on a lighter note. . .

Jules —  February 1, 2006


Laughter is the brush that sweeps away the cobwebs of your heart.” Mort Walker



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  1. ahh, ooh, what kind did you get? We need a new one too. Our old one, unfortunately did not suck.

  2. Well, Mom D spoiled me rotten when she passed down her old Simplicity to me when she bought a new one. I love hand me downs. She did a wonderful job for me for 8 years. We had her repaired several times and finally she had given us her all. I could not go back to cheap vacuums. I use mine nearly everyday in my messy household. You do not want to know how much it cost. :eek

  3. YES I DO :evil

  4. Did you get another Simplicity? You are just too cute, Jules!

  5. Good for you guys, we definitely need to get a new one ourselves. Our big one died and the little one just can’t get the floor really clean.

  6. Yes it’s another Simplicity! 😀

  7. I have to put my kudos in for the Simplicity too. They do suck big time. Love mine!!

    Jules, you look like a regular Mrs. Cleaver in the pic!

  8. It looks as if you actually put makeup on for the picture. Was that the best of say 11 pictures of you with it?

  9. No, James took four shots and I picked my favorite. :fish And yes, of course I applied some bright pink lipstick first!

  10. Your look so cute, Mrs. Cleaver was the 1st thing that popped into my mind too. Don’t think I have heard of Simplicity, where do you buy them? Mine is a topline of Sears, and I really like it. Congratulations.

  11. What is a simplicity vacum?????????

  12. It’s the brand name of a quality upright vacuum. Hopefully it will last for forever and a day!

  13. Personally, I was never quite impressed with ours. Karen loves it, but I think for the $ any of the top models at Walmart is just as good, and cheaper, in my opinion. I like the ones you can see through and can see the dirt swirl around. Cool.

  14. Whatever Tom. :rolleyes

  15. Hey Jules I am jealous……… Hey I bought a new vacum 4 years ago, you know the ones that “you can see through” and see the dust swirl around…. Well I would much rather have a vacum that sucks good and has a bag. This vacum I have stinks….I hate pulling the canister out and dust flies everywhere and then you have to reach up and grab stuff left behind. I would much rather hav a bag vac….
    I am so proud of you getting a new vac….

  16. Thanks Kandi for saving me from the big bad Tom comment!! 😉

  17. I’m seriously thinking of getting one of the DYSON vaccumns if this hoover of Richards ever dies. But I must say it does do a good job. The one appliance other than a washer a woman needs is a good vac.

  18. Grandma Vera’s Birthday is Sat. Feb.4th. 😉

  19. I’ve heard good things about the Dyson vacuums. I didn’t look into them though. I guess I just felt comfortable sticking with what I’m used too. I heard they are bagless and I kinda like the filter bags.

    I agree. A good washer and vacuum are the biggies for housekeeping. Now I have both. I am very blessed! 😀

    Thanks for the heads up.

  20. Thanks Julie, it was my pleasure to give you the Simplicty. So glad for you!!!! :indeed

  21. Thanks. I think my new one looks like yours. It uses the same size bags as your new one too. Must be the same model.

  22. I have heard good things and bad things about the Dyson vacs. So maybe a good Rainbow vac would be better………
    I disagree with Mom… The dishwasher is an appliance I think every woman should have… I had one but it died… Now I want one…. Maybe when taxes come……..Ian was helping but that ended quickly…….

  23. Kandi, I went all summer without a dishwasher. I felt like I spent hours each day washing dishes. I understand. James got on some on line forums and was able to figure out what the problems were. He ordered the parts as was able to get it fixed. How is your old one not working?

  24. It smokes when it starts running and the cycles run backwards. When it is supposed to fill and wash it heats to dry. When it is supposed to drain it fills. It is a 1966 Hotpoint Dishwasher……Need I say any more :banghead

  25. Suck a small animal up in one of those see thru models and I bet you’ll change your mind on what’s cool. :evil

  26. Since your talking about cleaning, I am so proud of myself. This morn. Gil & I took a whole car load of stuff to the resale store. I have a very hard time letting go of my stuff. I still have more boxes to go through. I really want to have more clear spaces in the house. Thank God for the organizational shows on tv showing me how to do this. :worship

  27. Congrats, Mom, I know that’s hard to do. I just 2 garbage bags full to a resale shop this morning, too! I packed them up last week, and today had to fight the urge to reopen them to make sure I hadn’t changed my mind about anything. I resisted and took it all away. It feels good to pass things along.

  28. Yesterday I was looking through a Southern Homes magazine at work, I saw a paper towel holder that looked just like mine and immediately got tears in my eyes. I had to laugh, I could see someone coming into the breakroom and telling them I was crying over my paper towel holder!!!
    Hormones, you gotta love them.
    Congratulations on you new purchase, may it suck forever and whatever!

  29. Ok I need to clarify. All of my worldly possessions are in storage in another state.

  30. Interesting:
    My crazy doctor (counselor) told me to start doing my house in the feng shui method.
    Clear out clutter, get rid of white walls, place my bed differently in the bedroom etc…..
    Keep all my sink drains closed, keep toilet seat closed.
    She said I would feel better putting up mirrors in certain areas.
    Well, someday I will finish all these tasks and see if I feel better.
    talk later,

  31. I’m sure I’ll feel better when I get rid of the clutter. Mirrors I look better without them. I look better in my imagination. I like to use them to make the room look bigger.

    Good going Deb, I want to keep this up. I need to get back to Fly lady, she will keep me going.

  32. I’m more of a minimalist than a pack rat. Unless of course it comes to china/serviceware or Christmas decorations.

    Someone told me a long time ago, “If it’s not useful or beautiful then get rid of it”

    I am prone to getting rid of stuff and occasionally I’ve had regrets.

    Mom is a collector/pack rat, but it really comes in handy if I need something. She usually has at least one and sometimes several hundred! (auction finds)

  33. I can tell Kandi is waiting for me. :rolleyes
    Want, need, want. 😀

    Tom, that does it, I’m getting a Simplicity. :rotfl