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Jules —  November 10, 2009

My girls have been singing Officer Bob’s praises for two years! Lydia graduated from the D.A.R.E. program last year; Jessica graduated last night. Officer Bob teaches D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). He is a hero in our community. He eats lunch at school with the kids, visits them at the pool in the summer and helps the disadvantaged kids shop for back to school items (I see him at Wal-Mart with them each year). Officer Bob’s plans include moving his office to the elementary building. If a kid is suspected of skipping school, Officer Bob drives to their home to find them. If there’s a kid event going on, Officer Bob is there. He greets the girls at the Primary door each morning and waves goodbye to Lydia each afternoon at the Middle School. Officer Bob is a vital part of our community and we are so thankful to him for all that he does!



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  1. Ian loved his DARE educator, his name was officer

  2. It’s so good for them to know a police officer personally. It is such a big deal to the girls.

  3. Jessica talks about officer Bob all the time!


  4. Well, Liv, now you have a face with the name!

  5. Marilyn alias(Punkie) November 10, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    What a busy guy, someone for the kids to look up to. I’m not sure if we have D.A.R.E. at our schools but bet they do. I know there is an officer at them. He left for tour in Iraq but is back now. I’m proud of the girls for being so eager about the program. We’ve got to save these kids.

  6. Ian took his dare program and got a diploma for passing dare and signing that he would never do drugs. I think this course kinda woke them up with the things they learned about drugs, they even saw pictures of what people looked like before they did drugs and what they look like after getting addicted to different drugs and how they live and what they give up in order to get a hold of drugs….Ian talked about the class for days with me.

  7. I hope this shook him up! I wish we had these programs in my time but in my time this kind of stuff was not around like it is now.

  8. I guess I’ll have to be the DARE officer at our school!

    We talk about drug/alcohol abuse, I eat lunch with my students every day, visit them when they swim at the river in the summer, shop for their school supplies (on tax-free day, of course), and I drag their tired behinds out of bed when they try to skip school! hee hee

    But it’s just not the same, I guess. But I’m glad that they know a county deputy that attends our church.

    What a blessing Officer Bob is. I would never imagine the kids bonding so to the DARE officer like that. How cool!

  9. Yes, it’s cool that they know one of our police officers so well. Officer Bob also nabs the high schoolers for speeding after school. hehehe!

  10. What a great guy to have in the school systems and part of the community! That is GREAT!

  11. I loved one of the DARE songs the kids sang at graduation:

    D – I won’t do drugs
    A – Won’t have an attitude
    R – I will respect myself
    E – I will educate me

  12. Hehe, I guess I do now!

  13. Kandi had me put her pic on my blog.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving, cuz!

  15. So fun to see a picture. I’m glad that COMBAT passed at the recent election. There are a lot of people who will be getting a great deal of help in the coming years because of it.

  16. Ok, somebody explain COMBAT, please.

  17. I’m looking forward to some Christmas pics here soon. Hope hope.

  18. Ok, well, how about some Easter, pictures then.