Peaks Piking

Jules —  August 15, 2006

We had the good pleasure of being a part of Rob and Sarah’s wedding in Colorado Springs! We loaded up Tuesday evening and left at 5 am Wednesday morning. As you know, it’s a long boring trip across the state of Kansas. Even the stuffed animals Mug and Pumpkin got bored!

Everywhere we go we are accompanied by stuffed animals!

Rob, James and the rest of the guys spent Thursday in Denver driving through the foothills and sliding down the Alpine slides. James really enjoyed the day, but was disappointed when they ran out of time to tour the Coors plant. Next time, hon.

Thursday evening the girls and I attended the rehearsal dinner with James.

We enjoyed meeting Rob’s four cousins. They are from a family of four girls with the exact same age differences as our girls! It was fun to see what our family will resemble in just a few years when Lydia is nineteen and Anjelia is fourteen. I hope our girls are as sweet and loving as this family.

The beautiful couple!

The wedding was very pretty. Sarah’s church was gorgeous. James enjoyed his Best Man responsibilities.








The reception was held at a quaint little place with a pretty view. The food was delicious and it was a nice day for an outdoor party. The weather in Colorado is so mild. I loved the cool temps and low humidity. I took very few pictures. I always regret doing that.

We spent most of Saturday driving up and down Pikes Peak or as Lydia calls it Peaks Piking! It was a fun adventure taking the Burban to the top! I am really glad we did that instead of taking the Cog (I call it a tram). Toward the top I started to feel like a sedative would be appropriate! The paved road turned into a winding dirt road. Everytime I looked out my window I saw nothing but a drop off down the mountain! It was sooooooo fun. I love little mini-adventures and my appetite for them was satisfied by our trip up the mountain!


The view of the range was gorgeous at the top. I was in complete awe! It was 49 degrees! It felt so good. I think my body was made for high altitudes. I could breathe so well up there and my sinuses were completely clear. It was AMAZING. I can’t believe I didn’t even come close to needing my inhaler. Last time we went to Denver and did a little climbing I had a horrible scary asthma attack. Praise God!

Of course, my family had to pee immediately and once inside the little gift shop, they had to look around and do some shopping. When we came back out I was disappointed to see that the entire summit was completely covered in clouds. My view was gone, but it was fun to literally have my head in the clouds! I did get a couple of pictures on one side while there was still a little visibility.

Elaina was traumatized because she had just lost her balloon.


We met a cute couple at the top. They had hiked all the way up the mountain in just 6 1/2 hours! They were wore out and asked for a ride back down. We were happy to help them out as the cog is very expensive. They’re students from Focus on the Family.

I can’t remember their names!

I like this shot of Jessica. We pulled over on the way down, once we were under the clouds.

James had the Burban in lowest gear, but our brakes still got really hot and smelly on the way back down. We failed the brake inspection and had to pull over and let the brakes cool. It gave Lydia and “the guy” time to recover a bit from their car sickness.

We had a great time on our trip and we look forward to going back. I’d love to take the cog up the mountain when it’s snowy.

The new school year starts on Thursday. We met Jessica’s teacher last night and we will be meeting Lydia’s tonight. Our trip was an excellent end to summer vacation. I am already looking forward to next summer when Anjelia is 3 1/2. It will be so much easier. I hope to take the girls to lots of movies and do a lot of fun activities that we weren’t able to do this summer. Many more fun times and adventures await us in the future! I look forward to each and every one!



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  1. Great picks. Rob and Sarah made terrific choices…very classic, elegent outfits. They look great. Glad you guys got to get away before the hustle and bustle of school starts. It is weird…probably because of the temps yesterday and today…but you can almost feel school in the air. Very odd!

  2. It was a very classy wedding. The colors were white, black and ivory. The fathers suits were so handsome. You can see Roger (Rob’s dad) in the background of the rice throwing picure. Of course Carolyn was pretty too in her lavendar dress. Rob and Sarah did a fantastic job planning it. Everything was very oraganized. It felt very relaxing. It was a lovely affair.

    The wedding party did champagne toasts at the end of the reception. They didn’t do the traditional cake cutting stuff, etc. but instead spent that time relaxing and visiting with the guests.

    The girls felt very grown up. They all sat at a kid table off by themselves. I think they felt like they were having a tea party. They were very excited when the bride spoke to them!

  3. Have been looking forward to these pictures. What a cute couple you and James make. Pretty & Handsome. The girls are lovely too, always. Of course the bride & groom look great as does everyone.
    I remember when Gil & I went to the mountains out west a few years ago, I didn’t like the part about straight down. I was hanging onto the console in the middle for dear life. It is definately an adventure. There was one part where there was nothing on either side just straight down, I think Gil shut his eyes on that part. It snuck up on us and we didn’t see it coming. Very scary. Glad you made it home safely and didn’t have to free wheel it down the mountain.

  4. How cool, literally. Everyone looked so nice. Especially you and James in that pic together. How nice to have a friend like Rob and end up being his best man at such a lovely wedding.

    The Pikes Peak tour, I could not go on. Since I’m older, I have a fear (in a vehicle) of going off the side. In Arizona, I cried all the way thru Salt River Canyon. If I’m on foot I’m OK.

  5. WE miss the Mountains and always will. The first time for me was on our way to Bible School in Canada. Richards first time was on vacation with his mom and step-dad when he and his sister were in their teens. It is true that when you see the mountains one feels better,maybe thats why our Airforce Daughter never wants to come back to Misouri.

    Julie the pictures are so wonderful and the loss of not being there is so fullfilled. Thank you Hun :love

  6. James would love to move out there to a cooler climate. He likes snow and mild summers. I have to agree, it’s gotta be a nice place to live.

    We wish you could’ve been there. I have a little something to give you from the wedding. They’re sweet and crunchy. Any guesses?

  7. Aunties, you would probably enjoy the cog ride. That would be the way to go. We would’ve spent nearly $120 for all of us to ride the cog. They only charged us $30 to drive up ourselves. I am glad we did, but I would like to take the cog sometime too. We did see some wild rams or something skipping across the rocks and a little furry critter was at the top piddling around. The girls scared me when they tried to lean over the edge to get a good look.

  8. Great post Jules!

    Yeah, I had a blast driving up that mountain. My truck was feeling pretty manly after that drive too.

    It was so fun to be the best man at Rob’s wedding. Those two looked so great and you can just tell they are excited about their life together.

    It’s fun to see people you love exchanging vows with each other. It’s a healthy reminder for everyone there who’s already married.

    I was telling Jules how important the ‘forsaking all others’ part of the vows are. Once kids come along it’s easy to let them take priority over your marriage. Kids are not the reason for the marriage they are a product of it. Anyway, we love our kids with all of our hearts but we still make a lot of time for each other.

  9. James,
    Alex totally agrees with you! He tells the kids
    they will be gone one day and it will be just he and I. We’ve always tried to have a date night once in a while. I think it makes the kids feel secure.

  10. Thanks for sharing your memories from Co. Love all the pictures. The wedding party look so dashing!

    Makes you go back and remember your own wedding, doesn’t it? When we went to Christi’s wedding a couple weeks ago it made me relive all the memories of my own. Made me grateful to have married my best friend and that 15 years later I would say “I do” all over again.

    Poor Elaina looks so sad in all the pics. . .


    I really like the picture of you and James all dressed up. You guys cleaned up nice!

  11. Elaina didn’t cry the whole time but it sure looks like she did. She was really exhausted most of the time. I just took a few pictures during our trip and didn’t have much to choose from. She is really looking forward to her sisters going back to school. I think because she’s so wore out from playing so hard all the time. She told me she’s looking forward to having the house to herself.

    The wedding did make James and I reflect a lot on our marriage. We are so blessed to be the closest of friends. Weddings are romantic.

  12. Your right Jules, I would love the cog ride. Height does’nt bother me, it’s only when I’m in a vehicle that I loose control, literally. I mean a vehicle on four tires. I love all kinds of rides, as long as they are not real fast.

  13. I LOVE date nights, Kelli! We also like kissing if front of the girls. They say, “Gross!” but I know they like it so we torture them that way!

  14. We never kissed in front of the girls, didn’t want to give them any ideas.

    I’m just kidding.

  15. Where are those girls, anyway???????

  16. I didn’t realize Richard went out with you, or is that James? I remember we took our brand new 4WD out to Colorado when I graduated school and went up this mountain for 4WD’s. Yeah you look out the door and your palms start instantly sweating. I do remeber my brakes getting hot and stinky but not as stinky as my shorts when my tires slipped!

  17. Jules, when do the the girls start school? I think Ian starts around the 23rd. Speaking of Ian, his fever broke last night late and he is at the sitters. Well are the girls ready for school? Clothes and full back packs. Need any help, holler!!! :p

  18. Tom, James immediately commented about how much he looks like his dad in the pics!

    Your mountain driving experience sounds like even more fun. There are so many little “mini-adventures” that I dream of!

    Auntie, the girls start tomorrow! They went in to meet their teachers and drop off school supplies earlier this week.

    I haven’t bought a lot of clothes yet. They have a decent summer wardrobe. I got them cute, new school outfits for tomorrow. I’ll post a pic after they leave. They both have new shoes, so that’s a start. When the weather starts to cool down I’ll worry about the rest. I didnt’ find any winter clothes this summer. :( I didn’t hit enough garage sales, I guess.

  19. I am glad to hear some good news about Ian.

  20. Son, missed you on your 35th birthday :band I thought
    you looked so fine in the wedding pictures and Julie also. Of course the grandaughters always look fine. You do look like your father which he would have it no other way. :love :birthday

    Tom you are a blast. Thanks for”the memories”!!!! The days of OLD when your sweet Karen and us were a ministry togather servering our LORD. :indeed

  21. Aww, Jules, you and James look so cute together. What a cute little couple you are! :love

    I really miss seeing mountains and pretty scenery. The kids and I took a trip to CO a few years ago (with my parents), but Jonathan didn’t get to come with us that time. I really want to go back as a family next time. However, Chandler des NOT like the drive to CO, so it may be a few more years till’ we attempt that “adventure” again.

    Rob and Sarah look beautiful! Isn’t it so much fun to see “new love” start on it’s journey :-).

  22. Amber, I just visited your site. Your post on being a Mom is excellent. Thanks so much for the encouragment!

    There’s a link to Amber’s site, 3 little whites, to the side.

  23. Oh what fun! That’s so great you were able to go to Pike’s Peak! It was so nice seeing your family again at the wedding! Your little girls are so precious!

    I loved that James teared up during the ceremony. That and my brother tearing up made me lose it!

  24. You were all very sweet and teary!

    I really enjoyed seeing you again Melissa!

  25. That’s the best wedding I’ve ever been too!

    It was great to have the D clan there with us. When your girls and the Dodd girls were talking, that was priceless.

    Jimmy, what kind of industrial white paint did you use on my car? I had to razor blade that stuff off there. :)

  26. It was shoe polish. James felt bad that Mark missed out on helping with the car. They tried to be real nice and considerate so you wouldn’t have a mess to deal with.

    Will there be some honeymoon posts? I’m curious about your Argentina adventure.

  27. Yes, blogs coming soon! We’ve been going through all the many pictures and will likely upload them tonight.

    Much fun!

  28. I’m a dork. Of course you knew it was shoe polish! I laughed at myself after I explained it to you!

    I look forward to the pics and stories!

  29. great photos!
    looks like it was a beautiful wedding!

  30. Angela, I am honored that you stop in from time to time to visit!

    Thanks!! Your new drawings are incredible. You are very gifted. I’m jealous!!!