nineteen years, but who’s counting!

Jules —  October 28, 2009

James and I on our nineteenth anniversary! It’s amazing how deep a relationship can go and I know we haven’t even scratched the surface yet compared with people who have been married two to three times this long.

I enjoy taking pictures of James’ kitchens. I especially enjoy doing so when he is in the pic! With the kids in school I have had a little more freedom and have gotten to tag along a few times. My job is to take pics of the various kitchens!

It’s been such a blessing having his office at home in our basement. He now has his very own man-cave!!! It’s a dream come true for him! (I doubt very many men have guinea pigs and rabbits in their man-cave! hehe!) They are good for stress!



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  1. Congrats, James and Julie!! Hope you had a great time on your “honeymoon”. Carl,and Mary had a fun weekend with your family!

    Kitchen cupboards look so nice-I believe James’s business will get going again soon-that is our prayer for you guys-you are such a neat family!

  2. Thanks, Vicki! I miss seeing you guys. We are going to try to start going to first service more. I’d love to go to lunch sometime after church.

    August was our business’ slowest month ever, but we made a profit! We have managed to stay out of the red. James has worked so hard. God is so good to guide us through tough times and give us wisdom to make good choices.

    We start a big job tomorrow. James and his guys are unloading 200 cabinets from a semi tomorrow and hauling them to the third floor of an apartment building!

  3. Oh, and yes, we are so thankful that Carl and Mary were surrogate parents for us while we were away.

  4. You two are so cute! Congratulations on your nineteenth anniversary, James and Julie!

  5. Shucks. . . thanks, Sarah!

  6. Marilyn alias(Punkie) October 29, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    I’m so proud of you two. God has blessed you and your home and business. Love the kitchen. His man cave is very attractive and I like his signs.
    So glad you have a support system so you can get off to those get-aways and have some alone time.
    Love ya’s.

  7. Some of the kitchens I have gotten to take pics of have been, “to die for”. They are just gorgeous!

  8. Lunch after Church sounds good-just say when and where!

    That’s great about the big job starting up-may more and more come your way!!!

  9. How beautiful you life together has been, even though there have been tough times! You two look great together.