pumpkin time

Jules —  October 30, 2007

Anjelia didn’t remember what pumpkins looked like on the inside. It was so fun watching her discover it’s gooey parts!

Daddy joined in to help with some of the carving.

My dad bought the pumpkins for the girls and some bales of hay for me.

It’s been a beautiful autumn. I’m going to post a few hayride pictures soon. Enjoy the season!!



3 responses to pumpkin time

  1. I couldn’t resist helping. It was very relaxing.

  2. Somehow I just knew that Lydia’s would be a cat. I was thinking about that the other day. Sure enough!! They look really good. Glad James got to get in on the fun.

  3. Great pumpkins, girls! Lydia, thanks for my card and candy. The game was fun.