’s last night too, we went to the library and then went home for supper and some tv watching {she’s getting me hooked on “Numbers”} It was good.

    Standing next to my mom – I’m the one that looks short! Drats!

  4. Doh!

    I forgot to say that it looks like you had fun.

  5. Ciera, I’ve never heard of numbers. It sounds like a nice evening with you mom.

    Trish, I was wearing heels, so that helps too! Although, I am still taller than her!

    Tootsie, you need to go to the movies sometime! Hmmmm…maybe there will be a really good movie out in June…. That would be fun!

  6. Smokey and the Bandit? That was 1977!

    Now that’s one good movie to last you this many years. 😉

  7. Julie, did you and your Mom like the Movie? :love

  8. One question that’s always asked of Richard and me is “can a person repent in his last days”? They say that’s not fair!!!
    I tell them that the thief on the cross was dying and he knew that Jesus was the Son of God and said “Remember me when you go into Your kingdom”. Jesus said” Today you will be with me in PARADISE

    Johnny Cash came to our Lord in his last days and knew all that he did in Life was in vain.

    That’s what made his last song so special!!!
    He found out that Jesus was ” his final answer” and life did not take care of how empty he felt.
    What a wonderful Jesus we Truly have!!!!
    :worship :worship

  9. Ecclesiasties 1: :worship

  10. Nice hair, Jules!

  11. yes, I never heard Tommy laugh so hard and so did I over that first SMOKEY & THE BANDIT.
    Hey Julie, that’s a good idea. Columbia has a few movie houses. I really prefer to stay home and watch a movie I bought. I always buy the movie of the year, and maybe another. 😀

  12. Hey Jules! “Numbers” is an FBI tv show. The biggest draw for me is that it has the guy that blayed the efl Bernarnd in The Santa Clause. :oops

  13. Mom D we really enjoyed it. Yes, we all liked it very much!!

    I forgot to add that not only did I spill my coke on mom, but Mary dumped her popcorn on me!!

  14. And what did you all have to drink before the movie,huhhhhhh? You read my mind Julie, we need to go to the BIG screen in June. Gil & I go once in a while. Some western was the last but for got the name. I was thinking Johnny became a Christian a lot earlier in his marriage to June. I have a record of his in the Holy Land, he is narrating it. Course that don’t make him a Christian, but for some reason I thought he was.

  15. Oh, I like your hair too, and Trish I just like to stand next to you because it feels good to be with you. Once in a great while I stand next to someone shorter than me. Love

  16. In the movie, he grew up singing hymns as a little boy. He loved his mom’s hymn book and they sang them often. He sang gospel for years and as a young man he was encouraged that gospel didn’t sell.

    Later, after a drying out period, June told him he had been given a second chance and it showed her taking him to church with her.

    I don’t know what he had to say, in real life, about when he was born again.

  17. Glad you ladies had a good time last night and that your mom survived the craziness that is the modern theatre-going experience…especially during Harry Potter mania!!!

  18. It was so fun! I am glad that Nita and Jules included me in their fun night. I actually spilled Jules’ popcord all over her. I was holding it (balancing it on my knee) while she was arranging our coats, purses, etc. Of course, I was sampling it also. It was a fun night and a good movie.

  19. I just re-watched his video. :cry It sure means more when you know a little more about his life. I like the image of him/his deeds causing pain to Christ. Isn’t it wonderful that Jesus loves us and died for us when we were so helpless and unable to assist ourselves? I love Romans 5.

    You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us…

  20. Oh, that movie was breathtaking, wasn’t it? I, too, enjoyed seeing Johnny Cash’s background. All of that pain from early in his life really crippled him him until he was able to follow Christ. I’m listening to all Johnny, all the time today, in celebration of the great movie.

  21. I am glad you came too Mary! I loved your comments. Thank you so much for sharing that. There’s so much in that video. I liked what Tori said, too, about the flood in the video. If we build our house on sand and the floods come it will be washed away. Jesus is the Rock that we should build on. Pretty good insight from a 13 year old.

  22. Oh and to answer your question about drinking. NO we weren’t drinking!!!! Good thing huh!! We are just real clutsy!!

  23. Sarah, I knew after seeing it, that you were going to love it, too!

  24. Julie,
    I just got done reading about the movie on “Focus on the Family.” Johnny really had it hard during his years. You will like reading it since you all saw the story of his life.

  25. I like the picture of you and your mother. :love

  26. The movie was really fantastic! Great performances, all around.

    My goodness, sounds like you ladies were the ones that smuggled the whiskey into the movie!

  27. We are always silly like that, I must admit. We don’t need to drink to get crazy!!!

    The other day, I got my hair done and left the salon. An hour or so later, I heard an unusual ring coming from my purse. Apparently, I grabbed one of the stylists cell phones and stuck it in my purse!

    Glad you enjoyed the movie, Rob! I liked it much better than Ray, but I am more attached emotionally to Johnny and his music. I didn’t grow up listening to Ray. I know you like to compare similar movies. Or, at least, you used to!

    You should come up sometime and watch a movie with me……….
    We can go in June……………..

  29. Julie, I knew you all weren’t drinking but had to tease you. I got home safely today.

  30. I knew you were ribbing me!!!!