my new dining set

Jules —  May 21, 2007

I was so thrilled to have found this dining set at a garage sale for fifty bucks! My dining room can finally be used. I know many people don’t want formal dining rooms because they feel it’s wasted space. I, on the other hand, am quite thrilled. I really enjoy formal dining rooms and am very thankful that our new home has one.

I want this room to be my office and craft room. I am not sure how I want to decorate or whether or not I need a cabinet for my things. Target has some wall hangings that I love. Unfortunately they are pricey. They are paintings of cafes and coffee shops in rich red tones.

We will also be using the dining room to eat in, but not daily. It’s carpeted so I don’t really want the kids using it except for special occasions. Children with food and drink aren’t allowed anywhere with carpeting. Six months ago I laid the law down on that one. Wow! What a difference that rule makes. My furniture and carpeting are actually staying clean. I told them when they are adults they can take food out of the kitchen when they come to visit, but their kids won’t be allowed to!



Today was the first day of summer vacation!!! I can hear the girls slurping on their Sonic slushes. They’re celebrating the end of another great school year!

Jessica got to go to a sleepover last night at her school. All the kids that stayed on excellent behavior all semester were invited. It was so cute. The kids and teachers slept in the gym. When we arrived, the teachers had their inflatable beds all set up and they were outside with grills cooking hot dogs for all the kids. Jessica told me they woke her up this morning with all their giggling and loud laughing. I can’t say enough about our wonderful primary and the loving, fun teachers. The girls have had one excellent teacher after another. I am so thankful for our terrific school and I can’t wait for Elaina to be a part of it.

Lydia was on A Honor roll both sememsters this year! I am very proud of her. She was given a fifteen dollar gift certificate by the PTO, as an honor roll award! She still struggles to be at her expected reading level. She was tutored twice a week, before school, by her teacher. I know Lydia works really hard at school. Every teacher she’s had says she gives it all she’s got.

It seems to me that school has changed some. I see the girls rewarded for good grades and good behavior. When I was growing up you got more attention if you were bad. I can’t remember getting hugs from my teachers or them telling me they loved me. Maybe I’ve just forgotten.



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  1. Ouuuuuuuu, I really like your new chairs and table. I like that black trim. Seems to go well with your cabinet. Nice rules, no food on the carpet. Sure saves cleaning. Did you happen to price the oriental pics. you were telling me about. I was just curious what they were priced at. I can’t wait to get my bedroom stuff and get my spare bed in order. I sure appreciate you and Nita getting that stuff for me.

  2. Parent Teacher Organization. It’s PTA — just a different name.

    I kinda rambled in this post.

  3. I didn’t think you were interested so I didn’t go back. They were such beautiful pictures. I bet they would have looked good in my dining room. Hmmmmmm. . .

  4. The black does look better than I thought. My appliances are black so it coordinates well.

  5. The PTO question was left by Tom. . .

    I love the table and chairs Jules!! It fits right into your decor. What a gift!! Your Daddy loves you so much.

  6. Very nice!!

  7. Hey your dining room is looking up town now. Great buy. I bet you are thrilled.

  8. What!? Is this cousin Joseph visiting over here or a different Joseph?

    What a wonderful place to have as a Mommy’s room. I need to do that so I can actually catch up on my photo albums too. I got behind about 6 years ago–right about the time my littlest guy arrived.

    Sounds like the girls have a great school—I’m glad they have such loving teachers.

  9. I love your dining room set. It looks brand new! It goes so well. I am so happy for you & can’t believe all your good finds.

  10. Wow Jules that looks great!

  11. Wow! Thanks everyone for all of your compliments. I am a spoiled daughter. I prayed and asked for an inexpensive set that matches and voila! God is so good to me. I don’t deserve all that he does for me, but I am thankful.

    Cousin Joseph! Glad you are back. So, are you giving adjustments yet?! Hehehehe!

  12. Joseph, you better get over to your old cousin Kandis’ site. She’ll get real whiney if you visit me and not her. Oh and her new nickname is Special K. Joseph, it’s hard to keep the women in this family happy!

  13. Check out my Barbie Doll cousin’s, Alexis, prom pictures. Alexis is one of the prettiest people I’ve ever seen.

  14. Alexis is like a Barbie Doll. I can remember at one time having a figure like that, but that was pre-Aiden of course! Great job with the table, Julie. It looks great!

  15. Jessica keeps a picture of her and Alexis on her bed side table. Jessica cried and cried when we left T to come home. I think she was in awe of Alexis. I doubt Jessica had ever met a real Barbie before. Alexis spent hours with Jessica and did her hair and makeup. She had a profound affect on Jessica.

    Amber, at least you had a figure like that at one time. I’ve never looked like that. :(

  16. Well, Jessica getting upset about leaving is all the more reason for you all to come back to visit!

  17. Yes, I agree! I’d love to. James is got someone working in the office with him. Our hope is that he will eventually be able to take time off.

    We tried really hard a number of years ago to move to K but the job didn’t go through at the last minute. I do feel like a southern girl at heart and wanted to move.

  18. Jules, seems I remember you being in a beauty pagent of some kind when you were younger. I think your being a little hard on your self about the fiqure. I always thought you were pretty cute and had a good figure, you still do. I bet James would agree.

  19. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I really wasn’t trying to put myself down. I am very happy with myself.

  21. Good, we are too.

  22. James,
    God is all-knowing. God knows every little detail about what is going on in his creation. Scientists tell us that there are 100 billion stars and more than a billion galaxies. YET our book has told us that God counts the stars and calls them by name Psalm 147:4 Hey, if God pays that much attention to detail, you can be assured that he is always aware of what is happening in our life James. God is also able to Chart the path ahead of you because he lives in the eternal realm where he can see the future as clearly as we can see our past!

  23. That was really sweat of you, Kandis.

    Thanks for those encouraging words.

  24. Those are great! Can’t wait to see them in person. You have a real gift for finding treasures.

  25. Thanks, Carl. James said that my cousin Kandis and I could see a sale sign written on a tongue depressor and stuck in the ground! My eyes run to and fro looking for sales wherever I go!

  26. I came across your dining room picture as a result of search for a dining room color. Can you tell me what color shade and brand you used? I have the hardest time finding a right color, and will be repainting my dining room, again. I want to finish it by Thanksgiving.
    if you can, please email me the name of the color and brand you used. I would be very thankful.