Percolations is gettin teched out

Jules —  May 10, 2010

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I love my techy husband!

Check out his new blog, Blue Collar Coaching, in my links. He’s added another business to his life! He’s putting what he’s learned about business to good use, helping other entrepreneurs as a business coach.

We plan on podcasting soon! Our call letters are BCRN, Blue Collar Radio Network! Unfortunately the two microphones James has ordered have been fried by our usb hub. He finally figured out the problem!

Check out his business website, Builders Installation Group. We are in the process of getting a professional pic of James. We need to update his amateur tough-guy pose! hehe!



6 responses to Percolations is gettin teched out

  1. Amateur?

    Now, that’s just rude!

  2. amateur pose not amateur tough-guy! hehe!

  3. Jules, post some of your girls weekend pictures before you tech out. You know how to get lots of them on your blog. OK?

  4. I’m so impressed with all that! You go James.

  5. He is working hard!

  6. I AM SURLY PROUD OF YOU SON! Keep on keeping on!

    Would you like to come over and mow our wet yard while you do everything else. Ha!