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Jules —  April 9, 2005

I love this picture! Carl took this after church Easter morning. Thanks Carl, great pic! There are more Easter pics in my gallery.

Anjelia absolutely loves being outside. A few days ago, she was playing at the bottom of the stairs to our deck. Next thing I knew, she was sound asleep with her three favorite blankies! We’re all enjoying this beautiful weather!

Having a family is like having a bowling alley installed in your brain. ~Martin Mull



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  1. Julie, I love the photos of the girls! Wasn’t Easter a beautiful day? The gloom lifted and the sun appeared — how wonderfully appropriate! Glad everyone had a wonderful day!

  2. Great photos!!! It is nice to have the whole family looking happy and smiley in a photo. Those are rare the more little people you put in them. No one sticking out their tongue or crying! :)

    It brought me joy to see those blankets being used by a precious little girl! I have looked at those 2 for years just sitting in the closet. It was nice to see them outside and being loved.

  3. That’s why I posted it. It’s practically a miracle if everyone looks at the camera and no one is crying or making a face. I wish Anjelia would smile at the camera. When she sees it she gets serious. She doesn’t get picture taking yet.

    Anjelia loves her blankies!! Thanks!! Sometimes she thinks she needs ALL of them!!!

    Thanks again for calling this morning. It made such a huge difference in my day. Love ya!

  4. Karen, don’t you just love that Martin Mull quote?! I finally found a way to describe how my brain feels!!! It’s no wonder I struggle to do simple tasks!!!

  5. I was wondering if any of those pictures turned out! It looks good! I love Anjelia’s blank stare!

    She looks really cute sleeping in the yard. I’m very envious as that looks like a wonderful way to spend the day!

  6. When I read the quote I laughed out loud.

    Okay, here is a really crazy secret of mine and I am going to post it here. Recently, when I lay down at night, the kids are asleep and the house is finally quiet I hear drawers shutting in my head. It’s weird. It takes me back to the time I was a drive thru teller. We would be just crazy busy in the evenings before closing. Everything was loud: the speakers, the tubes going in and out, the buzzers and people asking a million questions. After the last car had left and the closed signs were turned on, everyone would grab their money drawers and put them in the vault. The bank was deathly silent and there was a certain sound of metal drawers closing and keys turning in the locks that I can still hear in my head. It was the sound of a busy day finally over.

    Anyway, that is the sound I hear at night. I thought I was going nuts, but then I read that quote and I took great comfort that someone else was hearing a bowling alley in their head! He had to have actually heard it, or he wouldn’t have wrote that. right????. . .please say “yes”.

    I wonder if he worked at a bowling alley.

  7. julie, if that just sounded completely nuts, please delete it!!!

  8. You are not crazy, and if you are, so am I!

    I don’t necessarily hear bowling alley sounds. It’s like I am having a thought or in the middle of doing something and, uh oh, here comes the bowling ball! It crashes into my brain and I totally lose track. I have to stand there and wait for the thingy to swipe everything away and then reset my pins/thoughts/etc. Then I try again!!

    I think it comes from multitasking all the time, having a really busy household and not getting enough rest!

    When all is quiet, I hear loud ringing!

  9. Ok, here is a weird confession.

    Last night, I went to the bathroom to pee. I was so tired, I sat there and put my head in my hands and closed my eyes and nodded off. James called to me asking me what I was doing. I confessed to him that I do that often. I think its not unusual for me to loose at least 10 minutes at a time doing that!

  10. LOL! Sometimes I do this in the bathroom at the office. Shhh, don’t tell my boss! 😉

  11. Wow, I’m not the only one! See what confession does. It causes others to come out as well and you realize you aren’t alone!

    The bathroom, a private escape. A paradise of sorts. A place to sneak desserts so you don’t have to share with the children!!

  12. The worst part about nodding off on the toilet, is trying to peel your bottom off the toilet seat. Somehow it seems like this vacuum occurs and your stuck tight to it. Then you have a sore, bright red ring on your hiney.

    Yes, I’ve done it too!

  13. What is it about the bathroom…I used to get up real early in the morning for work and sit on the bathroom floor with my little space heater and drink coffee!

    When I was little I used to think the squishy foam toilet seat at my Great-Grandpa Knutson’s house was so cool. I don’t think you could get stuck to it, Karen.

  14. Karen-
    You are not crazy! I hear the dryer or the vacuum cleaner in my head all the time! I must do too much vacuuming and laundry-LOL!

    *Funny little story….
    The other day Chandler had his little toy Dirt Devil out and he was was “vacuuming” very violently (crashing into everything and knocking things over). I just looked at him and said “what in the world would make him pretend to vacuum like that?”. Then Jon said “where do you think he learned it?”. So I guess the moral of the story is….um…smile while you vacuum (?). I must look angry while I vacuum up pulverized goldfish 10 times a day-HA!

  15. Uh, I hope you mean goldfish crackers! lol

    I’ll have to remember to smile next time I vacuum. I’m afraid it might scare my family, though!!

  16. I forgot about Grandpa’s bathroom seat, but he did have one. Just wanted to tell you the Family group picture is real nice. You two are wonderful. The girls are darling.Aunt tootsie

  17. Yes. Goldfish CRACKERS! I forget that everyone is not necessarily up on the “toddler snack lingo”.

  18. Thanks Aunt Tootsie! I remember playing in the barn and on the cattle shoots. It’s sad that the barn fell in. I remember the toy box and tabloid magazines. I remember Sis making mashed potatos! I always liked the smell there. I enjoyed sitting at the little kitchen table. Did it have silver flecks?

  19. Oh, and I loved their dog, Snoopy!

  20. Yes I think it had silver flecks. It was an old 50’s style. Lord I can’t remember exactly. Kandi loved Snoopy to.

  21. You all sure ran the gamit from beautiful family pictures, which I thank you for Julie, I put it in my file. I think she looks so peaceful asleep on those blankets. I had forgotten about gpa’s toilet seat. I can sure find a better place to take a nap but guess its the best place when you have to hide.