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Jules —  May 21, 2006

Saturday, I took my girls to the mall to have Lydia and Jessica’s ears pierced at Claire’s. It was a lot of fun and of course I managed to snap a couple of pics of my brave girls!

Lydia waited anxiously for her piercing. They do both ears at once!

Easy as pie. She did jump a little when the earrings went in.

Jessica was terrified to the point of shaking, but I was proud of her for sticking it out. She would have been very disappointed if she’d come home without her pretty studs.

It was worth it and it didn’t even hurt!

Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.Ò€ Bill Moyers



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  1. They were so proud when they got home.

    They sure look cute.

    I’m looking forward to buying them earrings.

    So, now it starts, the purchasing of jewelry for my daughters.

  2. James what a sweet Daddy you are, I could use a new pair myself πŸ˜€ Tell the girls they are very brave and pretty.I think it looks neat for little girls to have peirced ears. :cool Jules I’ll try to get those pics. to you soon, as Deb said I have been workin the last few days :cry later lovey’s

  3. Sarah is thrilled! She has earring sisters. She loves it when I clean them, cause it’s cool and feels good to her. She gets to open the container and dip the q-tip in to the solution. Such big girls! I love it!

  4. They looked so pleased and so pretty. Good job, girls!

  5. I wonder who started this. I love the look of stud earrings in lil girls. Congratulations all three of you sweeties. :p :p :p

  6. How fun and grown up. I also like the girls with stud earrings. Their women now, ;). I never regret the day I got rid of those old clip on style clunkers.

  7. What fun! Someday I will take Evely to get hers done and won’t that be a great memory. The girls look so cute with their earrings on.

    Marlis, that cracked me up “those old clip on style clunkers”. That’s pretty much what they were – Clunkers!

  8. They do look so cute.I remember when Courtney, Katelyn andJasmine got theirs. A couple weeks ago Courtney put a staple thru the hole in her ear and it got red and sore. Not long before that she ate an apple and it got stuck between her teeth and would not come out, the nurse called Heather to take her home and try to get it out, she worked on it for ten minutes and couldn’t get it out. It almost fell out for Heather, they must have worked it loose. Oh well, I’m babbeling. The girls really look so pretty.

  9. On my 30th birthday my sister’s present to me was my ear piercing for the first time. I still have those studded earrings and I’m 54. Even I was a little worried about the whole thing. :( I tried the clip on ear rings and they hurt even worse!!! So glad to have pierce rings on my ears ONLY. :rotfl

  10. Mom, I think I remember you getting your ears pierced.

  11. Good for them! Once the annoying period of making sure they keep them clean, etc. is over you and they will be very glad for the experience. Congrats to both of them for being so brave.

  12. I’m 61 and still have my very 1st pair of earrings that my mom bought for me. They were the screw on type. I was around 22 or 23 when I got my ear pierced but I did it the wrong way. At that time they had the kind that you put on and they s-l-o-w-l-y work their way through. I can’t believe I did that. But It worked ok, just took a couple of weeks. At the time it sounded better than freezing your ear and having my husband use a needle and potato like my friends were doing. :puke

  13. PRAYER ALERT !!!!! I just talked to Deb and she feels like she has a migraine. So lets all be in prayer for her. I’ve had one a few times and they are awful. It’s making her feel nauseous. :cry :puke

  14. Deb will try anything to get out of school work

    After work today, Aaron came up to me to tell me about a mean boy that kept taking things from Sarah and other kids. Aaron would get the toys back from him and give them back to the other kids. He said the teacher did nothing after telling her. He even tried to spill Aaron’s milk and cookies, but Aaron didn’t hit him. Aaron said the boy chased him but he was only going 70mph and Aaron was going 80mph. I told him he did well not to fight and he should pray for him. He asked me how to pray, so I said a prayer with him repeating everything I said. It really scared me what a huge responsibility I have to show him how to pray. I told him to just tell God what he feels and thinks just like a friend and to pray for the other little boy to have Jesus’ love come into his heart.
    Times like this I feel like I am teetering on a cliff, like wow, this child completely trusts everything I say.

  15. It is a big resposibility!! Sounds like he was doing all the right things. Have you read the book “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge? He talks about the boy has dreams of being the hero, of beating the bad guys, of doing daring feats and rescuing the damsel in distress. I’m just about finished with it. I started in Dec. Deb give it to me to read. It’s beginning to look like she may get it back one of these days. I can’t seem to read as long as I used to, takes me forever to read. I like this book.

  16. I read his book Captivating that he wrote with his wife about girls and women. It’s REALLY good too. I haven’t read Wild at Heart but I would if I had a son.

  17. I have those moments too where the weight of the responsibility of parenting suddenly seems exceptionally heavy. No doubt you are doing a terrific job, Trish!

  18. Amen to that, Jules.

  19. Thanks Trish for teaching your child how to pray! You wouldn’t believe how many kids don’t have a clue how to pray. When I say kids I mean 16, 17, 18 year olds. As you all know or should I am a youth Director at church and many parents think it is my responsibility to teach there kids the bible. NO its the parents job…read Duet. I really shouldn’t have a job. oh…sorry for the preaching, but thanks Trish and all of those that do as God commanded!!

  20. What’s this–we finally hearing from a lurker!! Joseph, I heard you were viewing the blog, glad to hear from you! πŸ˜€ I agree with what you said. And even more than just teaching our kids, we need to be walking the walk ourselves. More is caught than taught…they follow what they actually SEE us doing, no matter how much we tell them what they SHOULD do. And that’s my 2 cents of “preaching” for the day.

    I started feeling better last night, thanks to all who prayed.

  21. Debbie, I am glad your head is better.

    Joseph!!!! How long have you been lurking here?!! I am soooo glad to have you post!!! I agree wholeheartedly with the comments above and James and I do try to teach our kids how to have a relationship with God and speak Life into their little hearts. It is a huge responsibility and I am VERY THANKFUL to those who are called to children’s and youth ministry. Our church has a strong calling to this and that is one reason why we are there. I so appreciate those that teach my children at church about worship, how to learn about God through his word and how to pray. I know it IS ultimately James and I’s responsibilitly but I am so thankful for people such as yourself who come along side and mentor our kiddos. It is a HUGE BLESSING!! And what a tremendous thing you do for those that haven’t had anyone teach them. You can surely be used of God to change the very paths of their lives!! Very cool.

    Thanks for posting, cuz!!!

  22. I second what Julie said. Having others come alongside and being Godly examples of men and women loving God is a special blessing to our children. A woman at our church who faithfully brings her 3 sons recently shared in a prayer group how thankful she is that her sons have had Godly men to mentor her sons since her husband is not a believer. She said every man just by being there at church has made a statement about God in their lives to her sons…that faith is not just a woman thing. Her oldest is now in college and has interned at our church for 2 summers as he wants to be a music minister. Praise God!

    Joseph, some day God will reveal the difference that you have made in many young peoples lives. Working with youth can be frustrating because its sometimes hard to see that you’re reaching them. Some day…you’ll see. :worship

  23. Amen to all the above mentioned. I have been a S.S. teacher for a L-O-N-G time and our youth minister mentioned the other day in church that I had a part in him being saved. You can imagine how that made me feel. :worship I hope he is not the only one. Usually by the time they are young adults they have forgotten who their 3rd grade S.S. teacher was. I work with the youth now and enjoy it but not good at reading them. I only hope I can help them to know Jesus loves them. Most of our Wed. night youth are neighbor hood kids around the church and haven’t had much christian upbringing. Joseph so good to hear from you. I have to admit that I was so excited to be at the Mothers day suprise, that I was looking at a person bent over the grill with a beard and didn’t know who it was. I had talked to you and hadn’t even noticed you had a beard. Loved seeing everyone there, just regret I didn’t get more visiting done with each.

  24. Joseph, I was looking at a pic. of someone over the grill. :rotfl

  25. When I worked at Walmart, some of the guys about your age Joseph were rebellious about people talking about God. I told them about seeing the light and God speaking to me when my husband died and Let them know there was a God, they did not like that at all. They don’t believe and they don’t want to hear about it. I pray they find God. :worship We need more young people in the church. We just need more young people to believe. :cry

  26. Joseph, Im so proud of you ,Im so thankful God picked you as one of his teachers and ministers. Please continue to converse with all of your family on this blog. I know all my sisters and neices , your cousins and aunts love hearing from you, and I think you could be alot of help to all of us and have new in sight on alot of things. love you Charlie Brown, do you remember Carolyn calling you that? πŸ˜€ :p Pray Alert, Linda just called me, Heathers son Tyler fell off his skate board and broke his leg in several places, he’s in the hosp. and will have surg. approx. at 5 ;00 tomarrow evening, she wants us to start praying for Tyler and for Heather, Heather is in a manic state whitch means she seems high and is laughing at every thing and very hyper. Heather had to go to the hosp. yesterday because she stood up and almost fainted, they said her B.P. was real high, they had to give her B.P. medicine through an I.V. to get her B.P. down. Please pray for Linda and Butch to stay strong, they have such heavy burdens to bear.Linda told me that Heather has been reading the bible the last few days :worship Well I better get in the shower, gotta work tomarrow again :cry Joseph, I sure do love you but I’d rather your beard was short πŸ˜€ I know , I know , be quiet Mom.Here is a band for you :band Oh, does everyone know that Joseph sings and plays in a band also ? He’s so multi. talented, just like his Mom, O.K. ,O.K. enough. later lovey’s

  27. Joseph, are you the one that had the drums and is that the instrument you still use in the band? :cool You should have sang for us that Sat. NOISE?, WHAT NOISE at Kelli’s are you talking about? We would have made everyone quite down.

    Linda, Butch, I pray Poor Tyler gets well soon, bless his heart. Heather, ask for Gods help, you need a little help now with Tyler hurt. Anytime you need help, even for yourself, just believe and trust in God, and ask him too help you. You go girl and keep praying. We’re with you.

  28. sigh…Poor Tyler. We’ll be praying for him, Heather, and all of you today. May you all experience God’s presence and comfort, each in a special way to meet your needs.

  29. Thanks guys for praying for them, Linda and Butch probably won’t be on for awhile since they’ll be at hosp. Tootsie, Justin had the drums, he was good too. Joseph plays guitar, harmonica, among other things he picks at and he sings and writes songs. Sometimes he and Jared sings and plays guitar together.Jared is also learning bango and he plays guitar, harmonica. piano, mandilin, they all must have got there talent from Muma, Joe and I don’t have any.Ashley, Joseph’s wife is a school teacher so she works with kids at school and church.I think they must have alot of patients.I hope we can all get together again soon and maybe Muma, Joseph,Jared could sing for us,although Jared is abit shy. :oops later lovey’s :band

  30. Joseph, it’s nice to meet you! This is Mom D. Richard (Dad D) and I work with our youth at our little bible church and know what you are talking about when it comes to our young youth. When parents do come to church and bring their teens they get some teaching in 45 minutes maybe once or twice a month from us but it is not enough. Then when they start driving the need to get a job to pay for fuel and insurance. so their attendence is even lower. We are thankful that “God’s Word never returns back to Him empty”.

    God’s blessing on your ministry!!!!

    We are thankful that James and Julie are training our gradaughters in godly ways. Prayer will always be a part of their lives for their growing up years and beyond.

    :indeed :indeed

  31. Wow!!!! I didn’t know your boys were so talented, Kathryn. Great,goin, I can’t play anything except the radio. I am hoping they will entertain us someday.

  32. I would love to hear them play, too! That would be so fun.

  33. the multi-talented Joseph May 25, 2006 at 9:11 pm

    thanks for all the support. I really like what I do but it is hard to do, but fun.
    Oh our band is actually recording a cd now. I hope it will be ready in the fall so everyone can get one and listen. then buy one for their friends :evil :cool hehehehe
    well anyway i love the blog and wish i had one myself…keep it going I know the women like it a lot…. :oops did i really just say that?


  34. I’m looking forward to hearing your CD, Joseph. :band I think the MEN enjoy the blog to, just won’t admit it. :fish