our 16th anniversary

Jules —  October 16, 2006

James and I spent our anniversary weekend at a sweet, sweet old 1920’s farmhouse bed and breakfast situated in a valley on a dairy farm near wine country. We had the entire home and surrounding countryside all to ourselves!!! The lovely old house smelled, looked and felt just like a Grandma’s house. When we arrived and started to come down from the busyness of our lives we were very teary and weepy for the first 24 hours. This was just the respite our bodies, souls and spirits needed.

Off the beaten path.

The little white house in the distance was our destination! Please click on all the pictures to enlarge them and go to my gallery to see all the pictures from our weekend.

This home housed three stills during prohibition. I have pictures of every possible view of the land surrounding the home in my gallery, as well as pictures of the inside of the house.

The owners gave us a complimentary bottle of wine, stocked the frig with milk, orange juice, eggs, bacon, cereal and soda pop and left delicious homemade cinnamon rolls and a plate full of homemade goodies on the table for us to enjoy.


A half mile away is a pretty river. We took the ferry across to get to town. There are only two working ferries left in our state.

There’s a neat little restaurant there, too.

We spent the better part of Saturday at a local winery! We sat and sipped wine while looking out over the beautiful countryside, ate at the restaurant and toured the old underground wine cellars, ending our visit with a wine tasting. Great memories!

Me and my guy!

The cows, deer and hoot owls kept us company! Our ears rang for awhile once we arrived. The quiet was amazing. The stars at night were unbelievable. I am sick to death of the city with it’s light pollution, congestion and noise. We are looking forward to visiting again!



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  1. what a wonderful weekend! Looks very PEACEFUL! Just what you two needed. I am so glad you got to get away. Was it hard coming back to the real world?

  2. James is having a really hard time today. He is very frustrated with the phone! It seems he doesn’t get a moments peace. I wish it could’ve been longer for him.

  3. Marilyn alias(Punkie) October 16, 2006 at 5:32 pm

    Wow, looks really peaceful. Think we can all get into the tub? Sounds like a great place for the girls week-end. How do you find these places? I’d like for Gil & I to find things like this.
    Yes, to bad you couldn’t spend a week, but then James would just have that many more phone calls.

  4. I really missed the quiet of that house today.

    I was making ugly faces at my phone all day today. :rotfl

  5. Hey, that can be our contest for this year. How many people can we fit in the tub?!!! I have one contest stipulation—-SWIMSUITS!!!!!! HEHEHE!

    We found it on visitmo.com under bed and breakfasts.

  6. Party pooper :fish :rotfl :rotfl

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I’m glad you can get away like that, and it is important that you do. There may be more marriages saved if they had done like you. Don’t get me wrong. I know you all are not having problems, but there are a lot of people with children that don’t make time for themselves. THIS IS GOOD!!!!!

  8. I was starting to go nuts. I need down time with James on occasion. We try to get away each year on our anniversary. We have a lot of fun memories of our little get-aways. I am glad our parents help us out with the kids. That is a big blessing. :love

  9. I deleted the end until I know if things are ago or not. I don’t want to pressure! :drool

  10. Looks like a great time. It’s amazing how ANYWHERE but home is a great get away when you’re drowning in kids, work, etc. We need to go next year for the weekend for Karen’s b-day. Think we could all fit in the hot tub? I’ll wear my speedo if room is in question. Nothing like me in a speedo if space is tight.

  11. Happy Anniversary! sounds like you guys had a great time!

  12. TOM!!! :fish I just have to fish slap you after each of your comments now. It’s a habit!!!

    Hey we’re going to Mom’s around 2pm on Saturday. We’ll eat after the hayride. How does that sound? We thought the kids would eat better after when they are calmed down a little bit.

    We would all have a great time going there for Karen’s birthday! That would be perfect.

    You’re right. We are so busy that anywhere other than home is a blessing. I know this place isn’t fancy but I am just really not into fancy at this point in my life. I like simple and inexpensive. It was wonderful!!!!!

  13. Thanks Angela! It means a lot that you care about our little family. 😀

  14. OH and James confessed last night that he did more than make ugly faces at the phone. He YELLED at it. He said he hoped the countertop guys out in the shop didn’t hear him! :banghead

  15. So glad you guys went and did this and had a wonderful time. I can’t wait until our next trip to Hermann. You’ll have to send me the info on this place because it sounds like alot of fun. Happy belated anniversary. Love you two!

  16. Oh how fun! You guys deserved it. :)

  17. Jules, just what is the date of your anniversary? I think I have it down wrong. What is Nita’s anniversary.

  18. By the way I went through all your pics today, pretty nice weekend hey. You deserve it. “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” :love

  19. Thanks!! Our Anniversary is October 13th. I believe Mom and Larry’s is October 23rd.

    Thanks Rob!

  20. We had the blessing of watching Lydia and Jessica for the weekend. They were so good for us and our church really enjoyed them.
    :band It was good to see the “kids” get away. No matter how poor or if we had enough, Richard and I always found a way to celebrate our Anniversary. This was our first year of not getting away as we were too tired and stressed from our own business to leave. :banghead

  21. The pictures are great!!!! You both look so happy. :love

  22. Carl, you like the country so I’m sure you’d enjoy this place. If you’re wanting privacy and peace and quiet, it’s perfect. They had Sense and Sensibility there to watch but I couldn’t bear to turn on a movie. The quiet was so perfect.

  23. Mom D., Thanks so much for watching the girls. They had such a terrific time. They did not want the weekend to end either. They ate breakfast Monday morning with their heads on the table grumbling about their weekend being over.

  24. Whee! What a nice relaxing place. I am so happy for you two!

  25. Marilyn alias(Punkie) October 18, 2006 at 7:12 am

    Did Nita have Anjelia and Elaina?

    I have to work til about 10 on this Sat. morning, it’s our Angelfood distribution day. If it is nice and sunny & warm, we will try to come. I missed last month, I’m part of the team and hate to miss all the time when I am committed to something, but it sure is hard to miss the family getogethers. I’ll try to get done early.

  26. Yes, she had the little ones.

    I hope the weather is nice. As long as it isn’t raining it will be great.

  27. Julie and James, I’m so glad you had such a wonderful weekend. The scenery in that area is so pretty. Just reading about your weekend makes me nostalgic for our recent get-away. Sweet memories.

  28. I’d love to hear about your weekend away, too Deb. I am glad you took away sweet memories. :love

  29. OH JULES, that place looked just perfect, I and Joe would love that too, Im glad for ya’ll and Im glad you know that you have to take time for just you two, it’s very important, YEH!!! If ya’ll are considering going there for girls wk. end, let us other girls know( Linda, Kelli,Deb,and I), I know Kelli AND i WOULD LIKE TO COME TO A GIRLS WK. END . I bet the fairy was neato . James is such a sweety :love later lovey’s.

  30. 😀 oh, I forgot to tell you, I have seen that Stone Hill wine in our liq. stores down here, was it good? What kind did you like best? later lovey.

  31. Hmmmm. . . We may need the bigger house. . .hmmmm or both houses. It’s June 1st and 2nd. Do you think you guys would know soon if you can come? If you can all come we’d need to reserve Mom’s house (the other house on the property). It’d be great to have you. Let me know soon I am working on reserving the one right now. It’s a little bit more money than we’ve paid in the past, but now to much more. To reserve both we’ll need all of you! The other house is a little cheaper, I think. It’s three bedrooms but not full of antiques. It’s a 6o’s home. It has three bedrooms and a big living room.

    All the wine was really good. James likes dry and I like it sweeter so the Steinberg Red, a semi-sweet red, was perfect for us.

  32. Before prohibition the Stone Hill winery was the second largest winery in our country. It was put to ruin during prohibition and started back up by a family in the 60’s. There’s a wine barrel there that the monks managed to save to make wine in for the sacraments during prohibition.

  33. I never thought about what people did for the Lord’s supper during prohibition. I guess I figured they used grape juice which is what our church uses.

  34. Julie, you asked about our weekend get-away. We went to a state park and stayed in a rustic cabin. It wasn’t too rustic as it had a modern kitchen (fridge, stove, coffee pot) plus indoor plumbing and bathroom! Our favorite part was the wood fireplace, which was the only heat source and it was chilly at night. We pulled the mattress from the bed and put it right by the fireplace–COZY! And we enjoyed cooking outside on the grill and eating on the screened porch–so quiet and peaceful. Steve taught me how to start the fire the Boy Scout way with flint and steel. That was a bit frustrating at first to try to strike the rock just right to get a spark, then try to catch it on the cloth and blow gently until it flamed up. I finally got it–then I wanted to keep trying it–turned out to be fun. (Made me wonder how many fun things I miss because I get frustrated at the beginning) We went hiking a lot and saw lots of beautiful rock formations including 2 huge natural stone arches. The trail took us to a beautiful scenic overview from the top of a cliff. Then we looked around and realized the rest of the trail took us down the side of the cliff–down a VERY steep staircase. We did it (I was a bit white-knuckled, trying to make myself breath normally and thankful the boys weren’t with us). After we made it down, the trail took us through some woods and over a stone path that we could see had steep dropoffs on each side. When the path turned downwards and around we came to the natural rock arch which was over 100 feet tall. We didn’t realize until we reached the bottom of the arch that we had just walked over the top of the arch. At the peak of the arch, it’s only the stone is only about a foot thick. And the only way back out was to walk back over that arch and up that steep staircase up the side of the mountain. I was so relieved and proud when we made it up.

    The whole weekend was just so peaceful and comforting–just enjoying God’s beautiful artwork and being with each other.

  35. Ahhh. . . thanks for sharing your trip with me. That sounds so fun! Isn’t it great to feel that slight feeling of danger? It’s exhilarating! God made us to be exhilarated. I am so glad that you and Steve got away alone and that you got to sleep in front of a fireplace. Sounds romantic. Your rustic cabin sounds better than a fancy hotel!

    James and I used to have a house with a finished basement. We had a wonderful wood stove down there. We kept a winter’s worth of firewood and burned it all winter. I LOVED THAT WOOD STOVE. We would drag our mattress all the way downstairs to sleep in front of the wood stove. Your story reminded me of those days.

  36. James adores the mountains. I wish they weren’t so far away.

    He wants to go tour some old lighthouses on the east coast next year. We’ll see if we can pull a trip like that off by ourselves.

  37. Happy Anniversary! Wow, 16 years…that’s awesome! Looks like you had a great time :love

  38. Thanks Amber. I definitely have to say marriage gets better and better with time.

  39. I went to the doctor today, she said I was dilated to 1-2cm, she could feel the babies head, so we are on the launch pad to go whenever. She told me that I couldn’t travel to the hay ride, so now Mom and Dad think they shouldn’t leave town either. I hate that I ruined it for everyone, tell your mom sorry for canceling. I wanted to see everyone. Chris, the kids and I went looking for a car seat yesterday. They are all so expensive, since they are only in it less than 6 months. After much time spent on the computer I finally picked one and it’s being sent soon. I can’t seem to make any decisions easily, like I usually can. My doctor told me she would do an ultrasound next Thursday if she doesn’t see me in the hospital 1st. Chris is thanking God that we got to be in this state earlier than planned.

  40. By the way–that was me that wrote the above comments, not Punkie. (she’s not pregnant, you know) but didn’t want to cause any confusion.

  41. I already changed it! How exciting! Isn’t it great to find out that stuff is happening!!! Yayyy!!!!!

    We will miss you all. I have a feeling your parents don’t mind postponing things as they wait for their grandchild.

    If it rains on Saturday then we will do it on Sunday, if the weather is nice. If not then it will be the 28th. I am still hoping the forecast will change.

  42. Marilyn alias(Punkie) October 19, 2006 at 9:08 pm

    No, I don’t mind postponing for them, because I think we should be here in case they need us to keep Sarah & Aaron, and am anxious to see Anna. I am sorry to have to miss the get together though and seeing everyone.

    I don’t know if I could have walked down the stair case and over the arch on Deb’s hike. You’re a brave soul.

  43. Jules

    HOW SCARY!!!!!
    :worship :worship

  44. Oh Kandi!!!!!! It wasn’t scary at all. It was just the opposite. Very comforting. We’ll hold your hand girl! You can sleep with someone!

  45. Kandi, you’re always saying how much you miss the old farmhouse you lived in as a little girl. I thought you’d love this. God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. Tell that fear to go away!!!! :worship

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