Mud Fight

Jules —  October 3, 2005

When the air conditioning is broke, kids are good at finding ways to cool off!

Mud is liberating!!

Sometimes even princesses fall!

“God made mud, God made dirt, God made boys so girls could flirt.”



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  1. That’s hilarious!

  2. How fun! You should’ve joined it with them! I love Elaina’s look in the second picture. :rotfl

  3. She got splatted in the face with a mud ball. Once I took a paper towel and wiped her eye and mouth off, she was back in the game having fun.

    I wasn’t going to get in that mud. It stunk!!!

    I used to drive through the cow pasture on my go cart and come back home covered in green splatters. Now that was fun!!! Kids are immune to gross smells while they’re having a good time.

  4. Those pictures are great! It was so funny watching them.

  5. Yeah, you didn’t have to help clean them up. You got off easy!!! :fish

  6. What fun, been there and done that. I used to ride my bicycle through the poop too. Marilyn and I always liked licking the cow salt blocks too. Looks like you have a fine brood of Hillbillys :rotfl You are going to have to get them a water trough to clean up in when they are thru. 😀

    Mama came thru her throat surgery in fine shape today, and Justin became a papa today. I’m sure Kathy is a struttin. Don’t know anything else except baby was 8lbs something. :(

  7. Stinkin’ funny!!!!!!!

    Love the pics. That’s priceless. Did you hose them down before coming in?

  8. No. I made them stip down in the garage then go through the back door of the garage and into the side door where the shower is. I held up a big towel and they ran across real fast! I hosed them down in the shower and got as much as I could then they went to the tub where I shampooed their hair several times.

  9. Oh my gosh! I read Marlis’ post and couldn’t believe that Justin’s baby was here! I live right here in town and read it on the blog! Your blog is handy, Julie. (Steve was doing research on the computer so they couldn’t get through with the news.) I clicked the computer right off and called Kathryn who had just walked in the door from being at the hospital (Aunt Kathryn’s now a GRANDMA–she calls herself NaNa–said with a long A sound).

    More baby details: Of course, the baby is gorgeous and has lots of dark hair. He was born C-section this morning and weighed 8# 11 oz. 21 1/2 inches long, and hasn’t been named for sure yet. Mama and baby are doing well. And Justin is about to pop every last button off his shirt. He stayed most of the morning with the baby in the recovery nursery. I can’t wait to see them all.

    Gma is doing well after her test this morning. She’s been having difficulty swallowing so they used a scope to check out her throat. Doctor said all looks good, just a bit of narrowing in one spot which she stretched a little for her so hopefully she’ll do better. Her throat is sore now of course.

    Love your pictures of your little “piggies” waller’n in the mud. I’ve got photos of the boys doing the same!

  10. I was waiting for your details Deb! How funny that you got the first news from here!!! Let us know when they choose a name!

    Glad to hear Grandma is doing well.

  11. Thanks Deb for the update.
    Julie, I love the pictures of the girls, they don’t look like the :angel they usually are. But I never could pass up a good mud hole. 😀

  12. Love the pics. Just think how nice their complexions will be. Isn’t mud packs supposed to be good for you? I know we used to wade in the puddles but don’t think I ever got down and dirty in one. Deb & Marlis, thanks for the info on Mom & baby. Julie, bet you didn’t know this blog was going to be used for “breaking news items” too! Your just like Fox news now.

  13. There is no way I could ever get Aaron in a mud pile like that, bless his heart he’s just like me. It took me forever to get them to walk in grass, which neither will do without their shoes on. City folks, I say.

  14. I wish my kids would wear shoes! :rolleyes

  15. Man, I don’t know how I make it through the summer. The kids were all out of school today for a three day weekend. I am soooo tired!!! 😐

  16. Hopefully the kids are tired too! :rolleyes When you said wish my kids would wear shoes, reminded me of mama. We got one pair of shoes a year, just before school started. She hoped we would’nt wear shoes. Which to this day I can’t stand shoes. I’m sorry there was no school, I bet you feel like :banghead

  17. We had a great weekend but I’m ready to get my house back in order. The kids are even more tired than I am!! They were all sound asleep before 8.

    I need a tired smiley!!! Or a smiley with a headache!

  18. The one butting his head against the wall I guarantee has a headache :banghead

  19. lol!!! I bet your right! Good point!

  20. Dimitri Joseph Sherrill–Justin and Kiki named the baby for both of his Grandfathers. They’re still trying to work out what they will actually call him. I talked with Kiki this morning and they are doing well. I sent her everyone’s best wishes from the blogging family!

  21. Great name!!! Congrats to the entire Sherrill family!!

    This is my cousin, Justin’s baby and my mom’s sister, Kathryn’s first grandbaby. :baby

  22. I think Dimi-Jo sounds like a good compremise to call Justin’s new baby. We’ll see what they come up with. It’s nice he got named after his Gpas. :cool :cool

  23. Yes, and I’m so glad Kandi gave Ian his grandpas name. So I don’t think they will regret it. 😉

    I’ve been to the neighbors painting. Had my walk this morning, so I better get busy and do some work.

  24. Your kids are so cute! What fantastic pictures too–all the better to scrapbook!

  25. Yes, I need to get a bunch of pictures printed off so I can scrapbook. I am waaayyyy behind.

  26. Elaina looks like she was having fun at first,but the last picture of her is saying, “What was I thinking?” So funny!!! :rotfl

  27. OK Everyone:
    I know this is lame but I am proud..
    Ian has been loving his room since he now has a big bed and loves his “BIG” bed.
    I now have my own bed back and not having to carry a 50 pound kid to his own bed 1-2 times a night.. :worship
    So now that that is over how can I get a kido to do his homework 2x a week????????

  28. There’s always something isn’t there? :banghead

  29. Momma D., that’s exactly what I was thinking about that Elaina pic. Too funny.

  30. Kandi, what happens when he gets to school w/out his homework done? Does he have a “set” time to do it? Maybe just facing the consequences w/the teacher will inspire him to get it done. Does he have a little downtime after school before getting back to it? Just thoughts, I’m not an expert. I seem to recall this problem myself and the girls too sometimes. Sometimes I was doing mine on the bus back to school in the mornings. Not recommended though.

  31. Just finished watching my new movie “Shall we Dance”? God I loved it, and so did Richard. It ended just like it should. Lessons to be learned by this type of love story.

  32. Yay!!!!! I am so glad you enjoyed it. Fun wasn’t it!

  33. Lydia and Jessica have homework a couple of times a week too. Lydia comes home from school with homework, eats a snack and starts a project. She’ll rearrange her room, rearrange the playroom, right a book, play etc. Jessica comes home from school with homework and wants to sit down immediately and get it done. The difference in personalities is very interesting.

    Lydia does her homework eventually, when I make her. She does want to get it done so she doesn’t owe recess.

  34. I saw “Shall we dance” too, I liked it but was dispointed with the contest. Now I forgot how it ended. Guess I need to watch it again.

  35. I bought it the other day when you all were talking about it. I got it at Walmart. I thought the contest ended as it should have for a married man who did not tell his wife. Oh, I wanted him to win, but, well, it was well written. I cried the last part. :cry but they lived happily ever after :love Witness for each other, yes. :angel

  36. Witnesses, ahhh yes, I do love that quote! :love