princess attitude

Jules —  June 16, 2005

Having a three year old in the house is really fun. Elaina believes that she IS a princess. She adores all her beautiful dress-up gowns. It’s really fun to go grocery shopping with her when she wears one of her gowns. On one shopping trip she wore her Snow White dress. It’s fun when people play along and gasp at the sight of Snow White grocery shopping. Of course, she LOVES the attention.

It’s not just her dress up stuff she loves, it’s any of her dresses or cute girlie outfits. Sometimes it takes her a while to pick out just the right ‘beautiful’ outfit for the day. When we go places she twirls and sways, waiting for people to notice and compliment her.

There is a purity to her esteem as a princess. She isn’t haughty at all. When she sees other little girls, she admires them and talks about how beautiful they are, too.

I think it’s sad that we grow up and forget that we are princesses. We lose the innocence and are tempted to make comparisons. We have a tendency to look down on ourselves, feeling that is the Christian thing to do. We aren’t supposed to be ‘prideful’. It may sound silly, but we ARE princesses. I think we can and should walk through life with that kind of authority. We are after all daughters of the King!! Maybe we should buy tiaras and put them on every morning and wear them as a reminder of who we are in Him!

Our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants, and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace. Psalm 144: 12



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  1. That’s a fun scritpture verse, Julie. You girls are foundational (pillars), steadfast and anchoring.

    But we guys are just shrubbery! Who needs ’em? Just water them on occasion, we just sit there and get bigger.

    How true is that? Tom, you have anything to add to this?

  2. You do your best to get Tom to come out of the closet and post, don’t you! I really like it when the men comment!

    I hadn’t thought of it that way, Rob! Plants are essential. Especially well nurtured ones! They produce a lot of fruit!

  3. What an awesome MOMMY you are, why did’nt I let my daughter dress up to the store. Did I think someone would laugh? Shame on me. Maybe cause I knew she was a PRINCESS. DID I EVER TELL HER? LORD HAVE MERCY, I hope so. Because she is.!!!!!
    Aunt Tootsie

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. Raising these four girls is really hard. I beat myself up a lot. I feel like I have a lot of room to be a better mom, wife, homemaker. I am trying to concentrate on just being what God wants me to be and not worry about how great a job everyone else seems to be doing. Plus, I need to remember that I have four kids and there is only 5 1/2 years between the oldest and youngest! Thanks again for the encouragement!

    You are a big blessing to Kandi.

  5. Everyone has problems, Julie, no matter how perfect they look on the outside. I think the world of you and James!

  6. Aaawwwwww…shucks…

  7. I think the world of Julie too. She is so unselfish. She always think of me and the kids before herself. She is an example for others.

  8. I, too, think Julie is just wonderful. This blog has really let me get reacquanted with you in a new way and get to know you over the miles and length of time between our visits (over 2 years now since I saw you at Gpa Knutson’s memorial service). I’ve always thought you were a wonderful cousin and even more so now. You have such a special heart for people (and especially your family) and your true spirit just shines, as does your smile (even if you do have that crazy big laugh that we all seem to have in this family! I love it!) And I never have been able to be around James much, but I can see how wonderful he is, too. He is so thoughtful and funny (and has lots of hilarious friends, too!)

  9. Oh and by the way, about the men “just” being shrubbery–think about where we get oxygen from. And what removes toxins from the air. Plants. Sounds pretty important to me. I know many a time Steve has calmed me down and helped me breathe when I’ve been worried. He even literally had to remind me to breathe while I was in labor!

    Now excuse me, I need to dust off my tiara and sit down on my throne. (Ask Kandi–I have 2 chairs in my living room that I call my throne chairs–very high backed.)

  10. Don’t know why I didn’t think of dress up clothes for the girls. I used to love wearing moms lace curtains. You are such an inspiration Julie, love your comments. God has to be the giver, they seem so awsome to me. Deb, you are also an inspiration to me. You 2 make me want to go back and do it over again. You turned out great so better leave well nuff alone. You just think of the greatest things to do with the kids. I really am proud of my two & their 5. Am glad my grandkids have the moms they do.

  11. Oh, I’m on my way to get my tiara NOW! I am a Princess!!!!!!! The thought had not occured, that it included ME. You made my day. Thanks for sharing about Elaina, precious & priceless.

  12. I’m having a bad hair day, no tiara for me. I’ll be a princess another day. They would laugh at me today. Aunt Tootsie

  13. Sorry Rob too much girly talk for me and my Lee press on chest hair to adequately participate, but I can think of you as a princess if you want me to.

  14. HA! I KNEW you were reading, Tom! You’re a prince. This applies to you, too! Hehe!

  15. Thank you to all of you for your kind, encouraging words. You’re all gems! Yes, even you Tom!

  16. Sarah thinks she is a real princess too. Must be something about 3yrs. Yesterday we were walking along the trail at the park, and she asked me where the tigers were, just as serious faced as she belived they were there. I loved walking along smelling the honeysuckle, I asked her if she wanted to smell it, she said no, it looks like bones! We ran back the rest of the trail like birds as we flapped our arms, it is so fun to be 3 again and all girly and silly with her!

  17. I love the imaginations of our children! I love watching Elaina walk through in yet another princess dress and glance at me to make sure I am noticing her! She is a princess! I am so glad to have Evely and can’t wait for her to do that too. We already call her “princess”.

    I love the imagination of boys, too. Julian has been wearing his batman pajamas with his cape up to the track. We have been going up there to walk and he flies around the track on his big wheel, cape a’flyin’. It’s hilarious!

    Sometimes I forget that he’s in pajamas, because to him it’s a superhero costume. Yes, he frequents the public eye in them.

  18. His super hero fixation is soooo fun!

  19. I love how Elaina makes a point to come over to us after church to show us her dress. She finds a spot in the middle of the adults and waits for someone to notice her. She has the cutest way of striking a pose that is understated, yet attention getting none-the-less. Her whole face just lights up when she is complimented on what she is wearing. :)

  20. She really likes to strike-a-pose for you guys!