my jeans are starting to feel tight

Jules —  October 2, 2005

It must be the Fall season that’s inspiring me to eat and bake, especially apple recipes. If you’ve been to a Pampered Chef party, you may already have this recipe. I made it for dessert this week and Jessica and I had to exercise much self control. Curves for women is sounding really appealing right now. I really need to stop by tomorrow and sign up!

Taffy Apple Pizza


1 package sugar cookie dough
1/4 cup creamy peanut butter
1 – 8 oz. package cream cheese softened
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 medium granny smith apples
lemon lime soda
1/4 caramel topping
3 tablespoons flour


Preheat oven to 350.
Knead flour into cookie dough.
Roll out cookie dough.
Bake 10 to 15 minutes until cookie is lightly browned.
Let cool 10 minutes. Loosen cookie from baking stone.
Blend peanut butter, cream cheese and vanilla.
Spread on cookie.
Peel and slice apples and dip in soda.
Put apples on cookie, sprinkle on cinnamon and heat topping and drizzle over apples.

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” Ernestine Ulmer

“Just think of all those women on the Titanic who said, “No, thank you,” to dessert that night. And for what!” Erma Bombeck



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  1. Looks scrumpious, and I’m definately making it this week, but, 1 question. 1/4 ? of caramel topping. I think you mean cup, right?

    This does sound good. When it called for philly cheese, that did it. The jeans may not fit because of these recipes and HAPPY APPLES.

  2. You don’t bake this anymore after putting apples on. :rolleyes

  3. All you bake is the cookie dough. After it cools you top it with the other ingredients, so no cooked apples. I used granny smiths. Very yummy. When you dip the apples in the lemon lime soda it keeps the apples from turning brown.

    The recipe does call for 1/4 cup of the topping. Seems to be enough but you can always add as much as you want. The cinnamon is very tasty too. πŸ˜€

  4. Don’t forget to knead the 3 Tbsp. of flour into the cookie dough. I forgot once and had to start over. It didn’t turn out right.

  5. Cool, sounds real easy and quick. Julie (stepd) is coming this next weekend and bringing in Riches two girls(my grandd) this will be great. OK, have a nice weekend. By the way Richard ate all the muffins and is demanding more. :worship so quess I’d best do as told. Hee, Hee. πŸ˜€

  6. I was just reminded it is Gils b-day today and I forgot again. I don’t understand me. :(

  7. I didn’t know that either!!!! Happy Birthday Uncle Gil!!!! :indeed :flowers πŸ˜€

  8. Thank you Marlis and Julie for your happy birthday wishes to me. Number 65 has been a little struggle for me but onward and upward.
    Gil aka Uncle Gil

  9. Well maybe this will help you feel better. I’ve added a birthday smiley just for you!!!!!

    :birthday :birthday :birthday :birthday

  10. I hope it will go upward and onward, he enjoyed your wishes, Julie & Tootsie. Things have not gone to well this week-end. 1st I was making his bday cake and the 1st 6 gears in my mixer quit but managed to get it beat up on hi. Next I was making an experimental cake when the mixer started to send up some plumbs of smoke,so I shut it off and took it outside. We got home from his Sisters house tonight and I went to get an ice cube and thought I don’t think they are supposed to be melting while in the freezer. Thankfully we have a 2nd refrig. so now have everything saveable moved down to it. Hope things don’t come to us in 3’s like other things usually do. I’m sure the Lord will be teaching us something through this. So far we are calm.

  11. Hope things improve for you quickly! :cry

  12. If your refrigerator is like some Mercury Cougar I know, there just AIN’T NO END TO IT.
    I need prayers real bad that it stops breaking down, or, I WIN THE LOTTERY. :cry :rotfl

  13. Oh man, this looks tasty!

  14. :banghead :banghead This is cute too. Your finally getting the icons our family deserves. Well, at least shows how we feel at times. :rolleyes

  15. By the way Gil, your not getting older, just “BETTER”. πŸ˜‰

  16. How do you like my little moon guy? :moon

    I know I’m corny, just can’t help it. :eek

  17. I noticed that little feller. Thats cute as can be. I put so much on this post I figured everyone would be tired of me, so did’nt last night, but by cracky I’m telling you today, he cracks me up.

  18. I certainly never tire of hearing from you. Keep the comments a comin!!! :moon

  19. We buried my 40 year old mixer today in the bottom of the trash can. Don’t seem like a very respectful ending for such a faithful servant. :cry

  20. Wow! They don’t make appliances like they used to! Have you bought a new one yet? Sorry about the loss of your faithful mixer. You made many a wonderful thing with it. I imagine it is kinda sad. :(

  21. wow, that looks great.. and healthy too.. i mean, apples are healthy.. yeah..

  22. Angela, you think like I do!! :evil

  23. Just beginning to look around. If anyone has a recomendation please let me know. Deb, I need some imput from you about yours. I’m not going to be in to big of a hurry.

  24. Ya know what I said about things happening in 3’s, well I think our clothes dryer is next. It took 2 hrs for it to dry a load of towels today. It’s always dry in about 60 min. Guess I’ll check out the vent. Hope we don’t have to replace that too. It’s not that old.

  25. We’ve had a week like yours too. The air conditioning went out and we had to call the repair men. Then yesterday our plumbing backed up into the toilets tub and shower. We had to call the plumber and they had to remove tree roots from our sewer. That was expensive. Tuesday James lost a big account. Uughh.

    I hope your dryer is ok. Maybe it will turn out fun getting to pick out a new mixer.

  26. Also, you know to wash your filter once in a while, because if you use dryer sheets that will cause it to not dry. Spray with a little 409, brush lightly and rinse.

  27. Yes, I check my filter to see if water will run through it. Tomorrow I am going to clean the vent to the outside. It’s got a lot of build-up along the edge but all opened. Tomorrows Friday and am anxious to get the refrig fixed. Of course he will probably just look at it and have to order parts, then it will be another week. :fish