piggy love

Jules —  February 12, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day! As with most of the holidays, I enjoy the time through the eyes of my children. This last week has been filled with Valentine box crafting. Jessica and I staged a photo shoot of her guinea pigs. We took quite a few Valentine-esque photos of the piggies. She taped them all over her box, inside and out, along with a number of red hearts. It was quite a tribute of love for her pigs.

Lydia’s box was topped with a Littlest Pet Shop disco scene, complete with a working disco ball! Elaina and I made a really cute monkey box and Anjelia did a bunny box, of course. I wish I had pictures, but I’ve all but given up on my camera. I miss taking pictures.

Speaking of pictures. . . I tried to take pictures of my homemade noodles! Yes, I made homemade noodles for the first time. Unfortunately, I have no documentation. They turned out very yummy. (Thank you Robin, for teaching me!) I was proud to serve them for James’ sis, Christie, who visited us last week after seven long years! It was so good to see her. She recently returned from being deployed to Iraq and we were thankful to have her home! I also had the honor of having James’ Aunt Kathryn over. I’ve missed these ladies!

Jessica has fallen in love with the music of John Denver. She has the BEST of teachers this year and Mrs. R plays John Denver music during class. Jessica borrowed her teacher’s cd so James could put the music on her MP3 player. Too cute!

Do you remember your Valentine boxes? What kind of music did you like in grade school?

Elaina spent days in front of our fireplace with a fever. Landon was right by her side the entire time.

Despite the bitter cold, I hope you have a warm and cozy, love filled week!



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  1. Knock Knock
    Anyone Home?

  2. I’m disappointed that we don’t have pictures of your newest children up here! 😉