potty poopin’

Jules —  March 9, 2006

ANJELIA POOPED IN THE POTTY!!!! This is HUGE! We have not had one diaper free day in our home for eight years!

Could we be close to NO MORE DIAPERS?!! I wonder if I’ll mourn this passing? I think I’ll welcome it!

Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it.” Marshall McLuhan



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  1. Whew, Columbia go the hail today. We have just gotten heavy rain so far. :eek

  2. Got the hail, sorry :oops

  3. Tom, Mom goes to Anthony too. He takes care of her sinus infections. She gets them often and he gets her on major antibiotics, too. She kept talking about how much she likes dr. G and then I asked if his first name was anthony! We visited with Anthony when he came to the hospital to see Larry after his heart attack.

  4. Aunt Marlis, at first I thought you had something against Columbia! :evil

    Aunt Kelli and Aunt Kathryn, I am glad to hear that your kids still need you. I hope the girls always need me. :love I do wish I knew my cousins better.

  5. She had 3 rounds of golf ball size hail storms the last I had talked to her. Said there was limbs everywhere and the ground covered with hail. Water up in her yard. A mess. Haven’t heard how much Punky got, if any. :(

  6. Gee, it was a perfectly beautiful day here. Hope she isn’t going to have to deal with any major damage.

  7. We got rain and later about 4:45 we got some pea size hail but it didn’t last long. Looks like we are in for more tomorrow afternoon, maybe worse, the way they talked. The storm moved up from the south, that is why you had a nice day, Jules. We really need the rain, but forget the other stuff. :(

  8. Hi all, We had a beautiful day finally, so I cleaned my pond and raked some leaves. Merlie, Butch’s mom fell soometime last night or this morning and could’t get up.They found her at noon when she didn’t come for lunch. She seems fine after all the tests but they want to keep her a couple days to make sure.She has dementia so that’s why she couldn’t remember what happened.Love ya

  9. Sorry about Butches MOM falling. Is she in a nursing home or assisted living? Glad she is ok. That falling is for the birds. :cry


  11. Is she in a nursing home? If so they should have found her before breakfast. :eek I’m glad she is ok Butch, that is scary, poor thing.

  12. Someone tried to call this evening and thought it might be one of you. We got some hail about 1/2″ size, and some rain but no damage in Mexico. Kandi was under her house because of the tornado warning there. They had golfball size again. I haven’t heard if there was any damage to her home.
    I think she has an inside entrance to her crawl space. It is 6:13 at this time. We are still in a storm warning til 10p.m. :cry

  13. Marlis said Kandi had baseball size hail so she had some damage, broken window, siding damage. Betty was in the garage.

  14. I called mom this evening and she was standing at the top of the old cellar. The girls and I went to Mom’s today for Mom’s birthday. There were tornado warnings in the area so we headed back home. We DID NOT want to take the kids down into that cellar. Larry hooked up an extension cord so they would have light down there if need be. It is totally creepy down there! I would have to be desperate to crawl into that space! Hopefully, mom and Larry wont’ have to. I’ll be calling back again soon.

    I’m sorry to hear that Kandi had damage. If she needs help maybe we can chip in.

  15. Hi everbody!I just got back from visiting my mom at the hospital.I am going to meet with the doctor monday morning and discuss moms situation.My mom has been living at the Bremen Manor for about two years and three months.This is the first time that we have ever had a problem.Everybody has there own room.It is like an apartment ,but everybody lives in the same building.The manager went and checked on my mom ,because she didn’t show up for lunch.We only live a mile from there,so I can watch over my mom,but I can’t be there all of the time.Please pray for Linda and I as we have to make decisions concerning my mother. My mom really enjoyed living there and I hope that she can go back there.I don’t want to have to put here in a nurseing home, but I do have to make sure she is safe.I am the power of attorney,so that puts a heavy burden on me.I have an older sister and her name is also Linda.She is a christian,so it really helps me to know,that I do not have to make these decisions alone.I thank you for your concerns and prayers.This is what a good family is all about,careing and being there,when they need you.I really can relate to what Gil and Marilyn have to go through,with Gil’s father. God Bless everybody and adios!

  16. She has had brick damage and the front outside door don’t work either. She already has called the insurance co. They will get out as soon as they can. 263 called in before her. Oh yes the large picture window is leaking too now. :cry A neighbor lady told her not to tape anything, because sometimes the Insurance co will not pay. It is the storm window, not the main window as I had thought before. She did call me to see if she should back Betty out of the garage.Hee hee. She was of course kidding. Another bad storm is heading her way, :eek “Please Lord, save what is left” I do hope she has no more damage, I don’t think she can handle any more. :(

  17. Butch, glad your mom is OK. You have a big decision to make. It’s sometimes hard to know what to do. With dementia, you even worry more.
    God bless your family.

  18. Uncle Butch, sorry about your mom. I’ll be sure to pray for you guys. Praying for Kandi too. I’m going to call mom again right now. We’ve got another storm moving in.

  19. Yes, Butch we do know what you are going through. I sometimes wish we were closer to Gil’s dad, but at least his sister is real close. We just hope he doesn’t hurt some one because he is so perinoid thinking people are stealing from him. We will continue to pray for you.

  20. I just talked to Kandi, she said to tell everyone she is still alive. It’s 9:42p.m.
    Julie how is Nita & Larry?

  21. They are getting ready for bed. The storms seem to have passed by.

  22. over 70 posts in a poop thread.. lol

  23. I know it’s busy, crazy, fun around here! It’s funny what will spark conversation!

  24. I’ve enjoyed reading this entire conversation. Thanks everyone for laughing at my wonderful hubby’s crazy humor (tom)!! You should hear some of the “crap” he comes up with around here. It’s always something to hear!

    Loved the “Poop porri” comment!!!!!

    He did a wonderful job with the kids this weekend while I was gone to Chicago. It’s nice to know they were in such capable hands!

  25. Karen,
    You know what they say about when life gives you lemons make lemonade…well when life gives you…make poop porri! :rotfl

  26. Butch,
    If you all are still reading this one, we’re praying for you all. 😉

  27. I hope Kandi can tell us what’s going on with her.
    I hope she finds someone to fix the damages for a
    good price. Insurance should get it I hope. Grateful everyone is safe.