Pink panthers

Jules —  May 15, 2007

Jessica played in her first softball game! Her team, Pink Panthers, did very well considering they had very few practices due to rain. It was soooooo fun to watch.






Jessica got a base hit and scored one for the team!



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  1. Congrats Jessica on your base hit & score! That’s awesome! I love your uniforms with the pink gloves!

  2. I had so much fun!

    It was cute. The girls on the bench were making up cheers for whoever was at bat trying to encourage them to get a hit.

  3. How cute with all that pink. Bet you all had a good time watching. Jessica, you sure are cute in that uniform & Pretty smile.

  4. I want to join your team, Jessica, just so I can get that pink outfit and especially the hat! Jim has a motorcycle and I have a pink helmet for it! I love it!

  5. Jessica,
    I knew when you was a baby and I saw how strong your little legs were that you would be doing what you are doing now. Your Great Grandfather would of enjoyed watching you as he was a baseball player for the Kansas City Blues.

    Very proud of YOU!

  6. What a fantastic team name and what cool outfits! Jessica looks great. I’m so excited that she is doing this and that her first game was so personally successful.

  7. Don’t know how long her season is, but it would be fun to come with you guys to one of her games.

  8. That would be fun!

    Wed. May 16 – 6:00
    Mon. May 21 – 6:00
    Mon. June 4 — 2 games 7:30 and 9:00
    Wed. June 6 – 6:00
    Mon. June 11 – 6:00
    Wed. June 13 – 9:00
    Wed. June 20 – 7:30
    Wed. June 27 – 7:30

  9. James must be the coolest coach, he even carries the players to the bases!

  10. Well I commented last night but computer was sick, so I’ll try again.

    Jessica you look so pretty in your uniform. All of you do. I wore the old fashion one piece dark blue bloomers in high school. They didn’t have a sense of fashion then.

    James, you have a lot of help it looks like as a base coach. What fun for the whole family.

  11. I LOVE all the pink! That’s my kind of baseball uniform :-) I can’t wait till my kids are big enough to play summer sports….that looks like a lot of fun!

  12. You’ll love it. I’m having so much fun washing her uniform!

  13. Oh the uniforms I have washed and I never thought of it as fun but I love the games! The soccer bags were horifying! Audrie was a pink panther too. You look ready to win some games and have fun! It’s all about encouraging each other along! You go girl!

  14. I’m with Mel on this one- I want to play on Jessica’s team for the head-to-toe pink! Looks so fun. :-)