painting percolations

Jules —  January 28, 2006

I had to share a picture of a painting my Aunt Marlis just completed. Isn’t it awesome?!

It’s not your painting anymore. It stopped being your painting the moment that you finished it.” Jeff Melvoin



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  1. Thank you, what a surprise. It will look better once it is matted, framed or whatever. I’m so glad you like it. Again thanks, for the honor on your blog.

  2. Very nice work. Just watch where you hang it or you may have a lot of unexpected company. It’s very inviting. Proud of you Sis, not only for your “gift” from God, but also for your generosity. :indeed

  3. I wonder if it was originally intended for me, or did my excitement twist your arm?! I got excited when I saw it!!!

    Even if you wanted it for yourself, I’d be so honored that you enjoy my blog so much as to do such a neat, personal painting.

    James and I looked at houses today. I found a layout that I love and would actually meet my family’s needs. I have no idea if we could afford it or not, or be approved for a loan. Will know more later this week. I am so so sick of where we live. I am excited, but afraid to get too hopeful.

  4. Here is the house if anyone wants to see it.

    Click Me!

  5. I had you in mind when I started it, and just kept it there. The house looks nice. But only you know if you can afford it. With 4 little ones, don’t go over your head. But I do hope you can afford something like that.

  6. Thanks. We are totally dreaming and I realize that. I just really hate where we are and I need to dream sometimes. We have been strapped to a house payment before and it was miserable, so I appreciate the advice. I don’t want that again.

    We have drove around and looked for houses in the country, so my kids can have more freedom. Where we live is dangerous. We live on a corner lot by a busy road. I feel like the whole town drives by and sees my kids playing. I don’t have peace about their safety. The prices in the country are sooooooooo high. Unbelievable! I’ve decided a 4 bedroom house on a culdesac would be perfectly fine. I also want a dining room really bad. The six of us need a good size eating space.

    Like I said, we’re just dreaming, but hopefully someday we’ll be outta here!

  7. Is there someway to high fence it and add on too the house. With the children I’d think about remodeling and adding.

  8. I hope you find that dream house. I’m sure God knows you need a better location and the space. I’ll bet he has a lovely place already picked out and at the right time He will take you to it. 😉

  9. We have so much traffic now, since Wal-Mart moved in down the street. The land across the street has recently been zoned commercial. A dance studio recently went in across the street. There will soon be more businesses I’m sure. There is mechanic shop in front of our house. Most of the houses on our street are beginning to look like they are falling apart. It would cost at least 30 thousand to add on, probably more. I don’t think it would be a good investment, financially. I don’t know if we would get a return our money. We’ve thought about it. Just not sure. I privacy fence is much needed.

    I feel bad for complaining. This has been a WONDERFUL home for us the past 7 years. I have really loved it here. We have had two more children since we’ve moved in and traffic has changed a lot. If we had a basement that would help a lot with storage and play space. This place has met our needs in the past but realistically our family and the neighborhood has changed a lot.

  10. I don’t mean to sound bossy, I’m sorry. The house is small and I think you have utilized it about as well as you can. I’m sure with 6 it does get a bit close at times. I did’nt realize the busines’s that are near. I’m sure as Punky said, God has a nice place for you, it’s a shame he don’t tell us where our dreams are. Good Luck and happy hunting.

  11. Love the painting!!!
    It is hard not to just go out and buy a house that we love. Remember, the loan people and realters will always tell you that you can afford alot more than you can. So find a number and stick to it. I can’t wait to start house hunting, although I am enjoying having all my bills paid for me!!!
    Tommorrow is a big day for Chris and I we are donating our “locks for love”. He has grown his hair out a long time for this and my hair touches my waist line. So we are ready.

  12. Awww, don’t feel that way. I really appreciate the input. You sound like me. I worry myself sick about comments I make on blogs sometimes.

    We have thought about that a lot, too. As you know, Tom and Karen just added on and remodeled. They said it’s the best money they’ve ever spent.

    So many things to think about……

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  13. Trish, I just found your comment again awaiting moderation. What’s up with that?!

    That’s very cool about locks of love. When we cut Jessica’s hair off, we were real disappointed that it wasn’t long enough. We thought it was.

    Are you cutting your hair to shoulder length? What do they need? 10 inches?

    We figure we are not ready for a much bigger house payment. But we are just feeling the waters. I think James is going even more nuts here than I am. We could do a fixer upper but that really isn’t James’ bag. We are praying together about it.

  14. Very cool!!!! :cool

  15. Trish, Chris, that is so cool donating your hair. I know people appreciate the sacrifice. I know some one else doing that too.

    When we bought our house we bought what we could afford at the time, but did not take into consideration that Gil would get pay increases and that I would be working some day. Sometimes I had wished we would have looked for a little bigger home. Just something else to add to your pros and con list. Our house payments at that time were $118.00 a month, of course that was over 30 yrs. ago.

  16. Well, after much thought (for the past two years!) I think we are totally unable to afford our dream home at this time. I am totally ok with waiting until we can afford it. So we are going to see about turning the garage into extra living space and remodeling the kitchen and siding windows etc. I think I can totally deal with traffic if I had a home I could be proud of and a privacy fence. We had it bid two years ago to remodel the garage and we think it might be something we could actually afford.

    James seems to remodel everyone else’s kitchens and I have become disgruntled! I think a new kitchen would cheer me up! 😀

  17. Cool painting, great house! Hope it works for you guys. You deserve it!

  18. Well, you know what they say about Mechanics, plumbers, electritions & Etc. they are the last ones to get their cars, plumbing, lighting, fixed. :cry