need for speed

Jules —  June 18, 2007

My kids are spoiled rotten, thanks to their Grandpa. My dad bought a small four wheeler to keep out on his farm for the kids. He has two adult size ATVs. Beth’s kiddos each have four wheelers that they bring out when we get together. My dad has the perfect place for riding. He has a lot of open acreage so everyone has plenty of room with no obstacles! It’s been a fun summer already!

Elaina especially loves the “baby” four wheeler.



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  1. What FUN!

    The boys would love to have one, but we don’t have a good place here to ride one.

  2. How cool. I still miss my 4 wheeler.

    The girls will really have a lot of fun filled hours with this.

    I think the most fun I had was riding in the Rockies at Lake Havasu, Ariz. and seeing all the abandoned Gold and Silver mines. So much fun.

  3. Did you rent a four wheeler?

    When we were in Mexico we talked about renting four wheelers. The people that did came back dirty and very happy! I really love four wheeling. It is exhilarating. Sometimes I feel like I’m dying inside cuz I so badly want some adventure. Four wheeling helps satisfy that craving for me. I wish I got to do more adventurous things. Maybe someday. I love activities.

  4. How cute, I think I might be able to manage one of those lil ones. Of the reg. sized ones, I always thought they were rather hard to handle. Didn’t turn easy. Maybe they are better now, we tried them out with some friends when the girls were younger. I guess Elan wasn’t able to do that yet this year. Hope he is getting better each day. Elaina looks so cute there and ready for action.

  5. My dad’s is really easy for me to drive. It steers easily. Connie just bought a big one that James drives but I haven’t. It will go really fast and can get away from you if you’re not careful. James said he went 50 on it. Connie is my dad’s girlfriend. They’ve been together a long time.

  6. My dad said he’s tired of work and ready to play and buy toys. I think he’s serious. He bought this and he’s talking about putting in a pool.

  7. No, in Havasu my boyfriend Don was staying there for the winter and took his every year with him. I flew out for a visit and rode back with him pulling his 4 wheeler back home.

    We rode every day in the mountains while I was there. There were hidden springs in the rocks and one place had a cougar drinking. It was a time I will never forget.

    I had a Honda, Red of course and I wish I’d never sold it, except now I could not ride it in town. Oh well at least I enjoyed it for a couple of years.

  8. Awesome!!

  9. I think everyone who lives in a small town should have to drive golf carts or small vehicles, bikes, etc. to save gas just around town. Sounds like fun to me.

    A pool, what fun the kids and adults will have then. Does he have city water there to fill it?

  10. My brother has a 4-wheeler that we rode back and forth to my grandparent’s farm on. It’s always so much fun driving through the creeks and going to the back of the pastures hunting for mud. It made checking cows a whole lot easier on us.

    I did ride 4-wheelers in Mexico when my family and I went as well. It is so much fun to drive around in the dunes!

  11. Is that a helmet? I don’t remember wearing one when I was riding them.

  12. Yes, Tom, they must wear their helmet and stay away from fences! You know about that all too well, huh?

  13. Amber, I wish we had a creek to drive through. Debbie has the most awesome river by her home! I think it is too deep for four wheelers. I would be happy with a creek!

  14. Aunt Marilyn, yes he has city water. It’s the same water we have. It would be fun to be able to put around town in scooters, etc!

    Elan is doing very well. I talked to him on the phone yesterday. He told me he had been in the hospital. I told him that I visited him there. I think he was too miserable, while he was there, to remember.

  15. That’s a cute one! I loved riding my brother’s 3 and 4 wheelers around when we were in our early teens. They are great fun!

  16. It didn’t take too long for the girls to get comfortable zipping around on it. Lydia wasn’t as interested. She was busy tying flowers to a stick. She’d rather be creating something. Jessica enjoyed it a lot and of course Elaina is all about playing so four wheeling suits her!

  17. Jules:
    I wont be able to come Saturday! I am really sorry. I will be at Boone Clinic all morning doing glucose tolerance testing. I will be there 3 hours……

  18. Awww. . Kandis, I was looking forward to seeing you! I am praying for you! Karen

    What fun!!! Love the four-wheelin’ mama in the pic. Julian is standing here asking if he can have one now.

  19. Kandi, want me to come hold your hand. Oh, Larry will probably be doing that. Hope all goes well and what ever it is will be easy to take care of. We are praying for you.

  20. Bummer, Kandis. I hope it goes well. I am praying for ya.

  21. Kandi, hope your test went OK. Sorry you’re going to have surgery, but glad it’s nothing more serious. Yeah I know….routine surgeries are only routine when they’re not on yourself. We’ll be praying.

    Beth, in case you still get a chance to read the blogs, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!