No Wonder I get tired!

Jules —  May 3, 2007

I read an article this morning that gave my fatigue confirmation. The average stay-at-home mom puts in a 92 hour work week! CHECK IT OUT! I’d like a piece of that 138,000 salary. Maybe James needs to buy a little more life insurance on me!

I LOVE being a stay-at-home Mom! It’s my passion and my heart. The Lord really encouraged me this morning with this article. It feels good to know that I’m doing exactly what I’ve been called to do and I don’t need to feel guilty about it. Thank you Lord!



6 responses to No Wonder I get tired!

  1. Now maybe you will believe what we have been telling you for years. Stop worrying, NIP IT IN THE BUD, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I KNOW that I could go back to work and be a little less tired! If I could go back to sitting in my nice office with my plants and appointments to talk to ADULTS. . .eat lunch everyday without filling sippy cups and being a referee. . .ahhhh yes, I would have more rest!

    It would be nice to actually get a paycheck for all the 24 hour work we do – maybe the government can start a stay-at-home Mom fund!

    All the “it would be nice’s” can’t compare to the well-rounded kids that we will have when this is said and done. I do hope that my kids appreciate me being at home with them as much as I do my Mom! It is worth it in my book – (maybe not my checkbook) :).

  3. Just today, a lady at Jonathan’s work said something like “Oh, that’s so nice that you GET TO stay at home”. I was thinking “No…I don’t GET TO do anything, Lady!”. It drives me crazy when people assume that we must be so well off that I GET TO stay at home with my kids. What I don’t think most of the world understands is that this is the biggest sacrifice I have ever made! This was a very purposeful CHOICE my husband and I made, and sometimes it’s hard to stick to it. Believe me, when the un-paid bills stack up and the kids are hard to handle, it’s very easy to think going back to work is “necessary”.

    There are plenty of days where I say “My worst day at work doesn’t even compare to an “easy” day at home”. I don’t mean that in a icky/resentful way, but any stay at home mom knows the kind of exhaustion I’m talking about here :-).

    It’s nice to know that SOMEONE out there thinks our hard work deserves a $138,000 salary….but I say our line of work is “priceless” :-)

  4. Your work is priceless!

    Not everyone is called to be stay at home. It’s like the home school thing. Not everyone is called to that either.

    Sure the family makes sacrifices. Maybe we don’t purchase as many new things. We live and die by garage sales sometimes it seems.

    It’s you ladies that really make the biggest sacrifices. The world puts so much value on the career ladder and how far up you have made it. There are plenty of people out there that will think of you as useless to society since you aren’t out in the work force.

    In my opinion those are attacks from the enemy. Just the same as someone who feels God has called them to have a career shouldn’t be looked down on by those who stay home. As long as you are doing what you feel God has called you to then you can’t stand condemned.

    The other attacks you get are from inside. I think it’s easy for you to feel like after all these years of raising children you won’t be useful in the work place since you haven’t ‘honed’ any skills. I don’t buy into that either. Are you trying to tell me that years of raising multiple children doesn’t develop skills that can be used in the work place? I won’t insult anyone here by trying to list all of those skills. You ladies know what they are.

    I just took my calculator and did some math. By the time Anjelia is in school Julie will have been working at home for 11 years. With 92 hour weeks that comes out to 25 years of normal 40 hour work weeks. Most people are 46 or older after 25 years on the job. Not to mention that most large companies offer retirement after 20 years on the job. As far as I’m concerned Julie can retire after Anjelia is in school. Anyone who can cram 25 years of work into 11 years deserves some major off time.

  5. James-
    That was beautiful! It’s nice to know that our husbands see the value in all our hard work too. Jon tells me all the time how important my job is & I always laugh and tell him “at least YOU think it’s important!”. I know that what I’m doing at home does have value & I truly believe that this is what I’m supposed to be doing right now.

    Yes…sometimes it’s hard to feel like a “normal” adult when you hum Barney tunes in your head (when you are all alone), ask other adults if they need to go “potty”, and cut up your OWN dinner into 1/4 inch bite size pieces! Sometimes, in the middle of changing your 10th poopy diaper of the day it’s hard to see your work as especially “important”. The ironic thing is…I wouldn’t want anyone else doing my “dirty” work. I love knowing I am serving my family in a very real & relevant way. I feel very lucky to be in a line of work that is satisfying to me.

    *I’ll be 31 when Maya starts school & 45 when she goes to college. Now, that’s a good early retirement age! :-)