Jules —  March 3, 2006

This morning Karen and I dropped the kiddos off at Mother’s Day Out and headed for the DAV thrift store. I had a list of things to get done at home, but decided to shirk my responsibilities. When I know I am going to be getting away, it’s hard not to want to check out early!

I love the DAV thrift store. I bought five pair of cute capri pants for this spring and summer for just 20 bucks! Karen got a couple of bags of cute things. We had a great time laughing and acting stupid. Some of the clothes that I’ve found on the racks are just so funny that I have to try them on!! This tight leapordy outfit is a perfect example! The pics don’t do it justice. Everywhere I walked, I left a trail of sequens!!!!! The fitting room floor was covered.

Karen said I looked like Mystique from the X-men movies. I took it as a compliment! However, I know Mystique does not have a double chin!!! We should’ve taken more than one shot!

Here is my attempt to take a pic in the dressing room mirror!

We were supposed to be hip and wild and we were supposed to have this kind of mystique/edge thing.รขโ‚ฌย Victoria Jackson



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  1. What is wrong with Trish?
    Trish what is wrong?
    I read somewhere you have PVC issues. Ok, all I know about is ears, so what is PVC?
    I must get out more!

  2. Good Morning every one. Love ya. Phillipians if Good readin.

  3. Kathy,I really didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag.I have decided to come out with the truth.I just finished the dishes and since Linda isn’t here,I will answer quickly.I have to get started on my next set of chores and have them done before she gets home.I really don’t have time to get on the blog anymore :cry The only time I take a break ,is when she isn”t home :cry I AM thinking about going back to work ,so I can get some rest, and now you know the rest of the story. :cry :cry :cry Please pray that I will be able to keep up with this fast pace that she has created in my life.I will try to sneak on the blog,when I have time.I can see now,that she will have me doing all of the yard work this summer,while she sits around drinking ice tea and eating oatmeal cookies and snickerdoodles.Now don’t get me wrong ,I’m really not complaining,but I don’t think that it is fair!I just want equal rights! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

  4. Butch :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotflWe love you. You are so cool. I do know what you mean, I do more now than when I was working.

  5. Butch, you’re the King there, just tell Linda you lost the Todo list. Sorry Linda. Butch, we forgot to tell you that Retirement means, more tired. Besides, when she’s sitting with her tea do the same thing. You probably enjoy what your doing anyway. :rolleyes

  6. Deb, hope you get that painting done before we come back up there. I don’t like laying in bed watching people work. Loved your discription of a spring day, opening the windows, making changes. A A A A AH. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Butch, I’ll talk to Linda about cutting your chore list down, you know she’s such a slave driving person , never think of others ,only herslf. :rotfl I just wish you had some time to yourself. :cry Butch, you did’nt respond to my whether report or my ideal of staying down here during the winter mo,s. I was wrong about the whether though , it is SUNNY and 60. The clouds are gone :Dlater all :worship

  8. Poor Uncle Butch. I didn’t realize my aunt was so tyrannical. You have our sympathies. :fish

    Carl, I think looking anywhere on that outfit would really hurt someone’s eyes.

    Thanks Ciera. I left on a women’s retreat Friday after I posted the pic. I sat at the conference thinking, “why did I post those pic!”

  9. Uncle Butch:
    You poor thing.
    Heck, you can just go on strike and hire a maid.
    Then see what happens…………..
    Boy, Aunt Linda sure is mean, I did not know how mean she was till I read your posts.
    You poor thing. I will be praying for you.

  10. Jules:
    You look groovy.
    You look like some model on Laugh In. Oh, I forgot, I am so old that you probably dont know the show Laugh In…..
    Well that outfit looks good on ya…..
    If I put it on it would fit on one thigh.
    But if I got it all the way on the store would throw me out.
    Oh, how would I get it off, Oh I got scared on the thought of peeling that thing off of me.
    I would have tore up the dressing room….’
    Oh, I have to go.
    You look shagadelic dear.

  11. We like your pictures Julie.What kind of pervert is Carl to make that comment? We’re onna have to help him. :disgust I read Phillipians today to Kathy, It’s got lots of my favorite verses in it.
    Did Butch tell you he goes out to breakfast every morning with my bus driver friends and to two auction a week for the fun of it. One week he went to twelve basketball games at the school.Don’t sound to me like I gave him enough to do.

  12. Woops, I forgot to put my name in there instead of Butch’s.Kandi does that sound like I’m mean to him?

  13. Kathy, in answer to your question about Normal family, I’m glad I belong to this Abnormal, unique, hillarious group of people. Nothing normal here. :indeed :rolleyes :indeed

  14. Hi fellow unique people :indeed I had to go to the Dr. this after noon, Im alittle under the whether, ya’ll remember me in your prays please. :worship Linda I got that bible LIFE APPLICATION STUDY BIBLE , I’ll have to get use to it but I think it will be helpful to me. Linda, I need to talk to you about Butch, try not to be so hard on him, bless it’s heart. :rotfl Ilove those little icons there so cute. ๐Ÿ˜€ Marilyn your so sweet, Im glad you love me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kelli, where are you ? I really do wish you would’nt work so much, there is so many other things you could be enjoying. :cry You did’nt respond to my tyraid on you a few day’s ago, oh well you don’t send me flowers anymore ither . :cry :cry . Kandis, Jules, Trish I can’t hear you , what are you doing ? Deb , thanks for the call ,I appreciate your caring, I am soooo blessed with such caring family, and you know I always am in need.

  15. Kathy, I’m glad you like it. I don’t use any other.Read the page at the beginning of each book, the outlines, the megathemes, the Word it’s self and the commentary at the bottom. You learn so much more. :kingButch is king.

  16. Tootsie, did you know Butch was such a card ? He just acts like he’s quiet, he’s really a funny guy ,I think even moreso since he retired. I can’t wait till Joe can retire, he’s always worked so hard, he’s precious :angel. Course that don’t mean he can’t be abit stuborn sometimes.Well later.

  17. Linda, I did read some of Pillipines in my new book , it did explain things more clearly. Well I reckon I better get to bed , gotta work tomarrow :cry :cry Will it never end ? Do I really need to work ? I got to think, oh my , thats scary :eek

  18. It’s SO much better than I expected, Julie :rotfl

  19. You gotta start your blog soon now that you have a camera!

    You need to let the world know ALL of your incredible mom skills!

  20. too funny! it’s hilarious to see some of the stuff they sell at thrift stores.
    and that people actually wore that at one time.

  21. Amber, what is better than you expected?

  22. Mom, I’m just taking a guess here, but I think Amber was referring to Mystique’s outfit. You know…the original topic of this blog entry. :rotfl It’s hilarious, our family has run so far off topic, that when someone actually refers to Julie’s topic, we don’t have a clue what they’re talking about! We’re in our own little world :rotfl :rotfl Hope we’re not driving the rest of you crazy…we don’t get together much since we’re spread all over the country!

  23. Uncle Bad BUTCH March 7, 2006 at 2:46 pm

    Well everybody,I am back on the blog.Linda has informed me that there will be no lieing on the blog!It didn’t take her long to deflate my ego.I could not argue with her because that is what the bible teaches us.I thought I did a good job of getting most of the women to feeling sorry for me especially Kathy.Well,I am smart enough to know that Linda is the woman that I have to live with.If I want to live with her for another 35 years than I had better just do what she wants me to do.She has never tried to replace me yet,but since I am getting older, I am not going to take any chances.She is my Queen! :worship :worship :worship :worship :worship :worship.Kathy,I have been ignoring your comments about the weather,because you have been rubbing it in.I will try not to bring this cold weather to tennessee,when we come down.Well I had better get back to work before Linda gets home.oops,I opened my big mouth again!I am very glad that she is a very forgiving woman.

  24. Uncle Bad BUTCH!!!!! :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl You’re cracking me up.

    Angela, they had a pair of red pleather leapord jeans that were my size. I almost gave into temptation and tried them on too. Fortunately for everyone I did not. No pics.

    Karen got a great big velvet green bow for her head at the thrift store one year. It is like a head band. It’s HUGE. We take turns wearing it at Christmas each year. When I worked at Wal-mart during the Christmas season I wore it and got all kinds of funny looks. Gotta love the thrift store!!!

  25. Pleather jeans…is that like fake plastic-y leather, or what?!

  26. Crack…I can hear that whip crackin’ all the way down here. Poor Uncle Butch. Uh…I mean, he’s blessed to have such a loving queen for a wife.

    Just came from Gma’s—here’s a word to the wise. DO NOT ask Grandma about the Academy Awards last nite. She was rooting for her Joaquin Phoenix to get an award (he starred as Johnny Cash in “Walkin’ the LIne”). I made the mistake of asking how the awards went–I knew Reese Wetherspoon got an award. OH MY! Gma practically worked herself into a lather that Joaquin didn’t get an award. She thinks the sun sets on that man. She even went so far to say that she thought that he sang better than Johnny Cash himself, which I told her was nearly blasphemous to even say that! And she wants to write a letter to those Hollywood folks that don’t know a good actor when they see one! Whew…don’t get ‘er started! :indeed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Yep, I am sure Uncle Butch can describe them to you. No doubt he has a pair of his own red pleather jeans hidden in the closet somewhere!!! Aunt Linda probably won’t let him wear them.

  28. I like Joaquin Phoenix too. I am glad to hear Grandma is still fiesty! I guess this means she really liked the movie?

  29. Mom liked the movie so much that she plays the sound track several times a day. I called her yesterday, I know what Deb is talking about, she was really (((((}}}} MAD {{{{))))) that he didn’t get any awards. Be careful what you say on the blog cause Kelli took her up-stairs to see Julie’s fancy outfit. I think she wants one too.
    Or I could be wrong :rotfl Butch, we all feel sorry for you. :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

  30. Gma wouldn’t care that I told you all–she’d probably be glad if you join her in her protest!

    And I forgot to tell you, Julie, Gma loved your Mystique outfit! Well at least she started laughing when I asked her what she thought of it! :rotfl

    Oh, and I relayed to her the posts from Uncle Butch and Aunt Linda–she laughed (again) and said, “That sounds just like them teasing each other!” :rolleyes ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. Today at work 3 of us nurses realized that we all have the same exact watch. Mom gave me my watch. So now we are Charlie’s angels since we have the same arm equiptment!
    Not one of my patients :puke on me today. So I consider this to be a great day!

  32. Oh, Deb, I wasn’t refering to Mom being mad, I was referring to the secret. :indeed

    Trish, glad you had a good day.

  33. I just read through 84 messages! WoW! Butch REALLY! :flowers Kathryn here are your flowers!
    I truely depend on that verse: There is no condemnation on us who are in Christ Jesus. And
    “Cast all your cares on me cause I care for you”
    I was doing a quick prayer the other morning and I sat to listen to God. The song came to mind,
    “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus sweetest name I know, fills
    my every longing keeps me singing as” I go”.
    There’s within my heart a melody, Jesus whispers
    sweet and low, fear not I am with thee peace be
    still, through all of lifes ebb and flow. Peace be
    still meant alot to me. Right now that’s all of the song I remember. I haven’t sang it in umpteen
    years but it came to mind and I said “I believe it
    God” Love you all sooooo much :indeed

  34. Marilyn -the outfit was “better than I expected”. I spent the weekend with Julie at the ladies retreat with my Church & I HEARD all about the outfit before I got to SEE the outfit :-).

    Julie-got my camera TODAY! Blog world…here I come ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. I can’t imagine life without His peace. I haven’t thought of that song in years Aunt Kelli. Thanks for sharing!

    Amber, I can’t wait to read your blog. It’s fun. I am so glad you got your digital. A mom like you deserves a good camera. Now you won’t miss recording a thing the kids do! Even pointing at their poo!!! :evil